Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3543 - 3543: Revealing the Truth

Chapter 3543: Revealing the Truth

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The battle outside was becoming more and more intense, and was presently approaching the depths of the cave. Finnd 𝒏ew chapters on n𝒐ve/lbi𝒏(.)com

Ling Han was still completely unaware. He was presently at a crucial moment in his attempt to break through to Four Inscriptions, and his level of being had already begun to soar. He began to inscribe on the fourth organ, and after reaching one million, his speed immediately slowed down.

This time, he had still reached the level of a million and seventy thousand veined patterns.

Ling Han was still unsatisfied. He hoped that he could break through his own limits every time.

He was just about to leave, when he discovered that an intense battle was presently taking place outside.

Jin Yulu and the other elites were working together to attack the final cave, but the Demonic Snake King blocked the entrance, preventing them from breaking in for the moment.

Though the Demonic Snake King was a Mystery Realm Tier, its battle prowess far surpassed this level. Furthermore, its vitality was too exuberant, and there were practically no vital points on its body. Thus, even if Mystery Realm Tier elites ganged up on it, it could still last for an extremely long time.

However, no matter how strong it was, it was still a Mystery Realm Tier, so how could it possibly withstand the combined attacks of over a dozen Mystery Realm Tier elites? Especially Jin Yulu and the others. Not only were they one-star geniuses themselves, but they also carried powerful Spirit Tools. Their battle prowess was really too powerful.

However, the Demonic Snake King was also extremely powerful. The poisonous Qi posed an extremely great threat to them, and the scales on its body could also act as armor. Its defenses were extremely strong. Thus, after battling for half a day, it also caused everyone to pay an extremely great price before it was finally killed.

After killing the Demonic Snake King, everyone hurriedly surged into this final cave.

“Where are the Divine Stones?” someone called out, slightly flustered and exasperated.

“Wasn’t it said that the Divine Stones are all in the final cave? Where are they?”

“Did someone steal tern?”

Everyone was furious. Just what kind of price had they paid to fight their way here?

They had been wounded, and their rare treasures had also been used. Moreover, they had wasted a lot of time, and had finally reached this place, but they hadn’t obtained anything at all. Who could tolerate this?

Anyone would fly into a rage.

The atmosphere was extremely tense. The Divine Stones couldn’t have disappeared for no reason, and the Demonic Snake King was also standing guard here, so it was impossible that they had been stolen. Thus, it had to be one of them who had taken everything.

“Who took it? Obediently hand it over, don’t force me to make a move!” A man from the Sea Race said. He was a lobsterman, a long tail dragging out behind him. His arms were also a pair of massive red pincers, which were covered with black hair.

“Hehe, crayfish, who are you trying to scare?” Someone was displeased, and immediately retorted.

This was a human that had come from the prison, and there was a Core Formation Tier elite standing behind him. Naturally, he was unafraid of the prodigies of the Sea Race.

“Do you want to die?” the lobsterman asked balefully. The members of the Sea Race also had the backing of the Sea Race. Even if a Core Formation Tier cultivator went into their territory, they still had to take it easy, and be careful lest they wouldn’t be able to return.

“Are you threatening me?” the human asked calmly. He was extremely displeased that he hadn’t discovered the Divine Stones that he had been anticipating.

In the first place, the relationship between humans and Sea Race was filled with conflict. Previously, there was still a need for cooperation, and now that the snake cave had been swept clean, this temporary alliance was naturally disbanded.

“Don’t be rash. Let’s deal with the matter of the Divine Stones first.” Jin Yulu stretched out her hand. Once a battle broke out, it was possible that the “thief” would take advantage of the chaos to escape. How could that be allowed?

She was sure that one of them must have taken the Divine Stones and hidden them in a Spatial Spirit Tool.

What needed to be done now was very simple, and that was for everyone to take out their Spatial Spirit Tool. It would naturally be clear then who had done it.

“All right, everyone, take out your Spatial Tool.”

Even if there would occasionally be a few people who were unwilling, they did not dare to anger the masses. Furthermore, since they hadn’t taken anything, they were naturally confident to reveal their Spatial Tools. Thus, everyone took out the Spatial Spirit Tools that they had on them, so that the others could take a look.

However, after examining all of the Spatial Spirit Tools, there was still no sign of Divine Stones.

“Who still has a Spatial Spirit Tool hidden and hasn’t taken it out yet?” The lobsterman from before began to flip out again, scissoring his two large pincers, filled with killing intent.

He was determined to obtain that Ten Thousand Star Stone. No matter who it was, he would kill them and snatch the Divine Stone.

Even Jin Yulu had lost her patience. She secretly gripped the hilt of her sword, preparing to attack.

Ling Han watched from the sidelines, and couldn’t help but feel secretly pleased. Fight, fight quickly.

“Hehe, even if you guys kill until only one person is left, you wouldn’t be able to find a single Divine Stone after searching the corpses of the others.” A voice suddenly traveled over, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Junior Brother Hong!” Jin Yulu immediately called out.

The visitor was none other than Hong Tianbu!

“Hong Tianbu?” someone who had seen his picture immediately asked.

“It’s me!” Hong Tianbu strode out. Though he was also a Mystery Realm Tier, after fusing with the eye of a Primordial Vicious Beast, his aura was incredibly shocking, making everyone involuntarily feel suffocated.

The others were all dissatisfied with this. They were all Mystery Realm Tiers, so why was there such a huge gap between them?

Furthermore, this man was only a native of the Dark North Nation.

Inferior to a native?

How could they accept this!

“Hong Tianbu, what do you mean by that?” a human asked. He too had come from the prison, but was not from Jin Yulu’s side.

Hong Tianbu smiled faintly, and said, “Because long before you guys fought here, the Divine Stones have already been taken.”

“How is that possible?” The lobsterman smirked coldly, “Hong Tianbu, don’t think that just because you have the name of a prodigy, you can speak carelessly. In my eyes, you are just a nameless little-”


The lobsterman hadn’t even finished speaking, when he was sent flying, crashing into the cave wall. Immediately, a great amount of rubble fell down.

Hong Tianbu slowly withdrew his hand, not even casting a second look at them. Instead, he swept an eye over the gathered masses, “Can you pay attention to what I say now?”

Everyone shockingly discovered that the shell of the lobsterman had been broken, and green-coloured blood was oozing out.

It should be known that those that had emerged victorious and attacked the Demonic Snake King were all elites among elites, but now? This kind of elite was no match for a single blow from Hong Tianbu.

So strong, no, too strong!

Only Jin Yulu’s face broke into a smile. If Hong Tianbu wasn’t so powerful, how could he have gained the favour of her master and become a disciple?

Seeing that everyone was silent and speechless, Hong Tianbu finally said, “I dare to say that the Divine Stones here were all taken by a single person.”

He paused, and seeing that everyone was looking towards him, Hong Tianbu finally continued, “This person is… Ling Han!”

“Ling Han?” A considerable number of people looked confused. Who was this person?

“Ling Han!” Some people didn’t believe it. They had heard of Ling Han. Although he was freakish, he was only an Inscription Tier at the moment, unless he ate a Treasured Fruit of heaven and earth, and instantly soared to Mystery Realm Tier.

“This person has a treasure that can conceal his presence. Thus, he snuck in here first, and took the Divine Stones, making you guys work for nothing,” Hong Tianbu continued.

“What!” Only now did everyone begin to believe Hong Tianbu’s words.

“Previously, I asked around, and Ma Qiuling was mysteriously knocked unconscious. Do you guys still remember?” Hong Tianbu continued.

‘Ah, could it be that it was him!” Everyone exclaimed in shock..

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