Atticus's Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

Chapter 535 Order

Chapter 535 Order

Seeing as he was ignored, Dario silently cleared his throat and chose to shut up. He was starting to understand more about who his young master was.

Atticus didn't bother to answer Dario, but his thoughts were occupied by something else. He was a little surprised that, among all the people he had met until now, he hadn't encountered a single one with ill intent or even jealousy. They had all been respectful so far.

He was so used to being hated or messed with that he felt slightly awkward.

"Um," a voice interrupted his thoughts.

Atticus sighed. 'Did I just jinx it?' Geett the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

He turned backward and fixed his gaze on one of the crew members.

"Do you have anything to say to me?" Atticus's voice sounded calm and young, but the gazes of those present couldn't help but narrow.

He was the grandson of Magnus and at the same time the heir, so showing him respect was normal. But why were they all feeling compelled to obey him?

It had been incredibly subtle, but Atticus had heard her. She wanted to speak but hesitated at the last minute. Many of them were completely surprised that Atticus had heard her but didn't show it on their faces.

The person Atticus had just spoken to was a woman who appeared to be the leader of the group. It was evident given how the rest knowingly or unknowingly stood behind her.

She stood out among the crew with her rich, dark skin contrasting beautifully with the Ravenstein signature snow white hair, which was styled in intricate braids that flowed down her back, interwoven with silver beads. The braids were gathered into a high ponytail, giving her a regal and fierce appearance.

She had warm, high cheekbones and a strong jawline.

Her full lips were currently curved into a wry smile.

Atticus could still remember seeing her earlier when he arrived with Magnus.

The woman appeared ready to speak, but one of the other crew members, another dark-skinned woman, suddenly tugged at the hem of her jacket from behind.

The woman smiled slightly but still chose to talk, "Forgive my rudeness, young master, but we were all wondering how it is that you were allowed to leave the academy."

Atticus gazed at the girl and the crew in turn, not responding immediately. They were all still bowing their heads, and Atticus could immediately tell that they were wary of him.

It was understandable; he was a young master they had to obey, and they had no idea what his personality was like.

"What is your name?" he asked.

Atticus's question surprised the girl so much that there was a little pause before she answered.

"It's Amara, young master."

"I see, Amara. You weren't informed?"

Amara shook her head.

"Then you should probably wait until you get informed. You could always ask Grandfather if you're that curious."

Atticus's words made each of the crew members, along with the duo standing behind him, look at him with stupefied expressions.

Did they really just hear him right? Did he just suggest that they question a freaking Paragon? It was already hard enough for them to maintain their composure when the man was present, but he wanted them to question him?

A myriad of awkward throat clearings suddenly echoed through the hall as each crew member averted their gaze. Although it had been left unsaid, it was very much evident that there was no way this was happening.

"I have a question in return. What is this ship, and why are the crew members all Master+ rank?" Atticus asked, curiosity evident in his voice. The crew members of an airship being so strong should raise questions.

Yotad and Dario frowned, their gazes fixed on Atticus. They were finding it hard to grapple with everything Atticus had done so far. How was he able to accurately assess the ranks of each of the crew members? The fact that he was able to draft mana contract was now starting make sense.

Amara suddenly smiled, seemingly excited by Atticus's question. The crew members hadn't been as shocked, as they all simply assumed that Yotad or Dario had told him.

"This vessel is called the Abyssal Sky, and we are among the elite aerial forces of the Raven Vanguard. It is only used in important missions. Have you been in an airship before, young master?"

Atticus nodded, briefly explaining the one that had brought him to the academy.

"The airship that brought you here was focused more on aesthetics and is usually used for diplomatic outings. Only Master Magnus, Lord Avalon, and Lord Sirius have the authority to deploy this crew and ship, which is why we can't help but wonder what the goal is here."

'Knowing that man, he probably didn't bother explaining anything to them,' Atticus thought, almost feeling pity for them. They were currently on a mission in which they had no idea about its details. And what was worse, none of them dared to ask the one who gave them this mission in the first place.

But unfortunately, it was almost.

Atticus went silent for a few seconds with Amara and the crew members hoping that he would explain the mission to them. However, as quickly as it came, their hope was obliterated as Atticus finally spoke.

"Thank you for answering my questions," he said with a nod, turning to leave the mess hall with Yotad and Dario, leaving the stupefied crew members alone in the room.

Atticus walked back towards his room, completely ignoring Dario, who kept on insisting that he should ask him the questions instead of asking the others.

Atticus ignored his ramblings, and something suddenly occurred to him, making him abruptly stop.

"You didn't get your meals?" Atticus suddenly asked.

"Oh no, no, young master. I appreciate your concern, but I'm already full seeing you in good health," Dario waved his hand as he spoke, while Yotad simply responded with a simple "No."

Atticus sighed. He was doing that a lot lately. "Alright, get your food and meet me in my room now, I have some questions for you."

Yotad was the first to oppose. Despite the fact that Ravenblades would always listen to their masters, leaving them, especially when they were still weak, was another thing entirely.

However, Atticus interrupted before he could finish. "We're on the same airship with a freaking Paragon. Who can possibly hurt me? Go get your meals; it's an order."

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