Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 15: Premium Spa Package

Chapter 15: Premium Spa Package

19 Mar 2321

Time 18:10

Location Sky Blossom City, Adventure Guild Association, Guild Association Mall

“Good evening sir.” ViiSiit n𝒐velb𝒊/n(.)c/(𝒐)m for l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels

While I was checking out of the Card Lab, I was greeted by Susan. I did not ask for her, was she here waiting for me all this time? Is it some kind of a new perk of a silver grimoire member?

It took me nearly 5 hours to create the Abyssal Giant Bear Spirit Guard card. Even though the card creation process is easy for me thanks to my soul pupils origin card, but transferring soul pathways from one card or ingredients to another card or ingredients is very time-consuming as you need to be sure to not cause any leaks.

Seeing my puzzled face Susan explained, “Sir I wanted to inform you that your Gale rabbit Leather Boots card will be auctioned tomorrow and to ask if you would be attending the auction?

Since you were in the Cardroom I decided not to disturb you by sending a message or calling you.”

“That’s very considerate of you Miss Susan, and I would like to attend the auction tomorrow.”

“Okay, then I will add your name to the guest list, sir. Anything else sir.”

“No, I am feeling tired and hungry from Creating the card. That’s it for today.”

“Sir if I may, I would like to recommend our premium spa package. It will help relieve your fatigue.”

I am not new to the spa but right now I did not feel like squandering money after spending 1,170,050$ on card ingredients for Abyssal Giant Bear Spirit Card. The card was worth it but let’s try to be a little frugal so that I don’t end up poor again.

As if Susan could read my mind she added, “Sir it is all paid for, it’s on the house.”

“Is it some kind of perk for being a silver member?” I asked because the spa isn’t cheap and that premium package should be expensive.

“No sir, it’s kind of paid by me. I just got advanced to card apprentice while you were in the card room. This premium spa package is also one of my gifts from management for becoming a card apprentice.” Said Susan excitedly summoning her bronze grimoire.

The majority of people achieve 10% active soul control before they are 21 years old but some late bloomers achieve it later in their life. For example, Susan is in her mid-twenties and just achieved 10% active soul control.

I was still waiting for Susan to explain herself. And she continued, “So I just wanted to share my happiness with one of my important clients.”

I understand what she was trying to do, she was trying to make me feel special and make sure one of her big clientele doesn’t leave her. This is what we call professional socialization in the adult world, you scratch my back I scratch your back.

Knowing her mind I didn’t shy away from her offer and said “congratulations Miss Susan for becoming a card apprentice. As for my gift to you, I will help you create one card.”

If someone heard me they would sneer at my arrogant words as I have only been a card apprentice for less than two days now. But Susan was different as she had seen my capabilities first hand therefore she beamed with joy as she heard my words.

“Thank you, sir, let me lead you to the spa.”

“Okay.” I didn’t mind having a friendly relationship with Susan because she seemed hardworking and sincere enough. With her as my connection, I could get some insider information on the good stuff in the mall or auction.

“I don’t want to seem sudden but I want to create my origin card and would like your help, sir.”

Sudden? more like planned! you couldn’t be a more obvious lady. Okay, whatever since I promised I will help you this once.

” Sure, why not? When and where?”

“Whenever you are free sir.”

“How about after the spa? I should be re-energised by then to help you?” I just wanted to get over it, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but feel like drawing the short straw. Uh! Forgot it, let’s consider this as an investment.

“Thank you, sir. “

It turns out that masseuse in the premium package were all occupational card apprentices.

Occupational card apprentices are card apprentices who choose to focus their card choice on occupational cards rather than combat cards. For example Cooks, Tailors, Miners, Farmers, Doctors, Pharmacist, Priest, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Idols etc.

To my tired body, my 4 hrs in the spa was like being in heaven, the relaxed and positive atmosphere inside helped me relax every fibre in my body.

I don’t know what cards they had and what their abilities were but I felt like going through Nirvana physically and mentally. All in all, I had a good time and nursed back to my top condition.

The Only downside was that food and beverages were not included in the premium package, Susan offered to pay saying it was her treat and it was only fair that she paid. I did not mind.

Later we checked into Card Lab under Susan’s ID. Susan had made all the preparation while I was enjoying Spa.

Date 19 Mar 2321

Time 18:30

Location Sky Blossom City, Wyatt Residence

While Wyatt was enjoying his massage, Class teacher Robert Wang was having the worst day, getting off work he decided to visit Wyatt’s place rather than calling him.

Robert Wang was still having a hard time believing that twerp Wyatt had been promoted to card apprentice and also contracted a silver grimoire.

It seems God takes care of drunks and fools.

It was not surprising that Wyatt had been promoted to card apprentice after all both his parents were card apprentices but it was shocking that Wyatt would break the limit and contracted a silver grimoire.

One has to know that silver grimoire holders are very rare in a small city like Sky Blossom City. The thought that a child that he bullied joined the ranks of silver grimoire holders made the hair on the neck of class teacher Wang stand.

He wanted to fix this problem one or the other way and had planned it all out, all he had to do was make some lie up about how he was trying to get Wyatt’s full potential out by putting some pressure on him and telling Wyatt that everything he did up till now was all to force out Wyatt’s potential.

And that wimpy kid will buy it. Claiming credits in someone else’s work was not new to Wang, that’s how he became a class teacher in the first place.

When Wang arrived at Wyatt residence, he saw 4 shabby and beefy figures blocking the door. Seeing Wang they threw a rowdy glare at him, being a card apprentice Wang was not afraid of these normos.

“Why are guys blocking the door?”

“Old geezer just walk away and mind your own business.”

“Young man, didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders?” As Wang said that a bronze light shone on Wang’s skin.

Seeing the bronze light the goon who spoke earlier and the goon next to him stepped backwards. But the other two goons remained aloof and directly summoned two bronze grimoires.

Seeing that their companions were also card apprentice, the goons gained little backbone and menaced, “Old geezer walk away this doesn’t concern you.”

Seeing that there are two card apprentices among the goons Wang was caught off guard, but being a veteran card apprentice Wang was confident he could handle two rookie card apprentices or escape unscathed. So, he arrogantly said, “This does concern me, the house you’re blocking belongs to my student, what is happening here do I need to call the cops?”

Hearing the word cops the four goons looked at each other and then after giving Wang a threatening glare they deserted the place. This ‘mark’ was very important to the boss so they did not want to involve cops and screw it up because of a two-bit teacher.

Seeing the goons flee the scene, Wang sneered and walked up to the Wyatt house door only to find that Wyatt was not home.

Wang decided to wait for a few minutes to see if Wyatt would come back seeing that the goons had been taken care of.

Wang didn’t know what kind of trouble Wyatt had gotten himself into, he didn’t care. He saw a chance to act like a hero and make his story more believable in Wyatt’s eyes.

Few minutes turned into hours, it was already midnight and there was no sign of Wyatt yet. Frustrated Wang slammed hard on the door and left.

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