Dragon Who Controls Time

Chapter 1566 - 1566: One Dream Transforms into Plurality, I Am the Only One in Infinite Space-Time!The Final Battle (Final )

Chapter 1566 - 1566: One Dream Transforms into Plurality, I Am the Only One in Infinite Space-Time!The Final Battle (Final )

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Currently, the Great Ring Multiverse was flourishing under the guidance of the Pantheon.

With the two clones left behind, Garen’s main body was not prepared to attack again unless the big ring encountered another destructive crisis.

“Father, are you leaving the ring Multiverse?”

In the Royal Court.

Anna, who was already an adult and had reached the Lesser Divine Power, was a little reluctant to part with Garen. She no longer had her usual crafty expression in front of Garen and asked.

The silver dragon with a deep and steady aura smiled. “This is a journey that I must take.”

“Besides, although I left, I still existed in the ring.”

“I am the river of time that covers the great ring. Just like the river of time that flows eternally, I will always be here, always accompanying you and your mother.”

“My true body can also return at any time. ”

Hearing this, Anna rolled her eyes and stopped pretending to be elegant.

She stuck out her tongue at Garen and giggled, ‘”‘1 don’t need you to accompany me all the time. You can just accompany Mother alone. I’m under a lot of pressure when you keep staring at me.”

The silver dragon stroked Anna’s head and said gently, ‘”‘Really?… As long as you’re happy.”

‘ Father, ” Anna thought for a moment and said, ” all the gods in the great ring of the Multiverse in the main timeline are polite to me. All the living beings also admire and respect me because of you.”

“This is too boring. I want to be like you when you were young and go to other dimensions. ”

Garen agreed and was willing to fulfill his daughter’s request.”Alright.”

At the same time, Godheads appeared one after another and gathered together to form a space-time crystal ring. They slowly fell into Anna’s right wrist and disappeared.

“Thank you, Father.”

Anna said happily. Then, she took the space-time crystal ring and went to experience it.

Immediately, the silver dragon looked at its partner.

“You can pursue your own path.”

The beautiful Li Neng Dragon blinked her light purple eyes and said softly. Garen nodded.Upd𝒂ted chapters 𝒐n n𝒐velbin(.)com

After spending some time with Yuna, Garen bid farewell to Yuna and prepared to leave the big ring Multiverse.

However, before he left, he still had one more thing to do.

With a flash of light, the silver dragon disappeared from the dragon nest.

A timeline from the past.

Noah Continent, Northern Icy Plains.

In the snow, there was a young White Dragon that had not yet matured. It had just successfully hunted and was lucky enough to pick up some old gold coins buried under the snow. It was very happy about it.

“Who is the prettiest dragon in the northernmost icy plains?”

“It’s definitely me, Salia, Salia.”

Bathed in the blizzard, she hummed as she returned to her dragon nest.


The snowstorm stopped.

The entire silver-clad world stopped moving like a painting.

A pair of platinum eyes appeared in the sky, quietly watching the little white dragon in the snow.

Garen’s silver dragon claw went deep into the river of time in this timeline, and grabbed out the True Spirit that had been nurtured for a long time but was still in its embryonic form. It had no physical body and had not descended.

Then, he looked at the little White Dragon.

The silver dragon appeared from the snow and loosened its claws.

The truesoul born from the river of time stumbled and fell into the little white dragon’s body.

A rich life force immediately emerged from her stomach.

“Time is like a ring, connected end to end.” “This is the starting point and also the end point.”

“The end is also the starting point.”

The silver dragon muttered as its body disappeared inch by inch.

After that.

In the endless snowfield of the extreme north that was covered in snow, the snowstorm fell again. The little white dragon knew nothing about what had just happened and left happily.

This snowstorm also ended..

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