Eternal Villain: I can enslave Reality!

Chapter 4 4: First Time It Was Granted...

๏ปฟXu Shan's lips were numb, and his eyes were moist. His face was pale white.

He couldn't believe that his father had gone through so much. Even as he opened his eyes in this strange new world, he still hoped that his father was going to live a long and happy life.

However, reading the last entry in the journal, he couldn't move for a long time. It was as if his body was frozen while he looked at the last words of his father.

A single tear fell on the journal.

He slowly closed the book and remained still, unmoving. His mind was chaotic, and he couldn't even calm his heart down. The life that he currently had... It was exchanged with the life of his father! If he died, it meant his father's sacrifice was wasted!

He couldn't let that happen! No matter what the situation, he couldn't let his father's life go to waste! No matter what, he had to live! He had to keep living on! It didn't matter if it was the Celestial Palace or the Eternal Dynasty; no one was allowed to threaten his life!

Xu Shan was so lost that he didn't even realize that at the moment, he was tightly hugging the old journal, keeping it close to his heart while tears kept falling. His mother was dead. His father was dead... Only he was alive!

If anyone on the outside had seen Xu Shan crying at the moment, it was impossible to even imagine just what kind of commotion it would've caused!

Xu Shan was the ruthless third prince of the Dynasty, who was said to be a being of no emotions! However, that person right now was no different than an ordinary broken human.

After a long time, Xu Shan calmed down. His body had grown numb. His eyes were almost dry as he made a promise to himself that this was the last time he was going to cry. He had to become a new person... He had to become the ruthless Third Prince!

"Looks like you've made up your mind." An amused laughter was heard in the room.

Xu Shan looked to his left, noticing the same woman who had two beautiful wings behind her. Her long black hair cascading like a waterfall made her look like a beauty that could mesmerize anyone. However, Xu Shan didn't seem as respectful to her as before.

His eyes were calm and serene, quite different from the eyes of the young man from before, who was scared about being killed at any moment.

"Are you related to the Black Book?"

The girl could only smile in response. Her beautiful smile on that jade-like face made it appear as if the entire surrounding had suddenly become more pleasant. However, Xu Shan's face was still expressionless.

He couldn't forget how the book forced his entire family to be destroyed.

"Have you never heard the saying? Don't blame the weapon. Blame the person who used it."

The woman was still as carefree as before. It was as if she was an existence that stood above all... Like a goddess untouched by even the smallest speck of dust.Tรดp ๐’๐’v๐’†l updates on n/(o)/v/๐’†lb/in(.)com

It was clear what she was saying. She was implying that the Book couldn't be blamed for his father's greed. To use the Book, one had to be prepared to pay back an equivalent cost, if not more!

"Why don't you open the book and read the first page first." The dark-haired woman's melodious voice fell in Xu Shan's ears. However, not long after, she glanced at the girl on the bed. An amused smile spread across her lips as if she had noticed something interesting. However, she didn't say anything.

She just walked over to a different chair and sat down comfortably, closing her eyes as if she was simply resting.

Xu Shan didn't know just who... Or what that mysterious woman was. However, one thing he was certain about. He couldn't resist the woman if he tried to fight her. Let alone him; even the great warrior from before didn't appear to be a match for her.

Strangely, at the same time, he also felt as if the woman was linked to the Black Book. Why else would they both have a completely identical aura?!

Since he had read so many books in his past life, he even wondered if the girl before him was a spirit of the Black Book. However, there was no way for him to confirm his suspicions.

For now, he could only check the Black Book. Just opening the book didn't require any price after all. It was only when he desired something and wrote down his desire that he would've had to pay...

Xu Shan sent the journal back to the storage space. That was the only place where he could keep it safe after all. The journal belonged to his father. In a way, it was his last inheritance from his father other than his own life. He couldn't lose that journal.

After keeping the journal back, he brought out the Mysterious Black Book. He didn't know why, but it felt really strange as he held the book in his hand. It was as if there was a subconscious feeling deep within his heart that he was the ruler of this world. All it took was one wish, and he could get anything he wanted!

However, he quickly dropped this thought. He couldn't let the journal influence him! He calmed down his breathing.

"You're not half bad." The dark-haired woman glanced at Xu Shan from the corner of her eyes. Only an interested smile could be seen on her lips.

"Unfortunately, humans are fickle creatures... I wonder how long you'll be able to control your desires... I do hope that you can show me something different though..."

Strangely enough, even though the woman didn't lower her voice when she spoke, her words didn't reach Xu Shan.

"I'm quite interested to see just what your future holds... After all, many people made wishes similar to your father's last wishes. However, it was the first time it was granted..."

"I do wonder just what changes you can show me... Will you be the man who rises above destiny or someone who gets devoured by his own greed? We shall see..."

After speaking, the woman closed her eyes once again as if she hadn't opened them at all.

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