Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 27: Dissolving Engagement (1)

Chapter 27: Dissolving Engagement (1)

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In the main hall, the officials kept their heads down not daring to make a squeak, feeling deeply afraid that a fight between these two Mt Tai’s of Long Yuan will bring trouble to the innocent.

Mu Xingchou’s face looked like he ate feces; his extremely ugly, vicious eyes remained unmoving as he stared at Yun Luo’s shameless face. If it weren’t due to the fact that he couldn’t win against that old guy in a fight, he would have already gone over and punched him.

"Yun Luo don’t you know shame? Is your whole family that shameless? Your granddaughter is completely fine over there, as opposed to my grandson, who’s now unconscious. With that said, His Majesty knows very well who’s actually in the wrong."

Yun Luo mockingly laughed as he stood up; his fierce domineering eyes were like sharp swords.

"My granddaughter is safe and sound now thanks to our Yun Family guards’ capable protection, or else I’m afraid I could have lost my only kin! However, even though my granddaughter may have escaped this matter, she was greatly traumatized. Today if you don’t give me an explanation, I’ll order my men to trample your manor to the ground!"

Mu Xingchou was angered until his body trembled. He took a deep breath to suppress his wrath from a moment ago. No longer giving the old guy a single glance, he turned his line of sight to Gao Tu, the emperor.

"Your Majesty, may Your Majesty make it clear who is right or wrong."

His own daughter is His Majesty’s beloved consort. His granddaughter, Mu Wu Shang, and the Crown Prince have also fallen in love with each other. If it weren’t for Yun Luofeng’s interference, Wu Shuang would have already been the Crown Prince’s Consort.

However, Wu Shuang becoming the Princess Consort would happen sooner or later! How could Yun Luofeng that waste be fit for the four words ‘Mother of the World’? Explore new 𝒏ovels on n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)com

"This..." Gao Tu’s brows slightly furrowed as he watched the two officials pointing at each other. In the end, he lightly sighed, "Prime Minister, the Mu Manor was indeed wrong in this matter. The Yun Family acted in self-defense. Let Mu Shen go to the Yun Family to apologise."

It’s not that Gao Tu didn’t want to favor Prime Minister Mu, it’s just that this Yun Luo left his home for ten years for the sake of Long Yuan. If he continued to favor Prime Minister Mu at this moment, the common people’s hearts would definitely grow cold toward him.

Anyways, no matter whether it’s Yun Luofeng’s parents or the Yun Family’s genius Yun Qing Ya, the end result happened because he was biased toward the Mu Manor! And this Yun Luofeng is Yun Family’s one and only seed; if something really happened, he’s afraid that the old guy will go crazy right then and there.

"Your Majesty!"

"Alright." Seeing Mu Xingchou wanting to open his mouth, Gao Tu waved his hand, stopping his words. Immediately, he looked at Yun Luo with dignity and said, "This matter ends like this, Mu Shen harassed Yun Luofeng, and in the end he received retribution. So just drop this matter of compensation, since Yun Luofeng didn’t receive any harm. In the future, no one is allowed to mention this occurrence!"

It was clearly Mu Shen who wanted to rape Yun Luofeng, but from Gao Tu’s mouth it simply became an action of harassment.

There’s a stark difference between two, completely not having the same meaning.

Yun Luo eyes looked down, hiding a touch of disappointment. He blandly said, "Since Your Majesty has already made a decision, this subject will obey! It’s just that this subject is now advanced in age, so this subject cannot lead troops to war in the future. This Command Token will be returned to Your Majesty."

After saying this, he took out the Command Token from his sleeves, slowly approached the emperor, and handed it to the eunuch at the side.

The eunuch took the Command Token and went to Gao Tu’s side, respectfully bringing it to him.

Gao Tu was precisely worried about how he would take back the power of hundreds of thousands of troops. He never thought that this old guy would take the initiative to hand it over. His heart immediately burst out in ecstasy.

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