Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 5: Medical Gods Code (1)

Chapter 5: Medical God’s Code (1)

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"This continent is called Long Xiao, it is a continent where martial arts are respected, and those who practice martial arts are called spirit cultivators. A spirit cultivator is divided into different levels: early, middle, high, earth, sky, god, and sage. Each level is divided into low rank, intermediate rank, advanced rank, and peak rank! However, in Longyuan Kingdom, the strongest people are at high-level, and only two are at the high-level spirit cultivator level. One is my cheap grandfather, the other is the expert from the imperial family."

On the bed, a young girl opened her eyes. She sorted out the information she collected, lightly sighing. "Unfortunately, this body is weak and of poor quality, I have no ways of becoming a cultivator; on this continent where martial arts are respected, a person who can’t cultivate is known as trash."

It’s not that this body’s original owner never tried cultivating before, but every time she started to absorb the surrounding energy, the body would start to feel a stinging pain and cold sweat would break out, so she could only give up.

The good thing is that the previous Yun Luofeng deeply studied many cultivation techniques, and now it will be handy for her.


When Yun Luofeng tried to absorb the surrounding energy, her body suddenly felt a stinging burst of pain, so painful that her body was trembling and cold sweat dripped down.

"No, I cannot give up! If there is no way to cultivate on this continent where the strong are respected, besides living in humiliation, I can only wait to die! I will never be willing to become trash!"

At the door, when great General Yun Luo was thinking of pushing open the door, he felt something. The hand that was touching the door stopped. Immediately, a girl’s sonorous voice crashed into his ears, like a hand harshly squeezing his heart. Fôllôw 𝒏ew stories at n𝒐/v(e)lb/in(.)com


Yun Luo took back his hand. In his eyes, beside guilt, now showed an additional sign of distress.

This girl put so much effort to cultivate, but he actually believed outside rumors and misunderstood her; not only did he not come back and care for her but instead he interrogated her as well as broke her heart.

"Sir General."

Just when Yun Luo was feeling guilty, the housekeeper hastily came from behind, bowed with a clenched fist, and said: " His Highness the Crown Prince came to pay a visit. He is now waiting for General in the main hall."

"Crown Prince came to visit?" Yun Luo pondered for a moment in front of the closed door. In a heavy tone, he said: "Go and relay that no one is allowed to disturb the Eldest Miss."

"Yes, Sir."

Toward Yun Luo’s arrival, Yun Luofeng was aware of it. But at that moment she already could not sleep due to her pain—how could she be in any mood to care for him?

If there was someone here, they would definitely be scared by Yun Luofeng.

Because they would only see a young girl in white covered with blood. Her pores were opened and continuously flowed out beads of blood and it looked as if she bathed in a pool of blood. It looked exceptionally frightening.


Just when Yun Luofeng was fainting from hypovolemia, a sound exploded in her mind, instantly recovering her senses.

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