Heaven, Earth, Me

Chapter 835: Cecile's and Soluna's Outing.

Chapter 835: Cecile's and Soluna's Outing.

Yasenia accompanied Cecile and Soluna until the entrance of the sect, carrying Kaleina while holding Flame's hand. The five of them took it easy, never rushing their pace.

Soluna was curious about hunting. While she was many times older than Cecile, that didn't mean they spent the time in a similar way. Usually, while cultivators were very old, they spent much of that time cultivating. Years of close-door cultivation, training, studying, etc.

For Spirits, time was not a consuming force. Their nature, shaped by their long lifespan, was not as curious as other creatures. Their existence was marked by a serene lack of urgency, a stark contrast to the rest of the world.

If anything, a spirit going to "sleep" in a place with their attribute felt abundant for years because they felt comfortable would be more common than seeing them entering a secret realm out of curiosity.

That's one of the many reasons Valeria never saw a Spirit-based power in her lifetime and was so surprised to learn about them. A spirit-based society was an unnatural thing to happen.

Similar beings with naturally long lifespans also didn't search for dominance, which is why so many intelligent beast groups lived in forests, mountains, valleys, or similar landmarks without developing a working society. They allowed themselves to be dominated by natural laws, having a leader who was usually the strongest.

So, Soluna, who had never hunted because of her lack of needing intake, was very curious about what Cecile suggested and accepted without thinking much.

Cecile gave a hug to Yasenia before leaving, and Soluna shyly approached as well, receiving one from the amused dragoness.

Cecile looked at Soluna as they flew away and spoke. "Have you ever hunted, Soluna?"

Soluna shook her head. "I know what hunting is, but I've never practiced it myself."

Cecile nodded and explained. "The objective of hunting is a bit different than that of mortals. When mortals hunt, they hunt mainly for food while also aiming for pelts and bones to create tools and clothes. We, as cultivators, also need those things, but at the same time, they aren't our priority."

Soluna hummed in understanding as they flew through the sky and asked. "So, what's the objective?"

Cecile explained, her voice keeping her usual cold tone. "It varies from person to person. Some do it to polish their strength; others to make a living off beasts' materials; few to sharpen their instincts; and many do it to get the beast cores living inside most beasts."

Soluna looked at the forest passing by below them with curious eyes. Her spiritual sense had been spread all the time, so she had spotted quite a few creatures.

As they flew, her senses made her look upward as she caught a flying beast descending toward them. Cecile looked up as well and spoke flatly. "Dodge."

Cecile's silver wings moved, and her body made a sharp lateral descent, dodging the creature.

Soluna was also quick to get out of the way as the giant flying condor missed them right in the middle.

Soluna pouted. "Ah! Why are you attacking us?"

Cecile communicated mentally. 'This one is not intelligent. He was probably attracted by our energy signatures. Beasts thrive off eating stronger and weaker monsters to improve themselves, so my bloodline should've felt very tempting.'

Soluna realized and asked. 'Is he coming for you- oh. He is.'

Soluna saw the condor make a sharp turn mid-air and follow right behind Cecile. Unsure of what to do, she asked. 'Cecile, do we kill it?'

Cecile commented. 'No need. This beast is just a level ten Fusion Core Beast.'

Soluna saw Cecile fly up quickly, leaving a silver trail behind her, and when she was high enough, Cecile stopped mid-air.

Then, the temperature around plummeted as clouds gathered around her. A snow hurricane followed while Moon, Wind, and Space energies gathered.

Soon, a majestic silvery phoenix surrounded by white flames burst out from the middle of the blizzard. The beauty of the creature transcended species as the cold blue eyes of the Phoenix that tripled the size of the condor looked down on it.

The level ten Fusion Core beast was quickly scared witless. It hastily stopped its pursuit and flapped its wings disorderly as it fled while cawing in defeat.

Cecile flapped her wings slowly in mid-air, looking at the retreating creature emotionlessly. Soluna's eyes glittered as she approached. "Wow! Cecile, your beast form is so pretty."

The enormous Phoenix looked at the small spirit and spoke flatly and coldly. "Thanks."

Soluna blinked. 'Hm? Do her feelings become more indifferent when she transforms?' Soluna's not knowing a few things didn't mean that she was completely innocent. As a nearly three-thousand-year-old spirit, she was naturally not ignorant.

Cecile turned her head and continued flying in her beast form while Soluna flew by her side. Soluna gave Cecile a few looks, noticing the lack of intent to start a conversation coming from the giant creature. "Cecile, are you okay?"

Cecile's blue phoenix eye moved. "Hm?"

Soluna coughed and spoke awkwardly. "Nothing, it's just that you've become a bit cold."

Cecile looked forward again. "Have I?"

Soluna's lips twitched. 'Is she like this with Yasenia too?'

Cecile's beak opened slowly as she calmly pronounced. "The others have also told me."

Soluna paid attention and asked. "About what?"

Cecile paused a bit, leaving nothing but the sound of her wings moving tons of air to propel herself forward slowly. "When I transform, they say that I am much more indifferent to everything," Cecile said slowly as if she didn't intend to talk further.

Soluna pondered. 'They? Is she referring to Evelyn and the rest?'

However, she added not much later. "To be honest, I feel the most comfortable in my beast form. Yasenia is also as such. However, because our instincts also get magnified, we don't usually use them."

The corner of Cecile's beak arched slightly upward as her entire aura changed to a warmer one. "When Yasenia and I take some time alone at night to fly together, we always chase each other and play fight. It's honestly one of the things I look forward to the most."

Soluna's eyes flickered. 'Oh? So, she does change when Yasenia comes into the conversation.'

She couldn't help but admire Yasenia more. 'Even this indifferent Phoenix becomes much warmer just when she talks about her! Hehe, Yasenia is awesome ~.'

Cecile laughed a bit and spoke with her usual bluntness. "There were even times when we almost mated in our beast forms."

Soluna choked and entered a coughing fit, interrupting Cecile's words. The silver phoenix, unsure as to what happened, asked. "Are you okay, Soluna?"

It was natural for Cecile to ask, as a Spirit choking was honestly difficult to comprehend. 'How does she even choke? Isn't she made out of pure energy?'

Soluna smiled awkwardly and shook her head. "Yes, yes. Don't worry, you can continue."

Cecile paused and stopped flapping, allowing her body to glide through the sky while shrouding the forest below in her enormous shadow. As a 600-meter-wide creature, she was like a small mountain that managed to take flight.

"Hm… Even if you say continue. There isn't much else to say." Cecile said calmly. "I don't know if I become colder when I'm in my beast form, as I feel really relaxed and natural. Just know I'm not intentionally ignoring you or being cold."

Soluna looked at the blue phoenix eye and heard her speak. "Just speak your mind. I don't dislike you, so don't hold back."

Soluna felt a bit shy and nodded with a beaming smile. "Okay! Thanks, Cecile. I also like you a lot! Your Moon Energy is really pure and nice~."

Cecile commented. "Well, my race is called Moon Phoenix for a reason."

Soluna commented. "I had never heard of this Phoenix race, to be honest. I always thought that Phoenixes could only remain in the Yang side of the spectrum. Fire, light, magma, glass, life, etc. I never knew a Phoenix that's entire Yin in nature like you could even exist!"

Cecile was trying to find a proper hunting spot as she answered. "I've heard that Moon Phoenix are actually quite a powerful bunch in the upper heavens."

Soluna's eyes widened. "Really?" Her harmonic voice sounded incredulous. "If they are known and still live, they must be really strong!"

Cecile nodded. "They are strong, yes. Strong enough that almost every mid- and low-level world has legends of them. I even found a few in Distancia."

"Really? Can I read about it?" Soluna's exotic Moon and Sun pupils shone with interest.

Cecile nodded again. "Sure… Hm. We've arrived, follow me."

Soluna followed Cecile's gaze and saw a large prairie just after the enormous forest they flew over. "What's there, Cecile?"

Cecile answered. "Creatures here are relatively low level, so we can descend and rest here appropriately if we needed. Moreover, if you look north, you can spot another forest, this one with much larger trees. That's the place where we will hunt. The creatures there are strong, some even reaching the fifth and sixth level of the Legendary Core Beast realm."

Soluna exclaimed. "Wow! There are such high-level creatures in the wild?"

Cecile used her large wings to slow down her descent, her powerful talons gently landing on the ground. Soluna didn't completely descend, stopping at Cecile's head level at around 200 meters from the ground.

"There are even stronger creatures. People always underestimate nature. The most dangerous places in the World are always deep within nature, aren't they? Cultivation is the art of simulating nature and stealing the world's energy for personal use."

Cecile shook her phoenix head. "Naturally, the beings that are part of nature will be much stronger as a base. I, for example, can't go further than 20% of that forest. I would probably die if I ever recklessly threw myself to more than 40% depth."

Soluna asked, curious. "So, what's our objective?"

Cecile looked at the spirit and commented. "Hunting is the art of slaying while keeping yourself hidden for many. However, asking you to do such when you have never even participated in the activity is unfair. Hence, our objective is to find a Level four Legendary Core Beast, kill or incapacitate it, and bring proof back here of that success."

Soluna titled her head. "Kill or incapacitate?"

Cecile nodded. "If you have enough strength not to kill, that's for the best. However, we are fighting a creature with all our strength; accidents might happen."

Soluna blinked. "But if we beat it up and then release it back, won't it be hunted down by other beasts?"

Cecile nodded. "That's why, here."

With a thought, the spatial ring that had transformed into a talon bracelet shone for a moment, summoning a pill jar.

Cecile spoke. "These are high-level heaven-ranked healing pills. We will give it to the beasts we've hunted if we manage not to kill them."

Soluna looked at the jar floating before her with a puzzled expression. "Why go so far as to use this?"

Cecile pondered. "While I don't mind killing, I'm a beast as well. I wouldn't like it if someone came and hunted me down because my feathers are pretty. So, while I like hunting, it is for strengthening myself, not an action to kill. If they die, I won't grieve. However, if I can avoid their death, I will."

Soluna's gaze toward Cecile changed. 'So, she isn't as indifferent as she looks. Interesting.'

Cecile looked up at the sky and spoke. "When the sun starts to set, if you haven't found a Level four beast, return."

Soluna commented. "What about a higher level?"𝒩ewW 𝒏ovels upd𝒂tes on nov/𝒆l/b(i)𝒏(.)com

Cecile shook her head. "The objective of hunting is searching for specific prey. I haven't gone deeper than level this time, taking into account that it is your first time. Sometimes I give myself objectives such as the color of their pelt, gender, and even age of the creature."

Soluna's eyes flashed again. 'So strict. Her hunting proficiency must be strong.'

Cecile extended her wings and spoke. "Let's start."

Soluna nodded, and both women flashed at their highest speeds toward the forest.

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