Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 114

The Flash Store had no idea about the major incident happening at the Starry Sky Kindergarten.

At that moment, the viewers in the Flash Live Room were surprised to find a new street dance teacher.

Street dance classes alternated with classical dance classes.

Since the classical dance teacher had quite a lot of classes at the kindergarten, she was too busy to handle everything.

Having a street dance teacher could help alleviate the pressure to some extent.

Moreover, people generally had a higher perception of street dance compared to classical dance.

Especially the younger generation.

With all the energetic songs and dances on the internet, many people enjoyed them.

Qi Yuan was dressed in a trendy style, with an iron chain around his waist.

His cap was pulled down low, and he wore a black face mask. When he danced, he exuded an explosive level of charisma.

He danced so coolly. It was more than just dancing; there was an element of performance as well.

"I used to learn street dance before, and he's truly a master."

"He's dancing right on the tip of my heart!"

"This Flash Store seduces me 80 times a day. Last time it was the security team that made me drool, and now there's a new street dance teacher. Why can't I get tickets?"

"Oh my, his face is so small! I used to have that black mask, but it could only cover half of my face."

"From today onwards, he's my new internet husband."

Not only did Qi Yuan dance well, but his hands were also particularly slender and fair.

Whenever his movements drew attention to his hands, it would trigger a wave of screams in the live room.

Even though it was just an ordinary movement, it felt a little tantalizing when viewed through his hands. What was going on?

When teaching the students, he rarely spoke. He would start with warm-up exercises as soon as the music began.

Everyone followed the rhythm of the music.

When it was time to teach the dance moves, he would say a few words. However, the viewers noticed that his voice was as clear as a stream, very pleasant to the ear.

Each time, it made these female rascals in the live room scream.

"Oh my, I just need to close my eyes and listen to his voice!"

"Please don't speak anymore, just say it to me alone, and that's fine."

"So handsome! They used to say that street dancers were all scumbags, but if he's this handsome, I'll accept being a scumbag too."

The new street dance teacher caused a small stir at Starry Sky.

This wave was just too cool. Someone even recorded and shared the video online.

They felt that something this good should be shared among sisters.

It was initially thought to be just another video that would cause screaming and drooling.

Unexpectedly, it attracted some random and ridiculous comments.

"This kind of person who doesn't show their face must be fat and ugly."

"If not, then they must be short and poor."

"Before, the dancer who wore a mask and sunglasses turned out to be really ugly in real life, and there was even an incident where the truth was exposed."

"If they were handsome, they would have revealed their face long ago!"Diiscover new 𝒔tories at n𝒐ve/lbin(.)c/o𝒎

"He has a few moves, like hip thrusts, that are really disgusting. They clearly have strong suggestive undertones."

"Just thinking that the dancer could be a fat and ugly person, secretly flirting, and seeing people online getting excited about him, it makes me feel sick!"

Many people thought the dance was good, but as soon as they saw the insults, they lost interest.

People online tend to follow the crowd.

The blogger felt the insults were a bit too harsh and deleted the post.

Little did they expect that this post would then be reposted by a public account.

The public account used a voice changer to read out all the malicious comments.

Soon, there were even more people mocking and ridiculing.

Shen Wei detected the online public opinion through the system's monitoring and even called Qi Yuan: "It's not your fault. Starry Sky Kindergarten has always been in the public eye, and even small incidents can be magnified and lead to online abuse!"

They were already used to this, but she was worried that the new teacher might not be able to handle it.

Qi Yuan said, "Thank you, I suppose I'm just not meant to be popular."

He used to be an idol in a boy group before.

Even back then, he was not very popular in the group.

Now that he had terminated his contract and become a street dance teacher, not revealing his face, he was still being insulted and trending on the short video hot search lists.

At that moment, he felt a sense of disorientation.

After hanging up the call with Shen Wei, he sat there for a long time without saying a word.

It wasn't until much later that he finally let out a sigh.

Although he was now a street dance teacher, he had once dreamed of those glamorous stages in the past.

Perhaps there was still a sense of gap in his heart.

That's why he kept his cap pulled down low during classes.

He didn't want people to know that he actually didn't have many fans. But his inexplicable sense of pride made him very reserved.

However, after realizing that he had caused trouble for Starry Sky by being criticized, he felt a little regretful.

After some thought, he finally decided to take off his mask.

During the second street dance class, the live room's loyal fans were worried about him, while some were trolls who had come to insult him after hearing the public account's video.

However, upon entering, they discovered a handsome young man sitting there.

This young man began teaching everyone to dance.

Although he looked delicate and pretty, his dancing was incredibly wild.

Even the sweat flowing down his neck looked sensual when he danced.

The female rascals in the live room went crazy again: "No wonder he wore a mask before, he was trying to hide his stunning good looks!"

"Seeing him, I finally understand what it means to be both pure and sensual. He's simply dancing on the tip of my heart!"

"Is your heart tip a durian? Why are there people standing on every tip? You praised the classical dance teacher the same way last time. I remember your ID."

"So what kind of divine place is this Flash Store at Starry Sky Kindergarten?"

"Damn it, I recognize him with a single glance. He's my long-lost husband."

"No matter what you say, you can't get tickets."

The viewers were so excited that they started insulting those who made negative comments in the chat.

"Stop saying those mood-killing things."

Everyone was in a state of excitement.

Online, there was also someone staring at the video in a daze. She was a fan of Starry Sky Kindergarten, always refreshing but never following.

But today, she had to follow because the street dance teacher was her former idol.

She immediately tried to get tickets.

As a devoted fan, her speed paid off, and she managed to snag one.

When she arrived, her former idol was teaching her to dance, an experience even a top-level VIP couldn't have.

At the appointed time, there were activities like acting, singing, painting, and finally, a street dance class.

She danced with great joy, as if in a dream. After it ended, she summoned her courage and approached Qi Yuan, saying, "I'm Potato Little Pumpkin. Do you still remember me?"

Qi Yuan's pupils shook slightly, then he said, "I remember."

He had only about thirty fans in total, and he remembered every single ID.

However, he later didn't post any content and didn't become popular. He didn't have any shows, and the group gradually grew cold.

Those who used to like him seemed to have gradually abandoned him one by one.

Qi Yuan didn't expect to run into a fan when he came out.

The thing he feared most had happened, he thought he would feel very awkward.

But he found that he didn't feel awkward at all, his heart was only filled with calmness.

Potato Pumpkin said, "Keep working hard."

Qi Yuan's smile became much more sincere, "Yeah."

After returning, Potato Pumpkin wrote about this encounter and posted it in the group.

The originally quiet fan group suddenly exploded: "What? My former idol is teaching street dance at a web celebrity shop!"

"400 bucks for food and drinks, and an idol personally promoting. Teaching dance, what a heavenly place, I've decided to form a group and go there immediately."

This 400 yuan price was unbeatable in terms of value.

It was just very difficult to get tickets.

They tried to grab tickets several times but couldn't get a single one.

They couldn't help but ask Potato Pumpkin, "How did you manage to get tickets back then?"

Potato Pumpkin was also confused, thinking she was just very lucky.

She originally thought it was just a treasure web celebrity shop, but later found out her idol was there too.

She had a strong feeling that her former little sugar bean idol would have a turn of luck.

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