Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Shen Wei directly welcomed him and then led him into the kitchen.

This side used to be a kindergarten, the kitchen counter was very large.

Don't look at Liu Master Chef being a bit nervous, but once he entered the kitchen, his whole demeanor changed - after all, he had been crawling on the stove for decades!

Once he was on his home turf, everything was different.

Shen Wei took food ingredients directly from the fridge, including beef, tomatoes, and eggs. She didn't go out to buy them, they were all rewards from the system.

Liu Master Chef took a look at the ingredients and decided to make a scrambled egg with tomatoes and a braised beef dish.

With no preparation time, he could only choose from these few available items.

Liu Master Chef poured oil and heated the wok, his movements as smooth as flowing clouds, carrying an air of a master chef who had conquered kitchens everywhere.

Soon, an indescribable aroma wafted up. Clack, the eggs were cracked into the wok and quickly spread into a disc. In a deft motion, the hefty iron spatula flicked the wok, tumbling the eggs.

After frying the eggs first, he stir-fried the tomatoes, then covered the eggs over them and tossed everything together a few times. He added a pinch of salt, then had Shen Wei taste it.

The flavor was excellent.

Shen Wei and He Lingfeng had never tasted anything so fragrant. Next, the aroma of the braised beef also escaped from the edge of the wok.

Soon, the second dish was served. Shen Wei had Liu Master Chef try it as well.

As soon as Liu Master Chef smelled the aroma, he knew this dish would be flawless.

But when he actually tasted it, he was still surprised.

The beef was tender with a milky fragrance, and the tomatoes were perfectly tart and sweet.

It tasted better than anything he had ever made before.Findd new š¯’”tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

Not only were his culinary skills superb, but these ingredients were also exceptionally good.

For a chef of Liu Master Chef's caliber, his thinking was extremely pure and simple - as long as he could make delicious food, he was satisfied.

The three of them finished both dishes completely.

After eating, everyone felt a sense of happiness and contentment.

"Liu Master Chef, the team has just been assembled. Can you cook meals for dozens of people by yourself?"

In the past, Liu Master Chef always had assistants to help with prep work while he focused on the cooking. It had been a long time since he had handled these miscellaneous tasks like washing vegetables.

However, he had just been betrayed by his own disciple. He felt reluctant to promote any of his former colleagues.

Plus, Shen Wei's salary offer was so generous that he was happy to take on these minor chores himself.

Liu Master Chef replied readily: "I can do it!"

Shen Wei was overjoyed.

The system was also delighted.

In Shen Wei's mind, it set off fireworks: "Congratulations to the host for successfully inviting Chef Liu. Now apply for reward distribution. 5 lbs of bamboo shoots, 5 lbs of sunflowers, 5 lbs of eggs, 5 lbs of cucumbers, 5 lbs of beef, plus a bonus of 1 million yuan and 10,000 points."

Shen Wei had checked the marketplace before and there were still many items that were locked.

However, 500,000 points were needed to unlock the next marketplace level, so her current 31,000 points didn't amount to much yet.

But the system was quite generous with money.

She liked dealing with such a generous system.

Before coming here, Liu Master Chef saw the spacious grounds and the generous salary offer, and thought this must be a particularly grand kindergarten.

But upon arrival, he found there was only one employee - himself, and one student.

Liu Master Chef was also a grandfather. When he saw how skinny the child was, he couldn't accept it. A chef's greatest dream was to make everyone plump and well-fed.

He immediately took it upon himself to provide He Lingfeng's three meals a day and fatten her up in the shortest time possible.

As for other duties, Shen Wei told Liu Master Chef that they were still in the initial stages, so he would be responsible for gate duty and accounting as well.

Liu Master Chef had always stayed in the back kitchen before and had never imagined a day when he would wear so many hats.

Fortunately, Shen Wei was generous, and he didn't know where Shen Wei purchased the ingredients, but they were all exceptionally delicious.

This reassured Liu Master Chef's concerns for the time being.

When Liu Master Chef returned home that evening, his wife had been waiting for a long time: "How did it go? Did you get the job?"

Liu Master Chef was afraid of saying too much and worrying his wife, so he simply said: "It's all good."

The next day, he went to the kindergarten early. As soon as he arrived in the kitchen, he saw cucumbers and first stir-fried some cucumber slices. The aroma of the fried cucumbers wafted ten meters away.

Liu Master Chef had thought he was dreaming yesterday, but today he realized it wasn't a dream.

The food he cooked here really did taste better than elsewhere.

In the morning, Shen Wei and He Lingfeng were once again stuffed full.

Inviting Liu Master Chef to join was truly Shen Wei's most correct decision.

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