Lunar Supremacy: The Original Alpha

Chapter 132 To Hell With Holding Back

"Did he enter this passage?"Anxiety infused Mia's voice as she posed the question, her heart racing with uncertainty. She had come here with one purpose in mind: to find the mysterious masked man who had helped her. 

At first, she had contemplated the possibility of him running away, leaving her to fend for herself against the entity who haunted this place. However, as fate would have it, she had crossed paths with the two girls who shared similar tales of his heroism, casting doubt upon her initial assumptions.

Similar to Vincent, she possessed the ability to sense and track negative energy, albeit with some limitations. Her perceptions  can only be used on negative energy and was rather very weak for actual combat used. 

The way she perceived this energy differed from his as well, often appearing more vague and inconsistent in her senses. However, the potency of the energy emanating from the passages was so strong that even with her limited perception, she managed to catch its presence, which she used to follow his trail.

Now, she was standing before the shattered remnants of the wall that Vincent had previously destroyed, a sense of unease gnawed at her as she gazed upon it, her eyes keenly perceived the purple hue of negative energy emanating from it.

"This place is very dangerous, " Mia's throat tightened as she gulped down her own saliva, a visible sign of her mounting apprehension. 

Unlike Vincent, whose strength shielded him from its effects, Mia found herself more susceptible. Merely observing the pulsating energy caused her stomach to churn uneasily, compelling her to unconsciously take a step back whenever the erratic pulses intensified. Her mind raced with concern as she muttered to herself, questioning whether the masked man had already engaged in a fierce battle with the entity controlling the statues.

"Can he really handle that thing all by himself?" Her words were laced with a tinge of worry that she couldn't shake off. 

Amidst her internal struggle, she found herself contemplating the idea of leaving, seeking justification for her decision. She muttered to herself, attempting to convince herself that the masked man was strong enough to handle the situation without her assistance.

"He's powerful, he doesn't need my help," she reasoned aloud, her words betraying her inner doubts.

She paused for a moment , searching for more self reassurance.

"I'm not abandoning him. Besides, I barely even know the guy, and he's been nothing but irritating." She sought relief in these rationalizations as she grappled with the choice to depart.

"It's his fault for being too arrogant, " she spoke with an unconvinced voiced. 

Reluctantly, she turned away, her mind set on escaping from this dangerous place. But before she could take a single step, a subtle tremor rippled through the ground, freezing her in place. She could tell that something big was happening inside .

Frustration and denial surged within her as she tightly clenched her fists, desperately trying to convince herself to leave.

"Don't be an idiot, Mia!" she berated herself.

But it was a futile attempt. Her heart was telling her to follow him.

"Damn it! I'm not saving that guy—I'm just repaying a debt!" With determination fueling her every stride, she closed her eyes and bolted towards the passages with unwavering speed, her conflicted emotions echoing in her wake.

In truth, she was far from arrogant. Beneath her tough exterior lay a compassionate and kind-hearted woman, driven by a genuine desire to express her gratitude. Acting tough was merely her defense mechanism, a shield to protect her vulnerable self. Her determination to find the masked man stemmed from a profound need to locate him and offer her heartfelt thanks for the saving her.

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The fierce battle between Vincent and the statues raged on, each side unwilling to yield. Despite his relentless efforts, he still found himself unable to discern the origin of these unyielding statues. The sheer magnitude of their numbers overwhelmed his senses, rendering it impossible for him to perceive their every move.  Although he had initially suspected the baby statue to be involved, he couldn't find any apparent connection to it.

But amidst the daunting situation, Vincent remained remarkably unfazed. He knew that he hadn't tapped into his full potential, keeping his true power in reserve. This knowledge bolstered his confidence, assuring him that victory was still within his grasp. 

"Their numbers are not dropping, but they're definitely losing power," he muttered as he discovered a potential opening . With a sly grin on his face, he effortlessly smashed through the statues, their feeble resistance no match for his strength .

The energy pulsating within them flickered and dimmed, a clear sign of their dwindling strength. Fueled by this newfound advantage, he pressed on with his attack. Victory was now within his grasp, and he couldn't help but feel a surge of confidence coursing through his veins. He was planning to win this fight without transforming .

"This is it, the turning point. " he exclaimed .

But as he envisioned a path to victory , a piercing scream shattered his concentration. Startled, he swiftly turned his head, only to witness Mia pitifully fending off the relentless assault of the statues.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He screamed in frustration as he saw her precarious state.

"I....." Mia, overwhelmed with embarrassment, found herself unable to respond. She had ventured into this place with the innocent intention of merely finding him, but to her dismay, she was swiftly and unexpectedly assaulted by this damn statues. The realization of her predicament left her feeling foolish and vulnerable, unable to find the words to explain her presence to Vincent amidst the chaos surrounding them.

"To hell with holding back!" Vincent's patience finally snapped, his carefully calculated plan thrown out of the window.

His energy surged, causing his eyes to blaze with a golden hue, but the tint of his eyes were swiftly suppressed by the mysterious ability of his mask, changing his eye color to an intense blue. With resolve etched on his face, he initiated a partial transformation, his muscles undergoing a remarkable transformation while ensuring he retained enough of his human form. He didn't want Mia to witness his complete werewolf manifestation.

"Scram!" With a thunderous step, the ground quaked beneath him as he launched forward like a cannon ball, hurtling through the air with terrifying velocity, determined to save Mia from imminent danger. 

The sheer force of his leap was overpowering, causing the statue that attempted to impede his path to be violently hurled away by the shock waves generated by it.


With a powerful thud, he landed several meters away from her, the impact of his landing sending ripples of force that forcefully propelled the surrounding statues backward. Fortunately, Mia, quick on her feet, utilized her chain to anchor herself firmly, maintaining her footing against the tremendous impact.

"You really gave me a lot of trouble," Vincent remarked, his words laced with a mix of relief and exasperation.

Without waiting for Mia to reply, he swiftly closed the distance between them, scooping her up in his arms with a princess-like grip.

Determined to shield her from harm, he enveloped her in a protective aura of his own energy, fortifying her against the potential repercussions of his own speed. This technique was something he had learned from Evangeline.

"Hold on tight "

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