My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 436 Mireya And Sylvia

Chapter 436 Mireya And Sylvia

"That was wonderful, sweetheart. I cannot get enough of you." Lily whispered into Yuan's ears in a sultry voice and chuckled softly.

"I can't get enough of your gorgeous lips; I want to taste them more," Yuan answered with a wide grin, placing his hands on her buttocks and squeezing them.

"Mmmm… You dirty little brother, you always attempt to take advantage of your older sister by squeezing her ass..." She chuckled and gazed at him seductively as Yuan squeezed her buttocks.

"Lily's buttocks are soft and jiggly, similar to my two moms. I enjoy the sensation of my fingers delving into her flesh." Yuan smiled as he enjoyed the sensation of Lily's buttocks.

"You naughty little brother, you're making me eager by doing this. Let go of my buttocks or I'll devour you!" Lily responded with a huge grin on her face, her countenance turning sexual as Yuan proceeded to fondle her buttocks as if he wasn't frightened to confront her threat.

"Hahaha~! Do you think you can intimidate me with a threat like this? I am ready to be eaten by you, my sister dearest…!" Yuan muttered into her ears before grabbing her boobs and squeezing them tightly, making her body shake with excitement.

Lily gazed at her younger brother with a seductive expression on her face, unable to conceal her desire for him, and immediately cupped his face before sharing another scorching passionate kiss with him the next second.

Meanwhile, Mireya, Sylvia, and Valeria couldn't believe their eyes as they observed something so filthy taking on in front of them. Yuan and Lily forgot about their surroundings and went deep into their passion, expressing their need for each other.

"This is unbelievable...How could Lily be so lewd? Doesn't she feel any guilt for doing something so filthy in front of us?" Sylvia whispered in surprise as she watched Yuan and Lily embrace each other so closely, stroking their bodies.

Julie shook her head, smiling helplessly, and added, "You have seen nothing. Lily is nothing compared to her wild and shameless mother-in-law, Grace."

"What?! Are you claiming Grace is more lewd than her daughter, Lily?! Unbelievable!" Mireya mumbled in surprise, unable to believe what she had heard.

Yuan ignored their small talk and concentrated on Lily; after a few more squeezes on her boobs and buttocks, he gradually began to remove her dress.

"You anticipated this, didn't you?" Yuan muttered as he began removing the final piece of material off her body, showing her gorgeous, seductive form that made him unable to resist his desires.

"That's correct; I expected this. So, what?"

"You are such a naughty older sister. But this simplifies things for me." Yuan stared at his sister's pussy, which was already wet, and noticed some of her juice sticking to her thighs, making her pussy appear extremely hot.

Yuan gulped his saliva as he admired his sister's exquisite pussy, and he could feel his dick pounding within his trousers.

His sister smirked at Yuan's expression and then moved her focus to Mireya, Sylvia, Valeria, Julie, and Ava, who was watching them intently with wide-open eyes, smirking teasingly.

'Damn it! She is certainly attempting to irritate us with that glance!' Julie yelled inwardly and instantly stood up, removing her clothes until she was completely nude.

Mireya, Sylvia, Valeria, and Ava were taken aback when they saw Julie suddenly strip naked without saying anything.

Lily smirked as she noticed it, but Julie ignored her and approached Yuan with a large seductive grin on her face.

Yuan smiled back at her, and as soon as she was in front of him, he drew her into his embrace and began kissing her passionately.

After the passionate kiss with Julie, Yuan looked at Mireya and the others and thought, 'I can't believe Lily's provocation actually succeeded on Julie, but the others seem to be hesitant to join in.'

'Well, I can't blame them because it's a new experience for everyone except Ava, but Mireya and the others must be embarrassed to be naked in front of them.' He smiled at Ava before shifting his focus to Valeria.

Valeria was forcefully pulling her thighs together, and she looked quite uncomfortable. Her eyes were fixated on Yuan, and when he saw what was going on, he became very amused.

'Hehe~ Valeria seemed to be becoming aroused after witnessing us kissing so passionately for a while, and because she experienced the pleasure of having her pussy licked by me, she must be yearning for it.' Yuan grinned quietly before looking at Mireya and Sylvia, whose faces were flushed with shame.

Then he turned to face Julie and gripped her breasts, eliciting a little seductive sigh as she felt an electrifying sensation from Yuan's touch.

"Mmmm…Don't grab them too hard; be kind!" Julie said, trying not to moan out loud, as it would be embarrassing.

Yuan released her breasts after sharing another passionate kiss with her, turned around, and smiled at Mireya and Sylvia.

He then approached them and smiled gently and lovingly at them, causing Mireya and Sylvia to blush and try to turn away, embarrassed.

"Y-Yuan…" Mireya and Sylvia mumbled his name in a shaky voice, their tone tinged with expectation and excitement.

"No need to be shy, you two. After all, you are sisters and family members, so there is no reason to be timid around one another."

Yuan drew them into his hug and spoke into their ears, his voice sounding very sweet and soothing, making them feel quite comfortable and calm.

"Um." They both smiled and buried their faces in his chest, their cheeks flushed red.

Yuan gently smiled as they nodded their heads and placed his hands on their massive buttocks, startling them instantly.

Mireya, humiliated, stared Yuan directly in the eyes and stated, "You're a big pervert, Yuan." As soon as we hugged, you started stroking our buttocks.

"Isn't it a tad late to discover that your hubby is a pervert?" Yuan said this while tightly squeezing their buttocks, causing them to let out a passionate groan as a result of his actions.

Mireya and Sylvia experienced a sensation they had never felt before their pussy became wet for some reason as soon as Yuan placed his hands on their buttocks.

'What is happening to us? Why is my body so hot and tingling? Is this what they term being aroused?' Mireya and Sylvia pondered if they were shocked by the new sensation that made them happy.

Mireya and Sylvia could feel their bodies becoming increasingly hot and eager, as well as their heartbeats rising and dirty thoughts entering their heads.

They gazed at Yuan with passionate expressions on their faces, as if they expected him to do something indecent with them like he had with Lily and Julie.

Yuan then grinned at them, focusing his eyes on Mireya and drawing his face closer to hers till they could feel each other's warm breath on their cheeks.

Yuan rushed forward without hesitation and pushed his lips on hers, amazed at how soft and sweet her lips felt, and drew her closer till her breasts were pressing hard against his chest.

'Her lips are incredibly soft. Unlike her lips in her human disguise...' Yuan enjoyed the sensation of Mireya's lips on his and began kissing her furiously, forcing her tongue inside her mouth and playing with it.Nnêw n0vel chapters are published on n0v/e/(lb)i(n.)co/m

Mireya was taken aback by this, and she began to reciprocate, kissing him fiercely and pressing her tongue into his mouth.

Although she was clumsy with a passionate kiss because it was only her second kiss in her life, she rapidly gained accustomed to kissing.

For a brief while, the two of them kissed, and Mireya automatically threw her arms around Yuan, who wrapped his arms around her waist. For a minute, time seemed to be pausing for the two of them.

The kiss stopped a few seconds later, and Mireya backed away from Yuan with a massive blush on her face. Yuan then switched his attention to Sylvia, who was looking at him with an expectant expression on her face.

"Are you jealous because I kissed Mireya before kissing you?" Yuan queried teasingly, a little smile flashing across his lips.

"Hmph! Who is jealous? "I'm not jealous at all." Sylvia snorted with a faint blush on her face, causing Yuan to chuckle.

Yuan grinned and brought her closer, and before he could say anything, Sylvia kissed his lips and placed her arms around his neck, as well as her legs around his waist, leaving Yuan shocked for a moment.

'Hehe~! Sylvia is more outgoing than Mireya, yet she is also somewhat bashful. Yuan reflected and smiled.

They soon ended the kiss, and Sylvia gazed at him with a faint, satisfied smile on her lips before sharing another passionate kiss.

General Valeria and Ava felt left out when they saw them kissing so passionately; they ignored their presence, became jealous, and approached Yuan.

Yuan then shared a passionate kiss with Valeria and Ava, kissing them for almost a minute apiece, and both of them were pleased with the kiss.

Suddenly, they heard Anna's voice from outside the tent.

"Yuan, your dinner is ready! Stop what you're doing right now and continue after dinner."

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