Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4873 Terrifying Square Heaven Seal

Chapter 4873 Terrifying Square Heaven Seal

Shocked and enraged, Jiang Yiban roared crazily, “It’s the Square Heaven Seal! Retreat!”

However, it was too late. The pillar of light devoured the four Heaven Saints of the Flame Divine Hall, leaving them with no chance to react. Completely powerless in front of its might, they instantly turned into bloody pulp; even the weapons in their hands disintegrated to dust.

Long Chen and Mo Nian jumped in shock. Although they knew that the Square Heaven Seal was a terrifying existence, they hadn’t expected it to be this powerful.

The four terrifying Heaven Saints didn’t even have the slightest ability to resist in front of the Square Heaven Seal.

“Fuck, what a pity. Their power was completely devoured by it.” Evilmoon’s cursing rang out in Long Chen’s mind. After all, Evilmoon coveted this energy. Seeing someone else get its feast, it was naturally unhappy.

Evilmoon’s words made Long Chen’s heart sink. If Evilmoon was right, that meant the Square Heaven Seal’s bedevilment was even deeper than expected, and it would be much more difficult to drag it back.

After all, the Square Heaven Seal was the legacy divine weapon of the Xing family. As the head of the four divine generals of the Grand Xia, the Xing family had the four noble families under their ranks. The Square Heaven Seal was the karmic luck divine weapon that all of them worshiped, and it relied on their faith energy to grow stronger. For the Square Heaven Seal to take the initiative to absorb the power of these four Heaven Saints, and to do so in such an open manner, demonstrated that it was now fearless.

“You fools! Didn’t you say that if you were present, he wouldn’t be able to use the Square Heaven Seal?!” cursed Jiang Yiban.

Gao Jianli and the others were also dumbfounded, not knowing what the problem was. They had long since started secretly communicating with the Square Heaven Seal, stripping the power of Xing Wujiang’s master seal. Why would the Square Heaven Seal suddenly betray them?

The pillar of light suddenly continued onward after killing the four of Heaven Saints.

“Run!” Jiang Yiban roared and fled. However, to his astonishment, he had been locked onto by the Square Heaven Seal.

“Damn you, Xing Wujiang! Are you challenging the Flame Divine Hall to war?!” roared Jiang Yiban.

“I can’t handle all four of them, but that doesn't extend to you. If you want Long Chen's life, then I want yours first,” Xing Wujiang sneered. The violet-gold seal in his hand trembled.

Devil Fall City quaked in response. Pillars of light erupted from the ground, weaving into a net in the sky that enclosed Jiang Yiban and the others.

“Just you wait!” Jiang Yiban roared. Forming hand seals, he summoned a golden pill furnace, and its majestic divine might enveloped all the Flame Divine Hall’s experts.

“Daynight Furnace!” exclaimed Long Chen, his heart trembling. Not only had the Brahma Divine Diagram appeared, but even the Daynight Furnace had also emerged.

However, this wasn’t the true Daynight Furnace; it was just a projection. Yet, the might of this projection was enough to crush the ten thousand Daos. Điscover n𝒆w chapt𝒆rs 𝒐n n0𝒗e(l)bi𝒏(.)com


Jiang Yiban and the others started fleeing, protected by the Daynight Furnace above them. When the Daynight Furnace struck the barrier, Jiang Yiban and the others spat out blood and had to go all out. Jiang Yiban formed more hand seals, and the other experts of the Flame Divine Hall shouted in unison with him, “Daynight Divine Radiance!”

The Daynight Furnace above them blazed with light, its divine might erupting like a volcano as it smashed into the barrier again.


This time, the Daynight Furnace exploded, and blood sprayed from Jiang Yiban and the others’ mouths. However, they had successfully blasted a giant hole in the void.

Jiang Yiban and the others then charged through the giant hole, only leaving behind a furious roar. “Just you wait for the Flame Divine Hall’s wrath!”

Once Jiang Yiban and the others passed through, the barrier recovered. If they had been the slightest bit slower, they would have never managed to escape.

Tch, do you think I’m a pushover? I no longer have any misgivings. If you have any guts, let’s see whose wrath has more of an impact!” sneered Xing Wujiang in front of Jiang Yiban’s threat.

At this moment, Gao Jianli and the other heads’ expressions were exceedingly ugly. They still held their weapons in their hands, but they had no idea what to do.

Seeing the four of them standing there like fools, Mo Nian couldn’t help but taunt, “Put away your fire pokers. If it weren’t due to your ancestors, you would have long since been turned into meat cakes by my big brother. I really don’t understand how the heroes who followed the Xing family managed to give birth to unfilial trash like yourselves.”

Mo Nian was entirely correct. The only reason Xing Wujiang refrained from killing them was due to the ancestral teachings of the Xing family. During the Xing family’s golden age, they received full support from the four noble families, which led to the Xing family viewing them as kin. The Xing family then instructed their descendants to treat the four noble families well.

Thus, unless the four noble families attempted to harm members of the Xing family, Xing Wujiang could not kill them. As long as they didn’t initiate an attack, he was also unable to confront them.

When Mo Nian shouted, interrupting their deadlock, the four heads had extremely ugly expressions. They were unable to understand why their flawless plan had ended up like this.

How did Xing Wujiang make the Square Heaven Seal help him? Before understanding this, they couldn’t go against Xing Wujiang.

Anyway, Xing Wujiang had fully offended the Flame Divine Hall, and that was a good thing for them.

“Xing Wujiang, you indiscriminately kill people to protect Long Chen. The calamities Devil Fall City has to face in the future will be on you,” declared Gao Jianli coldly. He was a bit smarter than Cao Guofeng and directly placed the blame on Xing Wujiang.

Smiling lightly, Xing Wujiang answered, “Are you done? If so, scram!”

Gao Jianli simply snorted in response and vanished, followed by the other assholes. Only Cao Guofeng remained here, gritting his teeth.

“Do you want to take your son’s corpse? If you want, I can help you find its dregs. When you go back and bury them, it will at least still be acceptable. After all, having something is better than nothing,” asked Mo Nian, sounding as if he really wanted to help.

Cao Guofeng’s teeth creaked, and flames almost burst out of his eyes. He was unwilling to leave because he couldn’t accept his son dying just like this.

“All of you, just wait. I will make you regret coming to this city,” Cao Guofeng hissed between his gritted teeth before vanishing.

Once Cao Guofeng had departed, Xing Wujiang nodded to Long Chen and Mo Nian, then left as well.

With nothing else to do, Mo Nian cleared his throat and shouted at the remaining vendors, “Hey, everyone, don’t be in a rush to pack up your wares. I still have a lot of stuff to buy! Come, show me your products!”

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