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Chapter 2723: I’ll Help You Pull out More Next Time

Chapter 2723: I’ll Help You Pull out More Next Time

Cheng Fei’s pupils shrank. He stared straight at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu tilted her head and stared back at him. “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Fei let go of Ning Shu’s hand. He’d felt a sting just now.

“You still have white hair on your head. Do you want me to pull them out?’ Ning Shu asked. Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

“No need,” said Cheng Fei after he shook his head. He also handed the thermos bucket back to Ning Shu and said, “You should go. You shouldn’t come to this kind of place. I’ll come find you after I get out.”

Ning Shu wanted to tell him to never come.

She stretched out her hand and quickly yanked out another white hair from Cheng Fei’s head, causing him to hiss in pain.

“You should go.” Cheng Fei picked up his book and waved to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu stepped on the silver needle and moved her foot forward. The silver needle rolled to the bottom of Cheng Fei’s bed.

Ning Shu put her hands in her pocket, then said, “The white hair on your head is really such an eyesore. If I don’t pull it out for you, I’ll keep thinking about it.”

Regardless of Cheng Fei’s objection, Ning Shu stretched out her hand again to pull Cheng Fei’s hair. She pulled both his white hair and his black hair.

Cheng Fei rubbed his head. His scalp was nearly numb with pain.

“What are you doing?” Cheng Fei’s face was a little dark. “You should go.”

Ning Shu shrugged her shoulders. She took the thermos and then turned to leave. “I’ll come to visit again.”

Ning Shu stared at Cheng Fei’s head with eager eyes. “You still have white hair on your head. I’ll help you pull out more next time.”

“You don’t need to come anymore,” Cheng Fei said. “I don’t want you to see me like this. I will show myself in front of you again one day, at my most perfect.”

Ning Shu: Well, that day would also be the day I die, so…

Ning Shu shook her head. “No. I like seeing you like this more. Seeing you down and out is way better than seeing you at your most perfect.”

Cheng Fei smiled. “You really are one of a kind. You’ll be so beautiful when you’ve become an amber.”

Ning Shu also gave him a sweet smile. “Thanks for the compliment.”

The nurse opened the door and said to Ning Shu, “Visiting time is over. You should go.”

Ning Shu spared Cheng Fei a last glance before she turned around and left. The nurse shut the door and locked it, leaving Cheng Fei inside and alone.

Ning Shu slipped the nurse another red envelope. She wanted to see Cheng Fei’s attending doctor.

Ning Shu went for broke and also gave the attending doctor a big red envelope. She said, “I’ll have to trouble you with Cheng Fei. His condition is a bit serious, so please make sure he doesn’t miss out on medicine or anything.

“Also, do you think Cheng Fei can recover?”

The attending doctor said, “Cheng Fei’s situation is a bit complicated. He thinks that he’s not sick, but he is. This makes him a bit troublesome to treat.”

Ning Shu nodded and repeatedly asked the doctor to take good care of Cheng Fei.

After she left the doctor’s office, Ning Shu encountered the nurse from before, who was incessantly complaining.

When the nurse saw Ning Shu, she immediately said, “Don’t bring any food for Cheng Fei next time. He threw up all over the room just now. It’s very troublesome to clean all that mess up.”

Ning Shu told her that she understood.

So he vomited. He probably pushed his own hand down his throat to make himself vomit.

Did he think she had poisoned the soup?

Ning Shu simply smiled.

After she left the psychiatric hospital, Ning Shu looked up at the high wall.

The psychiatric hospital was a very depressing place. The management of the hospital was harsh and insensitive, and there were no normal people around. Every meal came with a dose of medicine.

Even sane people would be driven insane by the breath of despair this place had.

Ning Shu turned around and left.

The psychiatric hospital was built in a relatively remote place, halfway up the mountain. Ning Shu had to walk down the mountainside.

There were only taxis at the foot of the mountain.

Ning Shu hailed a taxi and went home.

When Mother Ai saw Ning Shu return, Mother Ai breathed a sigh of relief. “Did anything happen?”

Ning Shu sat down and told her that she was fine. She then put the thermos on the tea table.

Mother Ai opened the thermos and saw that all the chicken meat was still inside. “He didn’t have any?”

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