Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 19 – Foundation Establishment Trial

Chapter 19 – Foundation Establishment Trial

The lucky bastard Qin Yu who had picked up a meat pie that fell from the skies had suffered a stroke of bad luck! This news spread out at an astonishing rate and soon everything was aware of it.

A great number of envious individuals cried out in joy. They shivered in happiness, as if they were drinking a mouthful of clear spring water after wandering for three days in the desert. Of course, even though they obtained no advantages from this, that still didn’t affect their fervent hope for Qin Yu to suffer some disaster.

Heh, after offending Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei, how could he still have good days ahead of him?

The boy simply didn’t know how great the heavens and earth were!

Everyone was looking towards the fifteenth of next month with anticipation, because that was the day chosen for the Foundation Establishment trial.

However, Qin Yu was not aware of any of this. After bringing back the items in his storage bag and making sure that no one was monitoring him, he completely closed himself in, dedicating his heart and mind to his cultivation.

But before that, he first learned to use the aura restraining law formula and jade pendant together that Ning Ling passed to him. With these things, even if he were to meet Huang Dangui again, he could still hide his cultivation.

There was no harm in being extra careful!

But this time, Qin Yu would pause his cultivation for a period of time every day and practice the three different kinds of magic arts. Although it was unlikely for some serious accident to occur during the Foundation Establishment trial, Qin Yu still felt he needed to be wary because of Xu Wei’s presence.

An array formation had been laid down in the courtyard. Although it was extremely basic, it could still conceal auras and sounds.

Qin Yu stood up, his eyes slightly closed. Then, his eyes flashed open, a brilliant light exploding from them. He raised his hand and magic power began to stir within his body, rapidly flowing through his meridians and gathering in his arm before rushing out from his fingertip.

The crescent blade of Vorpal Edge couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. It tore through the air, cutting into a giant boulder several meters away and leaving behind a deep mark!

At nearly the same time, he used Spirit Stab. Divine sense converged into a sharp thorn that instantly shot out 10 meters.

Qin Yu stepped forwards, hurtling forwards like a tiger descending down a mountain. An overbearing aura erupted as he punched out!


The stone split open!

He drew back. As he silently calculated the strength of his attack, he smiled. Although he had only practiced this and didn’t have any real combat experience, he still believed that this triple combo attack wasn’t something that ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators would be able to block.

He finally had a little bit of ability to maintain his own life.

Of course, he still had other killing moves besides this triple combo attack. For instance, the Corpse Sealing Nail. His poison finger was originally a better choice, but unfortunately for him, after the incident in East Stream Town where he killed Hei Nu, nearly all of the toxicity within was used up.

At this time, a knock sounded out from his door.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves, brushing away the crushed stones to a corner of the courtyard. Then, he opened the array formation.

An outer court disciple stood on the other side of the door, a terrified look on his face. “Senior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu, I was ordered to inform you that the Foundation Establishment trial will begin tomorrow and the meeting place will be at the gates to the sect. I ask you to prepare for it.”

Qin Yu nodded and waved his hand.

The outer court disciple sighed as if he had been pardoned from execution. He turned and walked away.

Looking at this person’s demeanor, Qin Yu faintly frowned. But, he didn’t think about it too much. He closed the courtyard doors, activated the array formation, and then walked back into his training room. If he would be starting tomorrow then he would take a break today and adjust his condition to its peak state. His cultivation time had really been a bit tight.

He reorganized his storage bag. After making sure he had enough pills, he closed his eyes in meditation.

The night passed without a word.

Early the next morning, Qin Yu opened his door and flew over to the sect entrance.

Along the way, the disciples he met all had weird expressions and even a bit of pity in their eyes.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and realized this must be related to Xu Wei. Although his expression didn’t change, his eyes turned a little colder.

This Xu Wei, it was best if he didn’t make a mistake!

The morning light sparkled in the air, reflecting from the dewdrops, illuminating the skies with a faint hint of red and adding a layer of otherworldly mystery to the Eastern Mountain Sect. The mountain entrance was large and a giant archway of blue stone stood there with ‘Eastern Mountain’ written atop it in beautiful flowing words. There was even a cold majesty that lingered in the strokes, filling one’s heart with awe.

With Xu Wei at the lead, three men and two women stood beneath the arch. Their eyes seemed to smile. When contrasted in this environment, it added a fairy-like aura to the situation.

When Qin Yu arrived, Xu Wei, as the disciple of Huang Dangui, was accepting the flattery of his junior-apprentice brothers and sisters. In particular, the delicate pose and movements of Junior-apprentice Sister Lin made one’s heart itch. But, as Xu Wei saw Qin Yu arrive, it was like someone had thrown a pot of water on him. His smile dimmed and he said, “Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu, you were the only one remaining.”

This faint sentence pushed him to the other side and planted a seed in the hearts of those present. The two other men and women looked at him, sizing him up. Although an honest-looking youth among them seemed fine, the three others revealed a cold smile.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “I came late. Everyone, I apologize.” His expression was calm with just the slightest hint of suppressed anger.

Xu Wei’s lips curled upon seeing this anger. He said, “It’s fine as long as you came. It’s getting late so let’s set out.” He turned around, a cold glint in his eyes. Brat, since you didn’t give me face, then don’t blame me for what happens!

A white cloud flew over the mountain entrance and landed in front of the group. Ning Ling looked at them all with indifference.

Xu Wei was stunned, but his gaze instantly turned burning hot. He smiled wide and asked, “Senior-apprentice Sister Ning, why did you come here?”

Ning Ling lightly said, “By the command of the Sect Master, this Foundation Establishment trial will be led by me.”

Xu Wei’s face stiffened.

Ning Ling looked around. “If any of you object, then you may appeal to the Sect Master. I will wait here.”

Xu Wei quickly said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Ning has misunderstood. With you leading the group, that is even better.” He turned and shouted, “Why aren’t you greeting Senior-apprentice Sister Ning!”

“Greetings, Senior-apprentice Sister Ning!” Several people hurriedly bowed.

Xu Wei’s face was full of smiles. “Senior-apprentice Sister, allow me to introduce you. This is Junior-apprentice Sister Lin Lin, Junior-apprentice Sister Zhang Ze, Junior-apprentice Brother Fan Ping, Junior-apprentice Brother Lu Feng.” His finger stopped on Qin Yu, “And finally in last place, this is Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu, who has been so infamous as of late. Oh, I nearly forgot, Senior-apprentice Sister Ning personally experienced the incident at East Stream Town, so you should know of Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu.”

Lin Lin was born with a natural charm and a delicate temperament. Overall, she was a remarkably beautiful woman. But when placed beside Ning Ling, she wasn’t comparable at all.

As Lin Lin saw Ning Ling arrive and also saw her Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei’s gaze move onto her, she no longer looked at her. Instead, resentment began to grow in her heart. Although she didn’t dare to reveal what she was feeling, all sorts of vile curses began to sound out in her head.

She smiled and said, “The name of Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu rings like thunder in the ears. It’s a pity that his fate was lacking so he wasn’t able to become a disciple of the Grandmaster, otherwise his future accomplishments would have been limitless.”

Xu Wei’s smile became even wider as he tossed her an appreciative glance.

Zhang Ze was as skinny as a pole, without an ounce of extra fat or muscle on him, making him look like a walking beansprout. At this time, he didn’t hesitate to continue the line of mockery, “Who said that? There are countless disciples within the sect sighing because they couldn’t grab such a beautiful meat pie that just fell from the skies. Such a lucky chance was wasted like this.”

He would also try his best to curry favor with Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei!

Fan Ping rolled his eyes. “Many people said that if they were given the opportunity to follow the Grandmaster, they would have performed much better.”

Only Lu Feng lowered his head and remained silent.

Xu Wei laughed. “Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu, it seems many people aren’t satisfied with you.” Gẹtt the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐v𝒆ls at 𝒏.o/(v)/e/l/bi𝒏(.)co𝒎

Qin Yu’s expression was filled with anger!

Ning Ling suddenly said, “Enough. Let’s move out.”

A white cloud formed from thin air and lifted her up, howling into the distance.

Xu Wei was startled, immediately too busy to continue taunting Qin Yu. He hurried forwards, “Senior-apprentice Sister Ning, this trial mission is under my command…”

Ning Ling didn’t even turn back to look. “It’s a new mission. You only need to follow me.”

Xu Wei’s complexion changed and disappointment was visible in his eyes. He looked back at Qin Yu and could only suppress his thoughts. Originally, he had carefully chosen a much more dangerous mission so that there was a higher chance Qin Yu could suffer an ‘accident’.

Now it seemed he would only be able to wait for an opportunity.

Looking at Ning Ling’s back, Qin Yu’s expression changed. He stepped forwards, immediately using Gale Step to chase after the people in front of him.

Not long after leaving the sect, Ning Ling briefly explained the situation. In Western Pass City there was a fifth level Foundation Establishment cultivator that was committing all sorts of evils. They had to execute this person to prevent him from harming others.

A fifth level Foundation Establishment cultivation and only a wandering cultivator. No matter how many helpers they had, just how strong could they possibly be? Perhaps Ning Ling alone could finish this mission and they wouldn’t need to do anything at all.

This left Xu Wei even more disappointed.

Fan Ping observed everyone’s mood, pondering the situation for a few moments. He smiled and said, “With this trial mission led by Senior-apprentice Sister Ning and Senior-apprentice Brother Xu, it will definitely be easy. If we just follow behind during this mission it might be a wasted chance. According to what I know, Western Pass City is 700 miles away. How about we race there as fast as we can and consider this a test of our abilities?”

Lin Lin narrowed her eyes. “Senior-apprentice Brother Fan’s idea is good, but if we were to race 700 miles in a day, I fear that others might not be able to last with the little magic power they have. I wonder if Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei might be able to help me a little.”

Xu Wei’s lips curved up in a smile. “That’s not a bad idea; then, let’s do that. Junior-apprentice sisters and brothers, if you can last the entire way it will surely be advantageous to your cultivation. Of course, this brother of yours will provide you with some pills.”

He cupped a hand across his chest and said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Ning, what do you think?”

Ning Ling glanced at him, “I don’t mind.”

“Great!” Xu Wei clapped his hands. “Then let’s begin. If there is anyone that can’t last, just look for me to find some pills. We must try our best to reach Western Pass City before the sun sets!”

Xu Wei swept his gaze over Qin Yu and sneered. Everyone knew that the Grandmaster’s gifted storage bag was empty, so what he could do? Yes, beg me, beg me, beg me for pills and I still won’t give you any. Let’s see just how you’ll die!

Of course, directly refusing was inappropriate. Still, he could come up with some excuse such as he wanted to help temper his junior-apprentice brother, sharpen his will and stabilize his cultivation. Everyone knew that Qin Yu’s Foundation Establishment cultivation was built up from a pile of pills, so his foundation wasn’t steady at all.

If Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu were to be careless and accidently drop a cultivation realm from exhaustion, that could only be considered an accident that no one would be able to complain about.

Woosh –

Woosh –

The group visibly accelerated. Besides Ning Ling and Xu Wei who remained as calm and relaxed as before, the others hurtled forwards with determination. The situation was obvious; Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei was deliberately aiming at Qin Yu, so as long as they joined in on the act, why would they be afraid that they wouldn’t be given pills to supplement their magic power?

Those were pills!

When supplementing their magic power, there was bound to be a small benefit that was left behind. Even if they couldn’t do this many times, a few times was more than enough. This was Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei! Among all the disciples of the Eastern Mountain Sect, there was no one besides him who possessed such capabilities.

As for Qin Yu?

He had just stepped into some dogshit luck and yet dared to stir up trouble with Senior-apprentice Brother Xu Wei. He had simply brought about his own destruction and now everyone else could only watch as he collapsed!

But in reality, when it came to pills, let alone Xu Wei, even his master Huang Dangui might not have enough in front of Qin Yu.

When others said his Foundation Establishment cultivation was piled up from pills, it was truly, truly piled up from pills!

Ning Ling floated through the skies like an immortal, leading the group atop her white cloud.

Xu Wei followed close behind, his eyes revealing a deep infatuation. Although he spoke several times and only obtained a nod or shake of the head at most, his eyes still remained vivid with excitement.

Lin Lin, Zhang Ze, Fang Ping, and Lu Feng, were all a considerable distance behind. They were all dripping with sweat, using their magic power without hesitation.

A moment ago that little vixen Lin Lin had opened her mouth and asked Xu Wei for an Essence Augmenting Pill. That was a mellow, fragrant, and nourishing Essence Augmenting Pill!

Zhang Ze, Fan Ping, and Lu Feng all turned red-eyed with envy and spurred themselves onward faster without a care for their lives.

Qin Yu was in last place.

His Foundation Establishment cultivation was piled up from pills, his foundation was unsteady, his magic power was impure, and he was the last to practice the magic arts. It was already guaranteed he would be at the end.

Of course, he was also gasping and streaming with sweat. To put on this sort of act wasn’t difficult at all; the difficulty came from keeping his movements and demeanor consistent with everything else, so that others couldn’t see anything strange with him.

He lifted his hand and wiped away a forehead dripping with sweat. He took out his water bag to drink some water, and with a casual shake of his fingers, an Essence Augmenting Pill fell into the bag and immediately began to overflow with billowing magic power. He comfortably coughed. No matter how many pills he refined, the comfort brought about by a top grade pill still left him enchanted.

Xu Wei turned around and just happened to see Qin Yu’s haggard appearance. A satisfied smile appeared on his face and his heart felt much better. Even if he couldn’t use sinister methods to eliminate him, he still had ways to deal with him!

Qin Yu hurried along, his face pale and his breath heaving like a forge bellows, even as he secretly sneered in his heart. Suddenly his eyes widened and he slowly looked up. At some unknown time, Ning Ling who had been in front of the group and suddenly appeared in front of him.

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