Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 26 – Blacksky Demon

Chapter 26 – Blacksky Demon

Shao Shao walked through the bustling mansion, her face tight. If her miss was lacking in an aspect, it was that she was too kind. This sort of person needed to be given a fatal strike with a single blow so that they never developed thoughts they shouldn’t have. This Qin Yu actually came to the mansion together with Gu Ling’er – it could be imagined what sort of dark ideas he had!

As the personal maid of the miss, it was her duty to help the miss resolve such matters, including any possible sources of trouble. Shao Shao’s eyes turned. She pulled over a young maid and whispered a few words to her.

Sitting in the reception hall that was decorated with flowers, Gu Ling’er seemed nervous. “Big Brother Yu, do you think Big Sister Zhang Zhang will remember me? Will she like me?”

Qin Yu smiled. “Zhang Zhang is a kind young woman. She grew up in our family home together since she was a child, so she will certainly remember you and like you. Once Zhang Zhang comes, Big Brother will tell her to take good care of you.”

Shao Shao had just reached the entrance of the reception hall when she heard Qin Yu speak. As she listened to him refer to the miss by her name and also speak of her so intimately, her complexion turned cold! Zhang Zhang!? You don’t qualify to call out her name like that!

Shao Shao was more and more sure that Qin Yu came here to see this miss. All of the kindness and pity in her heart disappeared like smoke.

Shao Shao entered the reception hall and smiled at Gu Ling’er. “Ling’er, the miss knows you are here and she is very happy that you have arrived safely. She is waiting for you in the rear court. I have already ordered people to prepare, so wash up and let’s greet miss together.”

Gu Ling’er immediately looked at Qin Yu with a bit of hesitation. Shao Shao pulled her away, handing her to a maid waiting outside the reception room who brought her away.

Qin Yu didn’t feel any ill intention from Shao Shao so he didn’t stop her. But, he did discover that this maid seemed to hold a little bit of hostility towards him.

Shao Shao turned around and lifted her head up proudly. She lightly said, “Qin Yu, the miss bid me to give this pendant back to you. The jokes made in the past should stay there, so don’t think too much of them.” As she spoke, she took out a jade pendant.

Qin Yu sighed. He had already guessed what was occurring. He received the pendant and said, “Of course it was just a joke, Zhang Zhang was simply too anxious about it.”

This indifferent calmness made Shao Shao feel as if she had punched a piece of cotton; the pain of striking nothing was hard to withstand. She immediately gave birth to a little anger. She shouted out, “How insolent! How can you call the name of the miss at all? Let me tell you something, my family’s master has already cultivated to the Great Dao of the Golden Core realm and my family’s miss has already been determined to possess great talent in cultivation. She is sure to become a splendid immortal fairy in the future, and the difference between you and her is no different than clouds and mud!”

She clapped her hands and a young servant brought in a wooden tray. The young servant lifted off the red cloth that covered it, revealing a gold coin. “This is a gift that my family’s miss wants you to take. Take it and disappear forever. Never show yourself before my family’s young miss again!”

A sense of anger suddenly erupted from the depths of Qin Yu’s heart and his gaze sharpened. Shao Shao blanched. It was like the person before her had changed and turned into a wild tiger that could rip her to shreds at any moment.

After obtaining the little blue lamp, changing his own destiny, and reaching the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment realm, Qin Yu had formed a strong sense of self-confidence along the way. All this time, no one had dared to humiliate him like this, much less a bunch of trivial servants!

But as he thought of Gu Ling’er, he took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart. He coldly said, “The Zhang Mansion’s gold is too heavy; I cannot take it. I only hope that you take good care of Ling’er, otherwise I will never let this go!”

He stood up and left.

It was only when he left the reception hall that Shao Shao regained her composure. She discovered that she was drenched in sweat and had been unexpectedly frightened by this country bumpkin. She was startled and then immediately angered. She grit her teeth, saying, “Qin Yu, we’ll see just how you end up!”

As Qin Yu left the reception hall, the young servant outside was dumbfounded. It was clear he had faintly heard the exchange inside.

With a cool flowery breeze blowing past his face, the anger in Qin Yu’s heart began to rapidly fade away. He inwardly shook his head. It was just a little bit of the coldness and warmth of humans, and yet he had flown into a rage. It seemed that he was subconsciously a bit too arrogant.

This was something he had to change.

However, could someone like Zhang Zhang really think he would clamp his jaws on some joke of a childhood engagement and not give up on it?

He shook his head again.

And at this time, a young man appeared in his path. He wore black robes, had an aquiline nose, and possessed an arrogant demeanor.

The young servant quickly greeted him.

“This has nothing to do with you. Move to the side.” The young man waved his hand.

The young servant quickly drew back.

The young man’s gaze was like a falling mountain, squeezing out all the air in the area and causing people to tremble. “You are Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu nodded.

The young man’s eyes flashed with a strange light, surprised with Qin Yu remaining so calm. But he quickly recovered and assumed that Qin Yu was only stubbornly persisting through his pressure.

“It’s good to be brave, but a person must have awareness of who they are. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?” He waved his hand and a gale of hot air blew out. A little sword of fire cut out at a large tree in the courtyard, immediately burning it to ashes. VIssịT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n).𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

“My name is Zhang Huo, the chief disciple and adopted son of my father. If you dare to appear in front of Little Sister Zhang Zhang again, then you will be just like that tree.”

As he finished speaking, he turned and left without another glance at Qin Yu.

The doors of the Zhang Mansion opened and then closed.

Qin Yu stood at the entrance. He looked back, took a deep breath, and let it out.

At some time, Ning Ling appeared in front of him. “I thought you wouldn’t be able to bear it and would attack.”

Qin Yu forced a smile. “Almost. But they are disciples of a Golden Core, so I shouldn’t provoke them.”

Ning Ling’s eyes chilled. “Golden Core?”

She rarely spoke in such a tone, but once she did it made one believe that she truly did possess the qualifications to look down on a Golden Core.

“I believe that everyone in this mansion will one day regret their decisions today.”

Qin Yu’s heart warmed. He smiled and shook his head, “Senior-apprentice sister speaks too seriously.”

Ning Ling closely looked at him. “Let’s see just how long you can keep up this act...”

Qin Yu pretended not to hear her. He coughed twice, “Let’s go.”

After taking several steps, Ning Ling glanced backwards. “Are you sure about leaving Ling’er here?”

“Having the shelter of a Golden Core cultivator will always be safer than staying by my side.” Qin Yu calmly said. “If they don’t take good care of her then I will return.”

A rare sense of overbearingness exuded from Qin Yu. Looking at his back, an extraordinary light emerged from Ning Ling’s eyes, but it soon dimmed.

As they left through the gates of Little Olive City, Ning Ling stopped.

Qin Yu turned. He could see the expression on her face and said in a soft tone, “Senior-apprentice Sister Ning, you’re leaving?”

Ning Ling knit her eyebrows together. “You know?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I just understand that it is impossible for Senior-apprentice Sister Ning to only be visiting my home with me.”

Ning Ling smiled, “Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu is truly the most intelligent person I have met. Yes, I must leave. I must go to the Eastern Mountain Sect and then return to the place I should be.”

Although he had already guessed this, Qin Yu felt his heart sink as he heard it. He managed to put up a smile, “Then should I send senior-apprentice sister along the way?”

Ning Ling wanted to refuse him, but as she thought that they might never see each other after parting again, she couldn’t say it. “Alright.”

How could Qin Yu not know this? Ning Ling didn’t even tell her where she was going, so it was unlikely he would ever see her again.

The two of them didn’t speak. The atmosphere was depressed, making them feel bitter in their hearts.

After 10 miles, they reached a resting pavilion.

The two of them didn’t use their cultivation. They walked the entire time, taking over an hour to cross the distance.

Outside the resting pavilion, Ning Ling smiled, “We’re here.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Then I’ll see you later!”

Ning Ling nodded, but, she couldn’t suppress the bitterness in her heart. It surged out from her, causing her eyes to turn red.

She turned and said, “I’m leaving!”

Shua –

A white cloud picked her up. Qin Yu drew back several steps. But at this time, the earth beneath his feet began to shake. Fear and panic immediately rose up in his heart. Without time to think, he suddenly shouted out, “Be careful!”

Not too far away, the ground beneath the resting pavilion collapsed and the entire pavilion was crushed to pieces as if it were made from paper. A black beam of light cut towards Ning Ling, carrying with it endless momentum and might. It was like a raging river, causing one to instinctively feel awe.

Golden Core!

Qin Yu watched as that black flow of energy fell onto Ning Ling. An inexplicable sense of sorrow erupted from the bottom of his heart and he emitted a loud roar.

Beneath that black flow of energy, Ning Ling’s body was like a blooming snow-white flower in a raging flood, smashing apart all the previous peace and tranquility. But as that black flow of energy was about to surround her, the white cloud beneath her feet rapidly expanded and wrapped around her.

Yet in the blink of an eye, the expanding white cloud was torn to pieces. Even so, it managed to buy Ning Ling time to escape. She fell like a leaf, fluttering amidst the raging waves of energy. Although she seemed slow, she immediately flew out hundreds of feet.


As the black flow of energy struck the ground, a terrifying line a thousand feet long was burned black into the ground. After the soil was scorched black, it began to burn and melt!

Ning Ling looked at Qin Yu and revealed a look of gratitude. It was clear that Qin Yu’s warning had been greatly helpful to her. However, in the next moment she turned back and looked at the destroyed resting pavilion, her complexion cold.

A burst of happiness rose up in Qin Yu’s mind. But, before this happiness could spread, his body stiffened, as if he had been locked onto by a vicious beast hiding in the shadows of the forest.

A man stepped out from the dust-filled skies. He wore a black robe, had black hair, and had fully black eyes that didn’t show any whites at all. The atmosphere immediately became suppressive and bizarre. If one ignored all of these things, he would actually seem to be a graceful person.

“I waited here in ambush all this time, yet my sure-kill strike was ruined by you. What an unimaginable result. The Saint Lord was right all along; even the smallest insect has the strength to change things. Therefore, before doing anything, it’s best to kill off all these little insects.”

As the man spoke, a million warning bells rang out in Qin Yu’s mind, as if he were in a life-or-death situation. He immediately moved ten feet away. In the next moment, a black beam of icy demonic energy cut at the spot where he had just stood. Although it didn’t touch him, the killing aura within still split apart his robe and caused beads of blood to drip down.

With a cold sweat covering his forehead, Qin Yu’s rigid stiffness was dispelled. Although his actions were a bit tilted, he still retreated further away in panic.

Blacksky Demon lightly frowned before he chuckled, laughing at himself. “This old man hasn’t moved in such a long time that my skills have truly decayed. I can’t even kill a Foundation Establishment junior in one attack; what a joke I’ve become.”

Ning Ling stepped forwards, a radiant golden light erupting from her. It bathed her body, causing her to seem more noble and glorious, like a goddess that appeared in the mortal world. Her gaze was indifferent and strength filled her voice, making her seem majestic and ethereal. “Blacksky Demon, I am your opponent.”

She lifted her hand and a mass of golden energy flew out, like burning clouds that emitted an incredible aura. This aura was one that not even a Golden Core cultivator could look down upon. It was stubborn and tyrannical, as if it could burn away the world!

Blacksky Demon’s expression was dignified. Facing the powerful bloodline strength of this ancient family, even he had to give it his all. It had to be known that leaping realms to fight and cutting down enemies that were supposedly more powerful was one of the most prominent achievements that this family was known for.

The black demonic energy took on an even deeper cold attribute. He was Blacksky Demon; his eyes were black and his skies were black. In a world without light, in a world where the stars above couldn’t shine down, the world naturally turned cold to the extreme.

The blazing golden energy struck against the icy demonic energy. As they collided in midair, it was like boiling oil being dropped into ice water, both sides violently responded. A dull rumbling sound spread out all over and an intense aura broke into the distant forests.

Through the wilderness, no matter how powerful an animal it was, they fell to the ground and shivered. To them, this aura was like the majesty of the heavens!

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