Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3846 - 920 - Zero Wing's Blade

Chapter 3846 - 920 - Zero Wing's Blade

So, this is the true Primordial Dragon’s blessing?

Surprise colored Shi Feng’s eyes as he read the Primordial Dragon’s Power’s introduction.

[Primordial Dragon’s Power]
As the Soul Contractor of the Dragon Princess Kalisha, you may have Kalisha possess your body and transform you into a Primordial Dragon for five minutes. You will have the intuition of a Primordial Dragon throughout this duration.
Cooldown: 3 natural days

Primordial Dragons were akin to myths to the Greater God’s Domain’s players. Even the various apex powers’ executives had only ever heard about Primordial Dragons; never had they seen one. Everyone only knew that Primordial Dragons were existences equal to Primordial Gods.

Generally, even a sliver of a Primordial Dragon’s strength or Legacy could let an ordinary player stand at the apex of the Greater God’s Domain. As for becoming a Primordial Dragon, that was not something players dared to think about.

No wonder the system warning was so over the top! If it means being able to have such power, getting hunted by every Evil God and Demon God in existence is a small price to pay! Many players would even be willing to get hunted by the entire Greater God’s Domain! 

As Shi Feng looked at the dragon pattern on the back of his right hand, he suddenly felt that he had received an enormous windfall. He even felt this was the most significant harvest he had ever obtained since he started playing God’s Domain.

Transforming into a Primordial Dragon!

Setting aside the all-around improvements players could receive from becoming a Primordial Dragon, simply the intuition of a Primordial Dragon could already be considered unimaginable wealth. So long as players utilized it properly, it could help them improve their strength much more effectively than even the Tower of the Abyss.

Although the Tower of the Abyss was incredible, it ultimately only functioned to provide players with opponents. Players’ intuition remained unchanged, and they’d have to rely on themselves to fumble around and achieve enlightenment.

However, it was a different story if players transformed into a Primordial Dragon. Besides their extremely high Life Rating, Dragons were strong because their intuition was vastly superior to that of other races. As Primordial Dragons were existences that transcended Dragons, their intuition was naturally even more superb. If players could learn with a Primordial Dragon’s intuition, they’d be able to improve at the speed of light.

After Kalisha left, the monsters and players in the forest regained consciousness. Noticing this, Shi Feng dared not linger, promptly using a Return Scroll to teleport back to Flame Vein Holy City. Then, he met up with Dragon’s Crown’s members and used World-Breaking Teleportation to travel back to Zero Wing’s Residence in Shadowring Town.

Eternal Realm, Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

Due to Shi Feng’s summons, the originally crowded Guild Residence became even more congested. Teams of Zero Wing experts returned to the Residence every few minutes, the sight shocking many of Zero Wing’s new members and passersby.

“What’s going on? Why have so many of Zero Wing’s experts returned?”

“The Snow Goddess Gentle Snow, the Reincarnated Spear Demon Fervent Samsara, Knight’s Blade Heavy Abyss, Demon Queen Phoenix Rain, the Twin Shadows Hidden Soul and Fire Dance, the Phantom Flower Shadow Flower, the Purple Witch of Lightning Ji Luorong, Shadow Spear Crimson Heart… Why have all these Divine Glory List debutants gathered? Aren’t they supposed to be fighting the Holy Race on the World Ark’s frontlines?”

“It’s not just them. Even Zero Wing’s younger generation experts have gathered. Half an hour ago, I saw Wordless Ember, Sleeping Quicksand, and Jun Luosha returning to Zero Wing’s Residence. These are all experts who have gone undefeated in the Battle Arena.”

“Why have so many experts gathered? Is something going to happen to Shadowring Town?”

The players residing in Shadowring Town were very familiar with Zero Wing’s experts. Initially, everyone thought that Zero Wing was doomed after the Holy Race decided to give it special attention and Zero Wing’s Guild Leader Black Flame suddenly went missing. However, as Zero Wing’s casualties increased, experts started emerging in the Guild one after another. These experts thrived on the World Ark’s frontlines, their contributions eventually earning Zero Wing the recognition that it was comparable to pseudo-apex powers.

Now that all of these Zero Wing experts had gathered, it was difficult for others not to overthink matters.

“Vice Guild Leader Soul, why did the Guild Leader gather us so urgently?” Nightingale Zhuo Yalin asked Hidden Soul out of curiosity. “Is an apex power planning to attack us?”

Clear Sky Lin Yaoyue also looked at Hidden Soul curiously.

Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue had joined Zero Wing not long ago. Although they had never participated in any of Zero Wing’s major battles, they knew something big must be happening now that so many of the Guild’s fifth-floor experts had gathered.

“I have no idea,” Hidden Soul said, smiling wryly. “The Guild Leader simply contacted Snow and me and told us to gather everyone out of the blue.”

“An apex power is attacking us? Isn’t that great news? I’ve been wanting to test the Gold Combat Technique I created in the Tower of the Abyss,” Ji Luorong, who had risen to Level 224, said eagerly.

“Indeed.” Phoenix Rain, who had reached Level 225, agreed with Ji Luorong’s sentiment. “Although the Tower of the Abyss can simulate various powerful opponents, those fifth-floor opponents are too strong for us to fight properly. If we could fight fifth-floor experts of roughly equal strength, we might have an easier time achieving a breakthrough.”

Although they had fought many experts from the Holy Race and other human powers since entering the Eternal Realm, these experts varied in combat standards, and most hadn’t even reached the fifth-floor standard. With the recent improvements they had achieved, thanks to the Tower of the Abyss, the improvements they could achieve through field PvP had become extremely limited.

In their current state, they could only improve quickly by fighting the experts of apex powers.

Amidst the discussions of Zero Wing’s experts, Shi Feng arrived at the Residence’s courtyard with the cloaked members of Dragon’s Crown. When the thousands of Zero Wing members in the courtyard saw him, they promptly stood to attention.

“Guild Leader!”

“Guild Leader, are we really going to war with an apex power?”

Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at the experts in the courtyard. It was especially so when he looked at Hidden Soul, Phoenix Rain, Crimson Heart, Shadow Flower, and the others who had come forward to greet him.

In his previous life, these were all experts who had made a name for themselves after entering the Greater God’s Domain. Now, not only had they joined Zero Wing, but their talents had also started to shine. Additionally, they had all reached the fifth-floor standard and were all at Level 220 or higher. Moreover, they were fully equipped with Legendary Equipment, and the weapons they wielded were at least Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

Of all these experts, Gentle Snow’s and Phoenix Rain’s improvements stood out the most.

Since Gentle Snow passed the Goddess Armament’s trial and received the Tower of the Abyss’s assistance, her combat standard had soared to indiscernible heights. Shi Feng already felt threatened when he got within 20 yards of her.

As for Phoenix Rain, she had apparently encountered a fortuitous opportunity since entering the Eternal Realm. Not only did she sport a Divine Staff, but her Concentration had also reached the Tier 6 Limit standard. This was simply incredible.

So, this is Zero Wing? When Purgatory Jade scanned the courtyard, she found that Zero Wing had far more experts than she anticipated. It looked nothing like a recently established guild.

“Guild Leader, all 534 of the Guild’s Level 200-plus fifth-floor experts have gathered,” Hidden Soul reported after arriving before Shi Feng.Expplôre 𝒖ptod𝒂te stories at no/𝒗el//bin(.)c𝒐m

“Good!” Shi Feng was surprised that Zero Wing now had over 500 fifth-floor experts. He hadn’t expected the Tower of the Abyss to be so effective. Now, Zero Wing already had enough fifth-floor experts to rival what the pseudo-apex powers had in the Eternal Realm.

“Also, Vice Guild Leader Frey had someone deliver a confidential letter to you not long ago. It was entrusted to her by King’s Paradise,” Hidden Soul said as she proffered a letter to Shi Feng. “She said you might change your mind once you read it.”

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