Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3847 - 921 - Commotion at Everlasting City

Chapter 3847 - 921 - Commotion at Everlasting City

“No need. Have someone return this letter to Vice Guild Leader Frey,” Shi Feng said, waving his hand and refusing to accept the letter. “Tell her that I won’t be negotiating that matter.”

“Guild Leader, are you sure you don’t want to take a look?” Hidden Soul asked worriedly. Although she knew nothing about the power known as King’s Paradise, it was unlikely to be a nobody, considering it could get Frey to send a message on its behalf.

Moreover, even if they ignored King’s Paradise’s strength, the letter’s contents should be of great importance since King’s Paradise chose to send its message through such confidential means. Not to mention, Frey had deliberately emphasized that the letter might change Shi Feng’s mind.

“I already know what’s written inside, so there’s no need to read it,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the worried Hidden Soul. “But you can let everyone have a look at it.”

“Let us have a look?” Hidden Soul was stunned. “Can we?”

“Of course. I was about to tell you all about the letter’s contents anyway,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Even without reading Lunar River’s letter, Shi Feng could tell that the woman was going to tell him how intense Everlasting City’s competition would be and that he should give up his pointless struggle and trade away his control over the Tower of the Abyss. However, what she didn’t know was that he understood the competition better than anyone else from the human race.

Subsequently, Hidden Soul followed Shi Feng’s instructions and shared the letter’s contents with everyone who would participate in Everlasting City’s competition.

“Everlasting City?” Phoenix Rain’s pupils shrank as she read the letter’s contents.

“Heavens! Six royal powers, thirty-five apex powers, and over a thousand pseudo-apex powers from the three races will participate in the competition?” Hidden Soul was similarly shocked.

It should be known that the human race’s Greater God’s Domain had fewer than 200 pseudo-apex powers, while its apex powers numbered less than ten. Yet, the number of pseudo-apex powers that would participate in Everlasting City’s competition was more than five times what the human race had, while the number of participating apex powers was more than triple. Moreover, there was no limit to how many members each power could mobilize. The competition’s intensity would be dozens of times greater than that of the Crucible of the Ancients.

All the Zero Wing members gathered were shocked after learning this news. They had never expected such a frightening battle to take place in the Eternal Realm. Even apex powers would be nothing more than ants in this battle, let alone pseudo-apex powers.

How interesting. Purgatory Jade’s eyes lit up with a hint of fighting spirit after she finished reading the letter.

Originally, she was pretty disappointed with the Greater God’s Domain after learning more about it. However, Everlasting City’s competition finally gave her a sense of challenge.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, will we fight for Everlasting City’s land?” Kowloon Demon asked excitedly.

“Mhm. We’ll try to occupy four plots,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“Only four? Isn’t that too little?” Kowloon Demon felt that Shi Feng’s ambition was too small, especially considering Zero Wing had Dragon’s Crown’s assistance.

“It’s already a lot,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the confident Kowloon Demon. “Although we have your help this time, Everlasting City has only 144 plots of occupiable land. There aren’t even enough for every participating apex power and royal power to occupy four plots. Furthermore, these powers won’t just mobilize a fraction of their experts; they will commit all their available manpower.

“Additionally, some of these powers will recruit experts of other powers as mercenaries. I estimate that each participating power will have at least 1,000 fifth-floor experts. We also have to split our forces to occupy and defend four separate plots of land. Not to mention, some powers will likely join forces near the end of the competition. So, occupying four plots of land is easier said than done.”

“Indeed.” Kowloon Demon fell silent after hearing this.

He had already achieved the minimum equipment standard to be considered an apex expert in the Greater God’s Domain. So long as his opponents didn’t come at him with a sixth-floor expert of their own or overwhelming numbers, he would have no trouble safeguarding a plot of land. After including Purgatory Jade, Dragon’s Crown could guarantee the occupation of two plots of land. However, any more than that would be stretching it.

Furthermore, what Kowloon Demon didn’t know was that the human race and the Holy Race possessed foundations that couldn’t be threatened easily by a few sixth-floor experts.

“Snow, Rain, come with me,” Shi Feng instructed Gentle Snow and Phoenix Rain quietly.

Shi Feng knew that Zero Wing would not be able to occupy four plots of land in Everlasting City’s competition if it relied solely on Dragon’s Crown. Even if they set aside the Holy Race’s apex and royal powers, the human race’s many pseudo-apex powers were more than enough to give any sixth-floor expert a run for their money. He wouldn’t even be surprised if Kowloon Demon and Purgatory Jade got killed in action. After all, such occurrences had happened more than once in the war between the human race and the Holy Race in his previous life. Otherwise, the Holy Race would have long since occupied the human race’s Twelve Sanctuaries.

Hence, when Shi Feng considered participating in Everlasting City’s competition, he had already decided to use the Dark Divine Silver to upgrade Gentle Snow’s Chaos Windblade into an exclusive Divine Artifact. Additionally, he intended to give the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells, All-Consuming Fire and Soul World, to whichever magical class expert in the Guild had Tier 6 Limit Concentration.

If not for the Eternal Stones he bought at Desolate Star City’s auction needing a day to several days to arrive, he would have even lent the Eternity Crown and the Eternity Gauntlets to Gentle Snow to increase her overall strength further.

While Shi Feng was preparing for Everlasting City’s competition, a 5,000-meter-long Flying Ship crashed through space and arrived above a small island in the Eternal Realm’s southern region. However, the instant the Flying Ship exited the void, it immediately lost all power and plummeted to the island.

“Vice Guild Leader River, we have reached the designated location. The Flying Ship has only 2% durability remaining. It will take at least half a month of repairing before it is ready to fly again,” a Level 240 old man wearing a Divine Artifact-ranked gray robe reported respectfully to a woman who looked like the personification of darkness.

“Good! Proceed according to plan! All 4,000 combatants will follow me to Everlasting City, while all logistics members will remain here to help with the repairs and the construction of defenses!” Lunar River commanded through her suit of armor. Then, she gazed in the direction of Everlasting City, which was over a million yards away, and stated determinedly, “It’s time we let the world know about King’s Paradise!”

After saying so, Lunar River summoned a 500-meter-long, Tier 6 Three-Headed Phoenix and took off on it. Upon seeing this, the rest of King’s Paradise’s members followed suit, blotting out the sky with an army of Flying Mounts as they sped toward Everlasting City.

TL Notes:
The Dark Divine Silver was obtained from Dead Thousand-Eyed Demonic Hand in Chapter 860.

[Dark Divine Silver] (Godly Relic)

An ultra-rare metal born through the condensation of the Void Sea’s darkness. The Dark Divine Silver can be used to forcibly upgrade a Fragmented Divine Artifact into an exclusive Divine Artifact. The resulting Divine Artifact can only be used by the bound user and cannot be used by others.ViiSiit n𝒐velb𝒊/n(.)c/(𝒐)m for l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels

The two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells were obtained from the Tosas raid in Chapter 886.

[All-Consuming Fire]

Requires: Magical Class, Tier 6 Limit Concentration

Pseudo-Tier 7 Large-Scale Destruction Spell

[Soul World]

Requires: Magical Class, Tier 6 Limit Concentration

Pseudo-Tier 7 Large-Scale Defensive Spell

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