Star Odyssey

Chapter 2830: Surpassing The Tribulation In Glory

Chapter 2830: Surpassing The Tribulation In Glory

Blackless God's eyes flickered about before he stared at Lu Yin again. "Nothing."

Lu Yin's expression never changed. He stared at the Wordless Heavenly Book before him. Was there nothing there? It was clearly right there, but it seemed that only Lu Yin could see it.

Not even the Seven Skygods could see the unfurled scroll, let alone anyone else.

"The stellular tribulation still isn't dissipating. Child of the Lu family, do you have a fifth stellular energy vortex?" Unexpectedly, the normally silent Corpse God spoke up. His voice was not loud, yet it echoed in everyone's ears.

Sovereign Shao Yin gritted his teeth. This child had to die. Four inner worlds was too freakish.

Lu Yin shook his head. "That’s all."

While he did not have a fifth stellular energy vortex, the independent universe in his chest was far stranger than even a fifth vortex.

He looked back up at the stellular tribulation that still persisted. Not only was the stellular tribulation still present, but the Cyclic Tribulation also remained, having merely been shoved aside. Sage Yajna was still sitting in the same place as ever, only ignored because everyone was focused on the stellular tribulation instead.

The Cyclic Tribulation still needed to be dealt with as well.

There was a rumble, and then the tribulation roared. With that, it started to expand.

Lu Yin's pupils constricted. Really? Was it expanding yet again?

He already knew that his tribulation was not over. While the Semi-Progenitor tribulation should have ended as soon as all four of Lu Yin’s inner worlds had formed, Lu Yin was different. He had known that things would not be so easy, but he also had not expected the stellular tribulation to expand once again. Just what more was awaiting him?

He felt as though he was once again entering outer space on his own power for the first time.

Others felt the same. They were forced to retreat by the expanding stellular tribulation, but no word of complaint was voiced. Everyone wanted to see just what sort of tribulation would appear.

What Lu Yin feared most was the power within his chest triggering a tribulation.

The rumbling grew louder and louder.

Lu Yin looked up into the vortex and saw lightning flicker in the bottomless depths.


A spatial crack appeared at Lu Yin’s side. His head spun to look at it. When had that happened?



Sounds rang out, one after another, as the void around Lu Yin continued to shatter. It happened above his head, under his feet, and all around him. The fractures moved closer, while also spreading out to encompass the entire range of the stellular tribulation.

Ancient God shouted, "Universe tempering the body. Run!"

His words were needless, as everyone could feel the unimaginable destructive power that was quickly spreading. Even with the large distance between them and the stellular tribulation, they all felt as though there was a knife to their backs.

At this moment, cultivation meant nothing, as even the Seven Skygods retreated.

They did not want to get caught up in the shattered space. There was no telling how terrifying things would become in that region.

From a distance, Lu Yin looked like a grasshopper that was trapped within a glass bottle. He kept leaping about, but there was no escape. Inside that glass bottle, space continued to shatter, revealing spatial cracks. If Lu Yin touched any of those cracks, he would die without any hope of survival.

Lu Yin silently cursed. He used Inverse Step to keep dodging about.

It turned out that his tribulation was the breaking of the universe. The tears in space were not merely spatial cracks, but rather the universe itself breaking open. Each tear revealed the Hollow.

Runes spread out, as Lu Yin wanted to detect where the universe was about to break, but the moment the runes spread out, they disappeared, pulled into the exposed Hollow.

In this place, any power that Lu Yin possessed seemed frivolous. The only thing that he could do was try to escape.

However, even if he wanted to escape, where could he go? He was trapped within a small region of space, and the universe was constantly shattering and being destroyed in the entire area.

Lightning arrived, slamming into Lu Yin. He was directly struck, and he coughed up blood. Was that lightning?

He looked upwards and saw lightning flickering up above, and it was entangled with sequence particles. No wonder the lightning had been so powerful. He was completely incapable of resisting.

While Lu Yin’s four inner worlds were forming, Lu Yin himself had been undergoing a transformation. He had fully entered the Semi-Progenitor realm, which was not a small increase. Despite that improvement, he was still helpless against sequence particles.

Fortunately, he had not been shattered into pieces by that initial strike.

There was a snap, which came from his arm breaking. The universe had broken right next to Lu Yin.

A strand of light emerged from Lu Yin’s body, and Lightstream flickered about, reversing time for one second. With that second, Lu Yin was able to shift and react to the spatial fissure that appeared in the same place as before. He had managed to avoid it, but if he had not been able to reverse time, he would have lost his arm.

At that moment, another bolt of lightning descended.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth as he took out the Wordless Heavenly Book and used it to block the lightning. The lightning landed, but the sequence particles were blocked.

This was something that the Wordless Heavenly Book could do, and it was the greatest reward that Lu Yin had gained from his Semi-Progenitor tribulation: he finally had the means to defend against sequence particles.

He let out a sigh of relief that his feelings had proven correct. The Wordless Heavenly Book was indeed able to resist sequence particles.

Lightning rained down, and space continued to shatter. Lu Yin fled, never stopping. In this place, only the powers of time and space could be used, as everything else would be devoured by the Hollow. Lu Yin had no opponent to face, which meant that he could only try to survive.

Beyond the area of the tribulation, people’s faces grew pale as they stared in shock.

Lu Yin was facing a truly desperate situation at this moment. Even if a peak powerhouse were in his place, they would have almost no chance of surviving this tribulation.

Xu Heng had to ask himself how many seconds he would be able to survive, but Lu Yin had already surpassed the man’s best estimate for himself.

Lu Yin's body was constantly being shattered due to brushing against the Hollow, but each time, Lightstream would reverse time, allowing him to survive. A lot could be done in just one second.

All across his body, Lu Yin felt that his strength had improved. Was it the effect of the lightning that was striking him?

He looked up to see another bolt of lightning come crashing down.

A stellular tribulation was a terrible disaster, but it also offered tremendous rewards.

Failure meant death, or at least a setback in one’s cultivation. However, survival meant a transformation in one’s power.

At this moment, Lu Yin was risking his life in this tribulation. The shattering of the universe could easily kill him, as could the powerful lightning flickering about. However, this tribulation could also allow his physical strength to rise to a new level.Explore new 𝒏ovels on n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)com

Lu Yin gritted his teeth, put away the Wordless Heavenly Book, and continued on without it.


The lightning struck again, and Lu Yin opened his mouth to spit out blood. His body had nearly been blown to pieces, and his reactions grew a bit sluggish. His whole body felt numb, but he could not take a break. The universe was still shattering, and Lightstream only gave him a single second to respond by reversing time. However, if the Hollow devoured his entire body, even Lightstream would be useless.

He gritted his teeth and continued to escape.

The entire section of the universe had been turned into chaos. Lu Yin could no longer even use the power of space, and all he could do was try to escape disaster.

Escape, escape, escape.

When more lightning fell, Lu Yin coughed up more blood. His white clothes had already been shredded, and his entire body was at its limit.

Outside the shattered space, people watched in silence as Lu Yin endured the tribulation.

The people of the Sixverse Association’s universes felt thrilled that they had not been born in the Origin Universe. Just who could survive such catastrophes? It was clear that not even peak powerhouses could survive Lu Yin’s Semi-Progenitor tribulation. There seemed to be absolutely no hope of survival.

The more clearly that one could sense the terror of the stellular tribulation, the greater their admiration for Lu Yin.

At this moment, even Chu Jian was left convinced. It was clear that Lu Yin was out of the Junior Sovereign’s league. Just where did Lu Yin’s limits lie? There were certain people for whom it was impossible to determine their true limits, regardless of who their master might be.



More and more lightning bolts fell. Each one was vicious and powerful, and Lu Yin struggled to endure them all. He could tell that he would not be able to endure any longer. Trying to withstand any more lightning bolts with his body would just be asking to die. He had no idea how much his body had been strengthened by, but it was clear that trying to continue would kill him without any doubt.

Within the depths of the tribulation’s vortex, a huge bolt of lightning was gathering. Once it finally fell, it illuminated everyone's faces.

Lu Yin looked up. Damn it!

He instinctively wanted to pull out the Wordless Heavenly Book, but at this moment, a scorching heat erupted on his back, and a terrible pain swept through his nerves. The fourth layer of the seal had finally appeared.

Stellular tribulations were fickle. They looked like a disaster, but they always held a chance of survival, no matter how small it might be. Surviving those disasters would allow the victors to experience a fundamental transformation in their strength. One way to look at stellular tribulations was as a brush against death in order to undergo a transformation.

The writhing lightning bolts overhead concealed certain death. Lu Yin was absolutely confident that if he did not block the sequence particles of this attack with his Wordless Heavenly Book, it would be more than what he could endure, and it would kill him in an instant.

The Wordless Heavenly Book could not block an infinite amount of sequence particles, and there was undoubtedly a limit. Lu Yin simply did not know if it would be able to endure or not.

Just as the lightning fell, the fourth layer of the seal erupted from Lu Yin’s back. In the same manner as when he had broken through to become an Explorer, the seal could either hinder his breakthrough, or act as a shield to protect him from certain death.

This fourth layer of the seal was also clearly different from the first three layers. When it rose from Lu Yin's back, it formed a transparent hand that immediately pressed against Lu Yin. Its purpose was to suppress him and prevent him from passing his stellular tribulation. This was the final test that the Lu family had left for him. Once this fourth layer was broken, regardless of how far away the Lu family might be from Lu Yin, his breakthrough to the Semi-Progenitor realm would awaken Ancestor Lu Yuan. The seal was an obstacle, but it also carried the hopes of the Lu family.

The fourth layer of the seal had felt the approaching Semi-Progenitor tribulation, and it intended to suppress Lu Yin at the same moment that the attack struck. This seal was a part of Lu Yin, and it had grown with him as he cultivated to the Semi-Progenitor level. It was no longer regarded as an external object, which was naturally something that the Lu family would have taken into consideration, as they would not want Lu Yin to suffer from a stellular tribulation that was aggravated by foreign influence. If that were to happen, there would be no way for Lu Yin to ever become a Semi-Progenitor just because of the seal’s existence.

If Lu Yin were facing a normal Semi-Progenitor tribulation and was regarded as relatively average for his realm, the seal would have blocked his breakthrough, as an exceptional Semi-Progenitor breakthrough was needed. However, Lu Yin was not facing an ordinary Semi-Progenitor tribulation, but rather one that had shocked even Ancient God and other individuals who had survived since the Heavens Sect era. No one had ever seen such a freakish tribulation.

Lu Yin’s stellular tribulation had shattered all the expectations of Ancient God and every other peak powerhouse. The Seven Skygods had been amazed, so when the seal appeared, while it initially intended to suppress Lu Yin, it quickly realized that the falling lightning was a much greater threat. The seal’s purpose was to test, not kill, and because of that, the fourth layer of the seal that had taken on the form of a transparent hand changed directions and shot upwards to meet the lightning.

Lu Yin stared blankly as the transparent hand smashed against the lightning. There was a bang, and the entire tribulation—no, the entire region, all of outer space, and even the entire Cyclic Universe, was shaken by this impact.

Everyone watching was dazzled by the sight of the massive lightning bolt being blocked by a transparent hand. The lightning could not force its way through and instead shattered into countless smaller lightning bolts that fell like raindrops.

Lu Yin put away his Wordless Heavenly Book and stepped out to meet the lightning rain with just his own body.

At this moment, the many peak powerhouses present, as well as countless people across the Sixverse Association, witnessed a scene that they would never be able to forget.

Lu Yin’s clothes were illuminated as he surpassed his stellular tribulation, shining fiercely. His body was tempered by the universe with bolts of lighting, and step by step, he ascended to an unfathomable height.

Every step he took caused his body to be baptized by lightning as the universe continued to temper his body. However, with the possibility of reversing time when needed with Lightstream, Lu Yin was able to remain calm, which gave him a mystical appearance.

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