Star Odyssey

Chapter 2831: War God

Chapter 2831: War God

Countless people stared with their mouths open and their scalps numb.

Who was capable of taking a stroll through a shattering universe?

Who could endure lightning this powerful without being harmed?

Who else could survive such a tribulation in astounding glory, leaving the entire Sixverse Association marveling at the sight?

At this moment, Lu Yin had fully imprinted himself in the hearts of countless people.

He walked through the lightning while enduring the universe shattering around him as his body was tempered. To countless people watching, Lu Yin looked like a god at this moment, and he was slowly walking towards divinity.

The Seven Skygods, Lord Wei, Lord Xu, and others remained silent as they watched Lu Yin walk an unbelievable path, clearly overcoming his stellular tribulation.

Sovereign Shao Yin was blown away. He could feel how powerful the lightning was, and it matched his own strength. How could the boy survive something at that level? Just what level had he climbed up to?

No one could explain to the Sovereign that there were some people who just naturally broke the rules.

Ever since Lu Yin first started cultivating, he had defied common sense, doing so in ways that caused others to doubt everything they knew about cultivation. Sometimes, people would even wonder if there was something wrong with how the different levels of cultivation had been divided.

Why had a Melder been able to cross realms to challenge Explorers?

Why had an Explorer been able to fight against Hunters?

Why had a Hunter been able to cross realms to face Envoys?

How could an Envoy not only fight against Semi-Progenitors, but also instantly slaughter them and face off against Progenitors?

Why? All that Lu Yin had accomplished flew in the face of what was accepted as common knowledge, and most of his achievements could go down in history. And yet, Lu Yin had always pushed further. It looked as though he was determined to challenge everything that was accepted as common knowledge regarding cultivation, no matter if it was the common knowledge of ordinary humans, or even peak powerhouses.

Lu Yin walked through the rain of lightning. The transparent hand protecting him was the manifestation of the seal that the Lu family had placed on him. He should break that seal, but at this moment, the seal was protecting him and allowing him to overcome the tribulation.

It was protection. The Lu family was protecting him.

He dreamed of welcoming the Lu family back. It was his family, and his relatives, elders, and everyone else would want to protect him. With his family, Lu Yin had the confidence to lose his sense of caution. It was time for the Lu family to return.

It was at this time that the Cyclic Tribulation that had been pushed aside suddenly started to move again. A figure stepped out from behind Sage Yajna. The figure was covered with gold, and they carried a long cudgel. Even with the light from the shattering of the universe and the endless lightning, there was no concealing this golden color.

The moment this figure appeared, a touch of the metallic scent of blood and a vast killing intent filled the area. Even in the middle of his stellular tribulation, Lu Yin could sense it while walking through the lightning.

He glanced over at Cyclic Tribulation.

Everyone surrounding the stellular tribulation looked over at the Cyclic Tribulation, and many were shocked by what they saw. "Sovereign Dou Sheng?"

The figure that had stepped out from behind Sage Yajna was the person who was second only to the Great Sovereign in the Cyclic Universe, the one who was also called the Little Great Sovereign: Sovereign Dou Sheng.

Truthfully, many people had already guessed that the Sovereign would make an appearance, as who else but the most powerful of the Three Sovereigns could hope to stop Lu Yin from overcoming the Cyclic Tribulation?

Of the most powerful individuals to ever hold a position in the Three Sovereigns or Nine Sages, Sovereign World-Destroying Lotus had already made an appearance, which meant that the only ones who could surpass her were Sovereign Dou Sheng and the mysterious Sage Yajna.

However, the unexpected aspect was that the Cyclic Tribulation had reactivated at this moment.

Lu Yin stopped walking and only occasionally shifted his body about to dodge the universe’s shattering around him. Lightstream swirled around him, reversing time as needed.

He looked at the distant Cyclic Tribulation and at the two figures staring back at him.

Both the Origin Universe’s Semi-Progenitor tribulations and the Cyclic Universe’s tribulation had appeared at the same time. This was something that had not happened since ancient times.

Sage Yajna stepped away from the Cyclic Tribulation, but Lu Yin did nothing to the figure of the man. Something about Sage Yajna gave Lu Yin the feeling that he was one who had sacrificed everything, abandoning himself, and the great enlightenment achieved in doing so affected Lu Yin. While this was not related to sequence particles, it was rather similar to Forgotten Ruins God’s Sit and Forget. Both left Lu Yin completely helpless and unwilling to do anything at all.

Sage Yajna did not attack Lu Yin. He moved closer to Lu Yin and then sat back down, cross-legged. His body then started to break apart into small dots that spread out a short way. These dots stabilized the local space, and it also blocked the lightning.

Sovereign Dou Sheng took a step forward, arriving before Lu Yin. The golden light shone brighter and brighter as the Sovereign raised up his cudgel before bringing it back down.

Lu Yin looked up at the attack. Sovereign Dou Sheng had attacked with his full power as the universe shattered around the two men and lightning zapped down from the sky with thunderous roars.

The onlookers stopped breathing as they nervously watched.

Sovereign Dou Sheng possessed peerless combat strength, but how much of a threat could the Sovereign’s strongest attack pose to Lu Yin when the Sovereign only had the strength of an Ascendant?

As the golden cudgel dropped towards Lu Yin, he boldly continued forward. He sensed Sovereign Dou Sheng’s will. While the man might not have been as powerful as Lu Yin at the same cultivation level, the Sovereign gave Lu Yin the impression of someone who fought against death itself. Such an intense determination was unfathomable to ordinary people. Yes, everyone was afraid to die, even Lu Yin. After all, who wanted to die?

Sage Yajna had achieved enlightenment and did not fear life or death, while Sovereign Dou Sheng was not concerned about life or death. The Sovereign’s attack showed Lu Yin what was most important to the Sovereign: battle.

Even if it led to death, fight!

Not one of the figures which had appeared from the Cyclic Tribulation had been able to endure even a single one of Lu Yin's punches, not even Sovereign World-Destroying Lotus, and Sovereign Dou Sheng was no different.

"I respect your will," Lu Yin said as he clenched a fist and threw a punch. Around his body, his first inner world, Infinity, manifested, revealing beams of light that sank into Lu Yin’s body as a purplish-black substance spread across his form.


A blinding light flashed, and the void shattered. The golden figure of Sovereign Dou Sheng shattered as well, destroyed by a single punch from Lu Yin. There had not been any real resistance from the figure.

People who had at least some knowledge of the Origin Universe had been amazed by Lu Yin’s Semi-Progenitor tribulation, but everyone from the Sixverse Association was shocked to see Sovereign Dou Sheng’s image be shattered in a single punch.

Most people could not understand a single detail of Lu Yin's stellular tribulation. It had been unquestionably shocking, but for most people, this was far more impressive. Seeing the image of Sovereign Dou Sheng be unable to withstand even a single punch from Lu Yin was awesome.

Lu Yin had instantly defeated the most powerful Sovereign, the person who was second only to the Great Sovereign herself. Since ancient times, who else could accomplish such a feat? Perhaps only the Great Sovereign.

Every time the Sixverse Association encountered a crisis, Sovereign Dou Sheng was always the one to turn the tide. He was not someone who stirred up passion in others, but rather was someone who lived only to fight. Battle was the only thing that mattered to him, and he would race to battlefields that others fled from.

To countless people, Sovereign Dou Sheng’s name was synonymous with invincibility. Even if they were the rulers of the various universes, such as Lord Xu and the others, it was difficult for them to compare to Sovereign Dou Sheng in the heart of the Sixverse Association’s populace.

It was not that Lord Xu and the other rulers were incapable of defeating Sovereign Dou Sheng, but rather the man’s indomitable spirit was a unique characteristic that could not be duplicated.

Sovereign Dou Sheng was the war god of the Sixverse Association.

The Sixverse Association had just watched their war god be shattered by just one of Lu Yin's punches.

Yet again, Lu Yin won with only one punch. Nothing had changed. It did not matter which of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages he had faced—all of them had been defeated by just one punch.

This punch was Lu Yin showing Sovereign Dou Sheng a measure of respect.

The Sovereign was the first person Lu Yin had attacked with his full power after obtaining Infinity. He had even done so even though he was only facing a version of Sovereign Dou Sheng that had been manifested by the Cyclic Tribulation.

The surrounding dots slowly dispersed, and Sage Yajna disappeared entirely. He seemed to have only appeared to usher in Sovereign Dou Sheng, but even the Sovereign had not been able to stop Lu Yin.

Once Sage Yajna vanished, the Cyclic Tribulation also disappeared. There was no one else who could be summoned who could stop Lu Yin.

Countless people throughout the Sixverse Association fell silent. Lu Yin's punch had shattered Sovereign Dou Sheng, and also the beliefs of many people.

"Sovereign Dou Sheng is invincible. How could that happen?" Some people felt lost.

Others grew excited. "A new war god has appeared! Who can block his punch?"

"His name is Lu Yin, and he is the Dao Monarch of the Origin Universe’s Heavens Sect."

"His name is Lu Yin."

The massive bolt of lightning continued to dissipate, but the transparent hand also started to crack apart.

Lu Yin spread out his arms. There was no longer any need for him to fight back. His body had been strengthened again and again, and he could finally endure the lightning that contained sequence particles. While it was only a very small number of sequence particles, this still indicated that Lu Yin had finally reached that level of power.

No matter how terrifying the stellular tribulation might have been, he had survived it. He was Lu Xiaoxuan, and more importantly, he was Lu Yin. He had created countless miracles and become a pillar of support for the entire Fifth Mainland.

There was a bang as the transparent hand finally shattered. All the remaining lightning bolts crashed down at once.

Lu Yin took a deep breath as he stared up at the shower of lightning. "Come!"


Light flickered on the faces of the watching people, and illuminating the shock and disbelief in their eyes.

An enormous tree appeared. It grew extremely fast, and it soon covered the entire area that had been filled with the stellular tribulation. After that, it continued to grow until it overshadowed the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and eventually, the entire Cyclic Universe.

Mu Shen's face was solemn. "A phenomenon."

Most of the people from the Sixverse Association did not know what a phenomenon was, but those who had been in contact with the Origin Universe understood that the appearance of any visual phenomena represented that something had reached an extreme state and was approaching transcendence.

While most of the people in the Sixverse Association did not know what they were seeing, it was obvious that this strange tree was clearly not normal.

Not every cultivator from the Origin Universe could face such a stellular tribulation, or else the Origin Universe would not have fallen to its current state.

In the Sixverse Academy, Xu Lie, Mu Sanye, and all the other universes’ representatives were stunned. This tea ceremony had had so many twists and turns that only now did they finally react. The appearance of the phenomena brought them back to reality. They had seen phenomena before when Wen Sansi and Ling Gong had had their breakthroughs. At the time, the sight had shocked them.

However, if their phenomena were compared to Lu Yin’s, it was less than comparing fireflies to a full moon. There was simply no comparison at all.

The vision of Lu Yin's tree had already spread beyond the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths to cover the entire Cyclic Universe.

This same phenomenon had already appeared three times before. The first time had been during Lu Yin’s breakthrough to the Explorer realm. The second time had been during his breakthrough into the Enlighter realm. The third had been during his Envoy breakthrough.

Every time this particular phenomenon appeared, it would be larger than before, and for Lu Yin’s Semi-Progenitor breakthrough, the scope of the phenomenon was unprecedented.

The Great Sovereign looked at the enormous tree that had appeared overhead, and her eyes focused on the various objects hanging from the branches. Shock and disbelief filled her eyes. Why did this boy have such a phenomenon?

True God was also looking at those hanging objects, as among them was something that he was very concerned about, as he had been searching for it.T/his chapter is updat𝓮d by n𝒐v(ê(l)

He stared at Lu Yin for a long moment. It was impossible to turn this child to them, but he could still help the True God find that object.

In that case… With that thought, True God glanced over at Ancient God.

Ancient God's expression changed, and he gave a very slight bow, as though having received orders of some kind.

When the phenomenon appeared, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. His stellular tribulation was over.

The fourth layer of his seal had been broken, and he was now a Semi-Progenitor.

He could feel a connection to his blood a great distance away. Lu Yin turned to look towards it, as it lay in the same direction that Xia Shenji had indicated. Lu Yin had felt the connection as soon as he completed his Semi-Progenitor breakthrough.

Sure enough, they’re there, aren’t they?

Lu Yin did not know where in the megaverse the Lu family had been sent to, nor which parallel universe they might be, but there was a connection in his blood, and it spanned the infinite parallel universes. He closed his eyes and silently called out, "Ancestor!"

Beneath a dark starry sky, a pair of eyes suddenly opened, and a man muttered to himself, "Is there another talented descendant of my Lu family? I wonder how they compare to that Lu Tianyi brat. Huh? How presumptuous!"

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