Stealing Spree

Chapter 11: Kanas Night *

Chapter 11: Kana's Night *

Sounds of kissing fill the living room. All of our attention is on each other. From our kisses since yesterday, she's now skilled enough to fight it out with me.

My tongue enters her mouth and tangles with hers again. If we can tie it together then we will but unfortunately, that's not possible. Just tasting her saliva and feeling every corner of her mouth, my excitement fills up fast.

My arms enclosed her whole body. Carrying her up to sit on my lap. Because of this position, it's now me who's looking up at her.

"You're turning me bad Ruki. And I don't hate it."

"You can be bad in front of me Kana. Only to me. Don't show this face of yours to anyone else."

My hands are now cupping her butt, compared to Ms. Miyazaki's firm butt, hers are still soft enough that it feels like my hands will just sink in.

"Y-yes, only to you."

This time, she's the one taking initiative. She plants her lips on mine and her tongue invades my mouth, I welcome it with mine and suck it deeper.

My hands pulled her skirt up, exposing her white panties. This is the same panties that got wet earlier this morning.

My hands once again sink itself on her soft butt directly through the skin, caressing it as we continue engaging on our deep kiss.

Kana's face is now too erotic to look at. Her lust can now be seen on it. Her free hands that were moved from the back of my neck now turns to her uniform. First taking off her tie. Next, she started unbuttoning her uniform.

Amidst our deep kiss, I can hear her soft moans coming out. She's feeling it. My hands are currently caressing her butt. Her panties are starting to get stained by her love nectar.

When we feel our breath running out, we separate our lips. I then turned to her white neck, kissing and licking it passionately. I can taste her salty sweat but I don't mind it. This is her taste and I like it a lot.

My tongue travels from her neck to her collarbone. Her uniform is slowly getting unfurled. I can now see her white laced bra peeking out from the unbuttoned uniform.

Feeling my intent, Kana opened it further for me. I look up at her, like a boy asking his mother.

"Can I?"


Hearing her grant me permission, I bury my face on her soft chest. Since it's this close to my eyes, her erect nipples are visible. I move my mouth to it and suck on her bra that was covering it.

"Aah.. you're too gentle Ruki. More.."

Her sweet moaning and my sucking are the only sounds we hear in this closed house. I can't wait to put her on my bed.

Freeing her butt, my hands move up to behind her, unhooking her bra and taking it off from her.

Her slightly bigger chest now shows itself to me again. I didn't wait for her permission this time and just indulge at sucking on her now erect nipples. I love this. I've just tasted this earlier but still, I can't get tired from it. Playing both nipples on my mouth, I suck at them harder. Her continuous moans sounded out. Her mind is now full of lust. I can feel her wet panties staining my pants again.

"Let's go to my room?"

I asked her. I can't hold myself back now. I want to make her mine.

She looks at me and nods her cute head. I embrace her tight and put her on my arms, my hands supporting her butt. Her arms and legs circled behind me clutching tightly.

I stood up and carried her like that. We're now both consumed by our lust. This Cute and Shy type Kana. I'll finally make her mine completely.

My room isn't that far. It's the first room upstairs. Because of the stairs, at every step, my hard cock kept on rubbing her pussy. Even behind the cloth of her panties and my pants, we feel each other. Her arms tighten each time and her soft moans continue.

I push open the door to my room and drop her to my bed. My room isn't that spacious and there are only a few pieces of furniture inside. My bed is big enough for two people. It's the same bed I use whenever I bring back a girl during middle school.

I turn on the light to see Kana clearly. Though she's in an unfamiliar room, she didn't panic and just stared at me. Her eyes are speaking of what she truly desires. Me.

I undress in front of her. From my uniform to my shirt beneath it. I took off my belt and unbuttoned my pants pulling it down to the floor again. And lastly, my underpants. I can see Kana looking intently at me as I undress and in the process, she also did the same. The cute and shy girl is still there but her desire won over her. She took off everything and now she's down to her panties.

I revel at her beautiful figure, the hickeys I left earlier are still there on her shoulders. It's making my already hard cock turn harder. It wanted to plunge itself inside her now.

Pushing everything aside, I dive into her arms on the bed. Pushing her down. I start kissing her. From her forehead, her nose, both of her cheeks and lastly her lips that were waiting for me. Every place of her, I'll make it mine.

She lay comfortably on my bed, letting me do everything, waiting for it to happen. I don't know what's inside her mind but there's probably still a bit of guilt lingering there. I can see tears forming from her eyes but not enough for it to fall down.

I put my knees between her legs and slowly separate it, turning it open. I can feel her trembling. Be it because of excitement or pleasure.

"Is it fine now Kana?" I whispered between our kisses.

Her mouth didn't answer but her eyes did. Reflected there is my image. I occupy her mind right now.

Seeing that, my hands went to her panties to pull it off her. Once again, her most sacred place lay before my eyes. My left hand immediately moved at it, caressing it gently at first. Her love nectar didn't stop coming out and before long, my hands were soaked from her juices.

If she's this wet, we don't need any foreplay anymore.

I separate from her to aim my hard cock on the entrance of her pussy.

"Uuh. I-it's hot Ruki."

She felt the hotness of my cock. It's been raging hard since earlier, all the blood keeps on circulating there. Even I am consumed by my lust now. I can't respond clearly to her.

I start rubbing the head to her entrance and her clit, stimulating both and at the same time lubricating my cock with her love nectar.

"Last chance Kana. Are you really sure?"

I ask just in case. But even if she changes her mind, I'll still do it.

"W-will it hurt?"


"T-then, please. Hold me tight."

"I will."

I kiss her again to ease up her tenseness. It's her first time, there's no way this wouldn't hurt.

"I'm putting it in." I whispered again. She nods at me, her hands rest on my arms.

Without waiting for her reply, my hips started moving. My hard cock at her entrance starts its descent to her most important place.

"Uuhh. It's too big Ruki. Aah. It hurts."

Not yet, I haven't torn her hymen yet. That will be the time where it will hurt the most.

Her hands that were on my arms grabbed on it tighter. It hurts but still manageable compared to the pain she'll experience.

Continuing. I push my cock deeper into her. I can feel the tightness of it. No one entered this before me. Before long, I can feel her hymen blocking the way.

Ah, it's too tight.

She's clamping my cock that it felt this good already even at the entrance.

I push my hips even further.

"Aah! It hurts. Stop! Ahh, it hurts Ruki!"

The hymen that was blocking my cock was forced open. Along with it, blood starts gushing out.

I use that opportunity to push it all inside completely. My cock is now buried inside Kana completely.

"Aaaahh! W-why? Why didn't you stop? It hurts. I can feel it filling my womb."

I looked at her face and tears burst out of her eyes. She can't help but cry from pain.

I left my cock inside her, the tip reached her uterus. I will not move yet. I'll let her familiarize with this sensation.

"You're mine now Kana. Look at it. I'm inside you."

I kiss her again and lick her tears away.

Her eyes move down, looking at the point where we're connected.

"I-it's true… Hold me Ruki. I'm scared."

"Don't be. I'm here with you."

I kiss her lips again and suck on her tongue. I can feel my cock getting clamped tight. It feels really good inside her. I feel like I'm close to cumming already even without moving.

"K-kiss me. Make me feel safe."

Kana kept on demanding and I responded to all of it. Kissing her, licking her neck and sucking on her nipples along with massaging it. I can't get enough of her taste. My excitement now exceeds my lust.

How about this Kenji? I finally took the virginity of the girl you spent 2 years wooing. I hope you dream of this in your sleep. But yeah that will be impossible. You have no idea about my existence. You only know me as the 1st year trying out your club.

"Y-you can move now Ruki. I want to feel you more inside me."

"Kana. You're mine."

I closed her lips with mine as I start moving as she wished.

"Aahh. Be gentle Ruki. Huuu aahh. I can feel you."

I pulled my cock halfway then push it deep inside her again.

Slowly at first, my hips start to move faster and faster.

The sound of flesh hitting each other and the wetness it spread fills my room.

"Aah! You feel so good, Kana. Kenji won't know this side of yours."

"Aahh! It's starting to feel good now. Don't mention him. I want to focus on you Ruki."

I embrace her tighter as my hips start pistoning her hard. The speed at which Kana's moans started to get louder and louder.

"Aahh What's this Ruki? Aaahh I'm cumming."

"Me too. I'm cumming Kana. I'll pour it inside you."

"Yes.. faster. I can't hold it anymore."

"Here it comes Kana. Aahh!"

"I'm cumming!"

I buried my cock deep inside her as my semen burst out from it. Filling every corner of her insides. I felt Kana's insides clamped tighter on me as she reached her climax.

"That felt so good Kana. You're mine now."

I kiss her again and lay on top of her. I don't want to pull out yet. Her clamping is now in rhythm as she gasps for breath. It keeps on squeezing my semen out.

"Y-yes. I'm yours. Only yours."

She responded to my kiss and embraced me tighter.

After a round of kissing, I pulled my cock out of her and laid down at her side.

Kana watched as my semen started dripping out of her. It was mixed by her virgin blood.

"Y-you came a lot. I won't get pregnant, right?"

"I have a contraceptive downstairs. Take it after we eat dinner."

I turned to her side and embrace her, letting her snuggle to my chest.

Looking at her again like this, she's still as cute as I first saw her. Back then it's not me who's about to be on top of her. Now she's laying here with me like this. Sorry Kenji, all that's left for you is Kana's heart.

"Have you told your mother you're staying?"

"Y-yes, I told her I'm staying with a friend."

"She won't get suspicious?"

"She won't. I also stayed with Kenji once. As long as the interval is long, she won't mind."

Oh. Sucks on you Kenji. You already got her to stay once and you failed.

"I see. Can you stand up?"

"Let me stay with you like this for now. I feel a little sleepy."

Ah right. There's no way she won't get tired. She climaxed as well.

"Okay. I'll stay here with you."

I kiss her hair and embrace her tightly.

Not long after that, I can hear her soft rhythmic breath as she sleeps. Don't know when but I also got dragged to sleep.

When I open my eyes again. Kana is there staring at me. She's still at my arms.

"You look really cute when you sleep Ruki."

"Eh? I'm not cute at all."

Kana giggled at my answer.

"No. You are. I think I've taken a liking at watching your sleeping face."

"Uhh. Okay then. Let's get up. I'll make our dinner."

I'll let her off. It's only this once will I concede to her.

"You can cook?"

Kana was surprised to hear it.

"I live alone. I have to learn even if I don't want to."

And I often bring girls here. It's bad if I let them eat convenience store food. I only know a little so I'm not even that good at cooking. If I am, I would've brought my own lunchbox instead of buying from the cafeteria.

"That's amazing. I'm learning about another side of you."

Is it really that amazing? Isn't it a common skill?

"It's not that amazing. Anyway. You can take a bath first. I'll bring this bedsheet and our clothes to wash in. I'll bring you spare clothes from my mom's."


When I tried to stand up, Kana held my arm. She's staring at me. Asking for a kiss.

Ah. She won't stop being this cute. I conceded again and gave her a kiss. She giggles right after.

I pulled her up. Like I thought, that part of her is sore.

I supported her body as we went down to the bathroom. After settling her down on the tub, I left her inside to put our clothes to the machine first. I have a spare bedsheet so it can go last.

I then went upstairs to my parents' room to get something she can put on after she's done. On the way, I also put on something. It's bad to walk around naked even if it's my house.

"I put the towel and your clothes here Kana. I'll go to the kitchen."

"Y-yes. Thank you."

I resisted the urge to join her inside. Well, we have the whole night for ourselves. A little self-control wouldn't hurt.

When I looked at the clock, it's only minutes past 8 pm. Looks like we only slept for an hour.

I went to the kitchen to cook something for two. But right before I open the fridge, someone knocks at the door.

I went and checked the intercom to see and found who I expected.

"Here. Mom said to give it to you. We cooked an excess." Akane said when I opened the door. On her hands is a pot full of stew. It's still hot since I can still see the steam coming out from it.

"Uhm. Tell Auntie I said thanks."

I said as I took the pot from her.

Akane nodded.

"So, did you two do it?"

Did you come here to ask that? This girl. What should I do to you?


"S-sex. Did you do it?"

I know what you meant. I'm just teasing you.


"Idiot. Pervert."

Akane said as she stomped her way back to her house.

I shook my head at her attitude. It's amusing in a way. If only she gets herself a boyfriend, I would've already brought her inside.

I saw Kana coming out of the bath when I went back. She's wearing my mom's nightgown. It's made of red silk. Since my mom is an adult, the size is bigger than what Kana always wears. But seeing her like this, it's filling me with excitement again.

"Uhm. Don't stare at me like that."

Kana bashfully said. Her ears are still a bit red and steam is coming out of her.

"How can I not stare if you're that sexy."

"Pervert Ruki."

"I'm just telling the truth here. Anyway, let's eat?"

"Ah what's that?"

She only noticed now that I'm carrying this pot.

"The neighbour gave it to us. They said they have an excess."

"Ah. Too bad. I wanted to taste your cooking."

"Well, this tastes better. It's cooked by a professional housewife."

Ah now that I think of it. Akane's mom is a housewife. Her face is beautiful too, Akane got her beauty from her. Should I? Ah. No no. At least not now. Argh. Why am I thinking about this now?

I led Kana to the dining table and served her the stew. I sat in front of her and we started dining together.

"How is it?"


"See? I told you."

Looking at her eating like this. Hmm. It's still the same. She's too cute. I want to hold her again. Deflowering her isn't enough for me.

When we're done eating, she offers to wash the dishes. I don't want her to do that but she insisted. I gave her the contraceptive and told her to drink that first before she starts washing the dishes. In the meantime, I went back to dry our clothes and put the bedsheet next. Kana needs her uniform for tomorrow.

I went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. I can see Kana still working at the sink. Her back looks sexy as well add to that the nightgown she's wearing. I want to hug her from the back then do her again right there.

Ah, I should stop for now. I bet that part of her is still sore. I'll massage it later for her.

I turned on the TV to kill time waiting for her.

"Can I sit with you?"

Kana asks. She just finished and she went straight to me.

"You know you don't need to ask. Come here."

I tap the seat next to me. She smilingly sits there and snuggles against me.

"This feels like we're husband and wife."

Kana mutters.

"But we're not."

And that won't happen. Ever. I'm destined to be alone and just continue satiating my desire.

"Muu. Just shut up for now Ruki."

This cute and shy girl is turning cheeky. Well, okay, you can fantasize.

It was in the middle of a comedy show when we heard a ringtone.

Kana recognizes it and goes straight to her bag at the side where she put it down earlier.

"It's Kenji."

She said when she took out her phone.

"Answer it and come here."

I told her. She nods and taps the answer button. She then goes back to my side.

This situation. I'm having an idea again to make this exciting for the both of us.

"H-hello Kenji?"

I turned down the volume of the TV to listen in on their conversation.

"Did you manage to arrive home safely?"

"Yes. What about you? Did you finish it?"

"Not yet. I'll be needing your help again."

"Okay. You should rest now."

"I want to talk with Kana more."

Now's the time I guess?

I embrace Kana from her waist again. My hand that's on it starts rubbing her side.

When Kana felt that, she looked up and glared at me. I only smiled. This situation of her talking with her boyfriend is the best.

"Yes. I'm here."

"I miss you."

You're bold Kenji. Let me give you a surprise.

I move my hand that's on her waist up to her breast and cup it in my palm.

"Aah! I-I miss you too."

Another glare was sent to me.

"You're cute Kana. Resist raising your voice like that or he might notice." I whisper on her free ear.

"Huh? Why is your voice like that?"

"Umm. I'm using my mom's massager. My shoulders feel a bit sore."

Unfortunately for him, it's not her shoulders. It's that part. And yeah, don't try to look at her shoulder tomorrow, it might give you a scare.

"I see. I'll give you a massage tomorrow."

"Idiot. It's fine, you go and work hard for that scholarship."

I start massaging her breast. She doesn't have a bra on, I didn't give her any so I can feel her soft breast beneath this thin nightgown. I soon found her nipples and played on it with my hand.

I can see Kana resisting her urge to moan. She's too sexy right now. Her face is now struggling as to what to do. Kenji is on the other line, if her voice leaks out an unnecessary sound, he will start to get suspicious. I heard from Otsuka-senpai that he's somewhat possessive of Kana. What would he do if he found out he stayed at another man's home? And on top of that, I got to deflower her. Ah. That would ruin my fun.

"You're more important than the scholarship Kana."

Kana smiled at what he said. That's good. Show me how much you love him.

I move my hand away from her breast. Touching it from above the nightgown isn't enough. I slip in my hand from above and pull her left breast out.

Kana's eyes widened but she didn't resist and just let me do what I wanted. I pull her up and put her on my lap again. The exposed breast is now in front of me. I unhesitatingly nibble on her erect nipple as my hand pulls out her right breast.

"Uhm. T-thank you Kenji, but you know? What's important for you is also important to me."

"I see. You're right Kana. I love you."

Huh? I love you? Relying on that feeling. Tsk.

"Aahn! Ruki, it hurts. Don't bite it."

Kana says. She covered the mic of her phone with her hand.

Ah, what did I do? I unconsciously bit her nipples. Why did I do that? I don't know.

"Hello? Are you there Kana?"

"Ah yes, Kenji. I'm here."

" I said I love you."

"Yes. I love you too."

"Aahn! Again. Don't bit on it."

Kana covers the mic again and complains to me.

Ah. I did it again.

"Turn around Kana. Lean on the table."

I ordered her. What is this I'm feeling? Why am I reacting to that word 'love'? Ah. Let's forget about it. I wanna tease Kana while she's on a call with that Kenji.

Go on. Continue exchanging your love with each other. I'll satisfy my desire on this side.

"L-like this?"

Kana obeyed what I said. She put her free hand on the table and leaned on it. Her other hand is still holding the phone and I can still hear Kenji talking on the other side.

"More. Lean on it more and raise your butt."

I don't care now if Kenji hears, but Kana is doing her best to cover it while doing what I ask.

Her raised butt is now in front of my face. I grab it with my hands and start massaging it.

I can hear Kana start gasping for breath all the while talking with that Kenji. Since the distance between me and her phone increased, I can't listen in on what Kenji says on the other end of the line.

Not touching it directly isn't enough for me. I wanna do her like this. I want Kenji to hear the wet sound when I plunge my cock again inside her. I want him to hear her moans when I start fucking her. Shit. Now I'm hard again. My secret desire is getting filled up once more.

"Kana, I'll eat you out."

She looks back at me and nods. I pull up the nightgown revealing her now soaked panties. Ah. And you just had a bath eh.

I trace it with my finger again. I can see her face resisting the pain. It's still sore. Let's massage it for now.

I pull her panties down. Her freshly-deflowered pussy lay in my eyes once again. Tracing my fingers on it, I start massaging it slowly. Letting it get used to the pain until it naturally subsides. I include her clitoris on the massage making her gasp between pleasure and pain.

After a while, I use two of my fingers to open her slit. Her love nectar is dripping out of it again.

I gulped down my saliva before I started licking her most sacred place.

She just washed it from the bath so it tasted like soap a bit. If not for her love nectar having a different taste, it would feel like I'm eating soap.

Kana is still engaging Kenji on the phone but when I started eating her. Soft moans started to leak out. I can hear her making an excuse as to why she is moaning. Blaming it all to an imaginary massager. Looking at that, it made me want to tease her more.

I stopped eating her but I substituted it with my finger. Putting my forefinger inside her, a pleasurable moan leaked out from her mouth. Because of that she somewhat panicked but luckily for her. Kenji didn't seem to hear it.

Ah, Kana. How many times would I say you're too beautiful. I'm really enjoying our time now.

I stand up and lean on her as I whisper to her ear.

"I want you, Kana."

She quickly covers her phone and turns her head to me.

Ah, I see. She's also feeling it. It's not just me now. Her head is also full of lust now. She might've been enjoying this situation as well. Talking with Kenji while I play with her. You naughty girl. You're too cute to let go. I might want to keep her even after she graduated next year. As long as she keeps being in a relationship with someone, of course. Even if it's not that Kenji.

I kiss her lips and suck on her tongue. She didn't resist and clearly is waiting for it.

I took my finger out of her and pulled my cock out. I held onto her hips and started rubbing it on her, lubricating it.

Kana is back at talking to Kenji but her moans continue to come out of her mouth. He's probably imagining now on why she keeps on moaning. Can a massager do that to her?

I lean on her again and whisper.

"I'm putting it in."

I didn't wait for her answer. Holding her hips tight, I push my erect cock inside her. Unlike the first time and because of the angle, my cock slides inside easily this time. In a blink, my cock is buried inside her down to the base.


Another loud moan leaks out from her. I'm too excited right now that I start to fuck her immediately. Her moans kept coming out of her and soon I heard her saying goodbye to Kenji.

"Aahh! Ruki. You're bad. I'm talking with Kenji. Aahh! It feels good now. This is much better than that finger earlier."

"I can't resist your body, Kana. I want to taste it more." Geett the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Fucking her from the back, her pussy is wetter than earlier. Since it's her 2nd time, she's starting to feel it inside her.

"Aahhn! I'm yours. You can taste me anytime."

"Right. I'll taste you at school too. And your room."

"T-that's a bad idea. My room. Aahh! More Ruki. Faster. I want it faster. Don't hold back."

I accepted her request and started moving faster. Each thrust, the flesh hitting on flesh sounded crisp.

"We're already bad. We'll be doing it soon."

"Aahh! Y-you bully. I won't be able to say no right?"

No. Of course, you won't. I'll do it even if you say no. We'll also have this fun inside your room. Much better if your parents will be there.

Too bad. Kenji can't hear this conversation. It would've added more excitement. But yeah, I can't ask for more.

I speed up faster at fucking her from behind and without me telling her, she started to respond to it. She tried to move as well meeting each of my thrust. Her pussy is still tight enough that it keeps on squeezing me every time I reach the tip of her uterus.

Lewd sounds continue to fill the living room in the middle of the night. Her moans rang out louder and louder.

And because of that, it didn't take long before we both climaxed for the 2nd time.

Another set of semen burst out from inside her and this time, we didn't end at one.

I once again brought her back to my room. And for the rest of the night, we continue on our fight.

I cummed inside her two more times before I fell exhausted at her side. And Kana, she's already drowning in pleasure since the 2nd time. She accepted everything that I gave her. Her moans are still ringing into my ears.

We soon fell asleep cuddling each other. Like I initially planned, Kana is now ultimately mine before the date changes.

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