Stealing Spree

Chapter 13: Andou is Scary

Chapter 13: Andou is Scary

Like yesterday, when we reach the vicinity of the station, I have Kana get on first and I follow behind her.

On the way, she didn't ask me anything about what Akane said but she held onto my hand tightly. If she didn't say anything then I don't need to speak right? I'm already occupied by the new school and now a new problem has cropped up. If I make a wrong move, it will be chaos and I won't be able to maintain my Classmate A status. Ah. Let's think about it one at a time.

The train at this time isn't that crowded yet but the seats are almost completely taken. When I got on, I saw Kana standing. She was so shy and conscious of her surroundings that she didn't try to look for a seat in another car.? Therefore I grabbed her hand to look for a seat for her. The train hasn't departed the station yet thus there's little risk at being seen with her.

We changed cars and I immediately found a seat for her. I told her to sit on it while I stand in front of her. More people will get on at the next station hence it won't be weird for me to stay standing in front of her.

The train soon departs from my station. Kana is still a bit uneasy riding the train so I reach out my hand to her. Unlike yesterday when we're apart, she's not fidgeting now.

"You should look at your phone."

I tell her. We ate breakfast and took our time inside the bath earlier so she had no time to check her phone.

It's better if she can ease that Kenji guy's mind. His possessiveness will eventually lead to suspicions if he failed to reach her.

Kana nods and takes out her phone. I can see her expression change when she opens her mails.

I let go of her hand. I also take out my phone and mail her. We can just talk normally since we're in front of each other but it's better this way. There's a lot of people here. They will surely get the wrong idea. Even if that doesn't concern them, it's still unsettling.

"What's wrong?"

"Uhm nothing. It's just Kenji."

"I see. Is he getting suspicious?"

"Yes. I made an excuse so I hope he accepts it."

"Don't worry. Spend more time with him later. That will ease him up."


"Just don't forget that you're mine."

She looks up at me and nods.

30 minutes later we finally reached the 4th station. Right now there's not only me and her who's wearing our uniform. I can see a lot of students from the same school. Luckily I turned my back to Kana so from a distance we seem to not have any relation to each other. Much so the school's uniform has a clear distinction between their years. I'm wearing 1st years' and hers is 3rd years'.

When the door opens I feel her clutch the back of my uniform. I turn my head to her and nod in which she nods back. This is where we'll part for the day. She's already mine so I feel at ease even if I don't see her later. Well, if I did see her then that's another story. I might get horny and do her again.

On the remaining walk to our school, I walked a bit far behind Kana. It's fine now. We're now blended with the other students.


I heard someone call my name behind me. I recognize the voice so I look back. There appears the main heroine, Andou. Maemura said she came back from overseas. As to what country, I don't know. She's sporting a straight black hair that reaches at least half of her back. I remember their fierce battle during History class yesterday. She's fighting that Ogawa head-on that even I forgot about what they were initially fighting about. She's beautiful, yes, but well, as long as she's single she's just a classmate that I need to avoid. One will stand out if they get absorbed by their absurd group of protagonist and heroine.

"I'm right. You're Onoda. The guy who angered Ms. Miyazaki."

What the hell? I guess that will be my title for now. Not Classmate A but either that or the unlucky first student who got sent to the faculty among the 1st years. It's only amazing now and it will soon fade away so I guess it's fine.

"Ugh. Do you have to word it like that?"

"Why? It's the truth. Don't mind the details."

Are you the Stubborn type? I can't gauge it yet though maybe she is or she isn't.

"Okay. I give up. What is it? Why did you call me?"

"I'm just wondering, Onoda. Are you a stalker?"

Huh? What the hell is she saying? Me? Stalker? Well, I might be called that at times when I was working at stealing my targeted girl. But right now. No. I'm not stalking anyone. Or am I?

"Me? Why a stalker? Where did that come from?"

"Isn't it obvious? You keep on looking at the back of that senpai. And you're unconsciously maintaining the distance between you two."

Andou says while pointing at Kana's back. Damn. Am I really doing what she just said? Aren't I blended enough with this environment?

"Ah. Do you mean that? Well, she's a senior at the club I tried yesterday."

Let's make an excuse at least. There's no way I would admit that I'm really doing what she just said. Looks like I need to take another look at myself. I'm making a lot of mistakes.

"So? That doesn't explain why you're keeping your distance."

"Because I'm not good at people?"

"You? No way. You look confident enough. You're standing straight and you're holding your head high. That's not a trait of someone not good at people."

What the hell? Andou is kinda scary. Ah!

Wait. I see now. I get it. This girl has this exceptional observation skills. She's just that sharp. That even just by looking for a bit, she figured me out. Well, not entirely though.

But if Andou is this sharp then she probably already knew that Ogawa likes her and even that guy beside Ogawa. So why is she still fighting with him?

"Am I? I don't know. Well, I'll rephrase it. I'm bad at dealing with people."

"Ah. I see. If you phrase it like that. Then okay. Bye."

What did you see? Why is this girl this willful? Confronting me like that and then leaving me like this.? Is she just bored? I don't think so. Let's stop thinking about it.

Ah well, I think I can somewhat guess her character type now. She's really a main heroine. A Main Wife type of a harem story. Unlike Maemura who's a Maiden in Love that just needs enough resolve to confess, Andou will never confess. She wants that guy to make the first move but she won't accept the confession if it's not from Ogawa so the other guy doesn't have any chance with her. Childhood friends at best.

That's why Andou's fighting with him. She wanted Ogawa to realize his feelings and confess to her. She's pushing him to a corner. But since she's a Main Wife type, that observation skill of hers is enough to control the harem members if there's any. What the hell are these classmates of mine? Why are there so many who have these character types? And here I am, just the Classmate A. Ah. I'm 'The Guy that Angered Ms. Miyazaki' right now.

"Yo Onoda!"

Sakuma's voice sounded from my back just right after Andou left my side.

"If you're thinking of commenting about Andou then you should stop now."

"What the hell man? Thanks for ruining it."

"I knew it."

"So what's up with Andou? You're onto her now?"

"Didn't you just hear what I said? If you have time to pick on me then go and confess to Maemura."

This guy. Just hurry up and confess so I can take Maemura. Why am I trying to work hard for them here?

"Don't joke about Maemura. Besides, you know she finds me creepy."

Oh? What's this? This is new. Did he finally realize his own feelings? Ch𝒆Γͺck out l𝒂t𝒆st 𝒏𝒐v𝒆l𝒔 on nov𝒆l/bin(.)c𝒐m

"What about it? That doesn't mean you can't confess right? You do like her, don't you?"

"I-i guess. But she'll just probably shoot me down. Didn't you hear her yesterday?"

This guy. Haa. I can't just blurt out that Maemura likes him right? That girl is still in the middle of gathering her resolve. A little push on Sakuma's side is enough for now.

"I didn't think you're this kind of guy Sakuma. Honestly, I'm disappointed."

"Huh? What the hell man? Why?"

"Figure it out on your own."

I told him before I sped up my walking pace. The school is already right in front of us so it didn't take long before I arrived at the School building.

I could still hear Sakuma shouting behind me but I ignored it. I don't need him to confess right away, just realising his own feelings is enough. Besides if he does confess, Maemura will be thrown out of sorts and might really shoot him down. And it won't be good for me if the opposite happens and Maemura accepts it even if there's only a small chance of it happening. I have to insert myself before they become a couple. I need to hear Maemura's details first. Helping her is better than helping Sakuma.

I went ahead of him and entered our classroom. Luckily I didn't arrive late. 5 minutes and I'm out. Good thing I managed to limit it to 2 times earlier at the bath with Kana if not then we'll both arrive late.

"G-good morning Onoda." Rindou greets me when I sit down.

"Good morning Rindou. How was your club?" I ask. This girl also needs to gather some courage to talk to people so I'll train her using me as her conversation partner.

"I-it's great. They have lots of books I haven't read yet."

"Sounds fun."

"Y-yes. How about you? The Literature Club?"

"They had me write a short story. I enjoyed my time but I still haven't decided if I will join."

Yeah because what I enjoyed was Kana, not the Literature Club itself.

"T-then. My club."

Rindou keeps on stuttering, she's clearly not used to talking but seeing her try hard like this I can't just shoot her down.

"Okay. I'll try your club tomorrow too."

Hearing that, a different glow showed in Rindou's eyes.


"You know Onoda? You're amazing."

Maemura interjects. She has been watching since earlier. I don't know what she meant by amazing though. I'm not doing anything that can be attributed to that word. Well, maybe me stealing girls is sort of amazing? But she doesn't know that.

"What's amazing?"

"And you're an idiot too."

What the hell? An insult after praise. This Maiden in Love. Tsk.

"I mean, it's the first time I saw Rindou talk that long since middle school. So you're amazing. But you're also an idiot for not knowing what you're doing."

"But we're doing a normal conversation?"

"Haa. I give up. Go talk to idiot Sakuma or something, you're sure to understand each other."

I don't get what she meant. Well, there's no use trying to understand something I clearly don't have any idea of.

"Ah. Good morning Maemura."

"The hell? You're only remembering that now? Yeah, Morning Onoda. You still remember right?"

"I won't fall asleep."

"Then good."

Sakuma arrived right before the bell rings and soon the class started. He looks at me like a lost child but he doesn't have any time to complain right now

When Ms. Miyazaki arrived, I was immediately thrown into the spotlight again. Well, why is she even glaring at me this early in the morning? Did I do something? This beautiful married teacher of mine is getting more troublesome.

"Onoda! Don't forget."

Ah. You didn't have to shout, you know? You're giving me more unnecessary attention. I remember and I welcome it. I should tell her that later. If not, I will stand out much more than those protagonist and heroine group.


I reluctantly answer from my seat.

Maemura and Sakuma are both laughing at my plight. Ah not just them, others too. Ugh. I don't need this kind of attention. When will I go back to being the Classmate A?

"As I thought, you're amazing Onoda. What did you do that she's still angry today?"

"Man. You'll take the 1st and 2nd place in the race for who was sent to the faculty among the 1st years."

Even Kanzaki, the serious and diligent Class President is giggling at her seat. Is it really that funny?

I can also see Andou looking at me with those eyes of hers again. Shit. I'm still under her observation. What did I do to catch this kind of interest from her? If I'm not careful she will really figure out what I'm doing behind the scenes. Should I? Ah. But she's not at my strike zone yet and it's too troublesome to deal with their group. I have to think of a plan.

"Why are you guys laughing? Do you also want a trip to the faculty?"

Ms. Miyazaki's commanding voice rang out again. Those laughing immediately shut up.

After that, the class officially started. At least Ms. Miyazaki refrained from calling me out again. That reduced the attention I'm currently getting.

Time passed and soon lunch break arrived.

Like usual, I first went to the cafeteria to buy something to eat. Ms. Miyazaki is probably eating as well so it's fine to go at the same time as yesterday.

Now. Let's start scouting again. Shall we?

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