Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

Chapter 272.1: Sharley’s Blood Addiction and the Swill in Cowper’s Mouth (1)

Chapter 272.1: Sharley’s Blood Addiction and the Swill in Cowper’s Mouth (1)

It was as though it was a nightmare that would never end.

The beginning of the nightmare was the sharp slash of the glorious goddess who was given the shape of a wolf.

However, the day of awakening was in the distant future.

She had struggled in darkness and hunger for too long.

On this day…

True Ancestor 1, the Matriarch of the vampires, Sharley opened her scarlet eyes once more.


The moment she woke up, Sharley could not help but let out a comfortable and bewitching moan.

This comfort came from the wonderful fragrance that lingered around her.

This was the fragrance of blood. It was not ordinary blood. Instead, it reminded her of an extreme fragrance that she had only smelled once in her life.

The blood of a goddess…

Sharley realized that she was soaking in a pool of blood.

Unlike the large-scale blood bath she enjoyed in the past, this time round, she was immersed in a narrow coffin and the blood was mixed with a large amount of alchemy solution.

At a glance, Sharley calculated that the composition of the blood was about the size of a single person.

However, that was what surprised Sharley.

Although it was less than a tenth of the blood, it contained a massive amount of nutrients that could make up for Sharley's 300 years of hunger and thirst…

Not only that, similarly, the alchemy solution mixed with blood was unique and mysterious.

What was going on…

Sharley looked around in confusion. She did not see any vampires celebrating the awakening of their Matriarch. She only saw the golden-haired girl guarding the coffin.



Tyrapotter sealed her own sense of smell and taste and was dozing off beside her mother's coffin when she was suddenly jolted awake by that voice.

When she saw her awakened mother, Tyrapotter was overjoyed.

In her excitement, the current Vampire Queen could not help but tear up.

Tyrapotter choked. "Mother, I thought… I would never be able to see you again…"

Unlike most of the other True Ancestors…

Tyrapotter had an extremely strong affection for her mother.

That was because Tyrapotter was the only True Ancestor who was given First Kiss since she was a baby and was carefully raised by Sharley. Among everyone under Sharley, she was the only one whom Sharley truly played the role of a mother in their lives.

At the same time, it was because among all the True Ancestors, Sharley was the only one who could tolerate Tyrapotter.

Tyrapotter was an anomaly among all the True Ancestors.

Her thoughts were strange and she was extremely strong. Every day, she pushed for ridiculous enthusiastic nonsense like race equality, prosperity, coexistence and mobilizing all races to build Eternal Night, causing the True Ancestors to unanimously decide to give Tyrapotter the title of the Aurora Queen.

They always thought that Tyrapotter would be the one to bring the vampires into the dawn.

Of course.

For vampires, being brought into the dawn was in no f*cking way a good thing.

The True Ancestors hated Tyrapotter and sealed her together. For the past few thousand years, the True Ancestors had taken turns ruling over Eternal Night and enjoying the offerings of their clansmen and livestock.

Only Tyrapotter was removed from the chance of being the Vampire Queen forever.

Initially, Tyrapotter would have been still sleeping in her seal and enduring hunger.

However, things were only different when her mother was around.

Each time it was her mother's turn to rule, her loving mother would release her and let Tyrapotter enjoy her freedom.

Actually, Tyrapotter knew that her mother did not agree with her thoughts either. Tyrapotter often angered Sharley because of her opinions.


Compared to the conflict of opinions, what was even more intense in Sharley's heart was her motherly love for her insensible youngest daughter.

Sharley loved her daughter deeply.

It was the same for Tyrapotter.

Tyrapotter looked at her mother and was extremely touched. "I was really sad when you were defeated by Hedwig. My sisters hate me and you're the only one who loves me. I'm really happy to see you again…"

Sharley had a strange expression.

"Is there a possibility that it's because... you're too good at causing trouble and the other True Ancestors can't deal with you...?"

"Regardless, Mother, you're the only one who's the best to me!"

Tyrapotter threw herself into her mother's embrace and rubbed against her.

Sharley revealed a loving smile as well and welcomed her daughter gently into her humongous embrace, caressing her daughter's hair gently.

"Tyrapotter, I can sense that I'm in an underground city made up of vampires, humans and werewolves… I'm guessing that you were the one who saved the vampires from Hedwig and built this city, right?"

Sharley's voice was filled with sadness. "It must have been… tough for you to be alone for so many years, right?"

Tyrapotter was deeply touched and buried herself in her mother's breasts that were even bigger than her head, sobbing endlessly. "Mother, Mother! Boohoo…"

"Cry then. Cry if you want to. Tell me all your troubles. I'm here and I'll be with you forever."


Just like that, after the mother and daughter enjoyed their family warmth...

The topic returned to the right track.

Speaking of which…

Sharley looked at the alchemy solution she was soaked in and revealed a curious expression.

"Tyrapotter, where did you get this blood and solution?"

Sharley was extremely certain that the blood pool she was soaking in right now, be it the blood or the solution, did not belong to Eternal Night.

There was no need to elaborate on that blood.

This fragrance was already a peerless delicacy that was comparable to the blood of a goddess. It must have come from a demigod with an extremely pure bloodline or even some direct benevolence left behind by a goddess in the mortal world.

There was no way this could be found locally in Eternal Night.

As for the alchemy solution, it was equally incredible.

Without a doubt, this pool of alchemy solution was a high-quality prescription with extremely powerful healing effects, produced through precise technical skills.

This made Sharley curious. Who could concoct such an exquisite prescription?

The positive effect of the blood on the vampires was magnified infinitely. Using various exquisite alchemy equations, the absorption rate of the blood's nutrients reached 200%.

Was the mortal world already filled with people with such talents?

In any case, Sharley was certain that although her daughter, or rather, all the True Ancestors under her had decent attainments in this field, if they wanted to concoct such a high-quality prescription...

It should be...FOlloow 𝒏ewest stories at n𝒐(v)el/bi/n(.)com

Extremely difficult.

"It's His Highness Rayne."

Tyrapotter chuckled and gave her mother an answer.

"His Highness Rayne led me to save you. It was also him who used his blood and this alchemy solution specially concocted by him to revive you."

"… Rayne?"

Sharley was stunned.

It was a name she had never heard of.

The lifespan of True Ancestors was way too long. Each time Sharley woke up, a few hundred years would have lapsed and the entire mortal world would have changed again. It was only normal for her to not know that name.

However, when her daughter reported the surname of that benefactor, Sharley understood instantly.

"Rayne Haines?!"


Sharley understood.

So, the person who saved her was from the royal family of the Haines Empire?

Or could it be an Imperial Guard…

Thereafter, Tyrapotter explained the entire situation to Sharley.

From the descent of Goddess Prosperity into Eternal Night to the scheme of Hedwig and the mechagod and finally Rayne's plan and promise to revive the vampires…

Sharley listened quietly.

However, as she listened, she could sense something through her daughter's words.

The smile on Sharley's face deepened.

"I now understand everything that transpired, but... Tyrapotter."

Sharley looked at her daughter and said with a smile, "You seem to be on good terms with His Highness Rayne."

Tyrapotter did not know why her mother would ask that question out of nowhere. She nodded gently. "His Highness Rayne is an outstanding person. I admire him very much… Furthermore, I feel that His Highness Rayne is someone who can understand me."

"Is that so…"

There was a deeper meaning in Sharley's tone.

"Tyrapotter, could it be that... you are feeling some attraction towards the opposite sex from His Highness Rayne?"


Tyrapotter blushed and her heart raced. "Mother, please don't spout nonsense!"

Sharley moved her face closer to her daughter and stared at Tyrapotter almost at zero distance. She asked with a smile, "So, Tyrapotter, do you like Rayne Haines or not?"

Faced with her mother's scrutiny, Tyrapotter blushed and stammered in a low voice, "I-I do..."


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