The Princess’s Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father

Chapter 135

Chapter 135

After Xiao Yunzhou invited Sanda to observe the prince's inoculation against smallpox, he invited Sanda to the palace for a drink every day thereafter.

In addition to bank matters, the Imperial Physicians explained all the precautions and potential risks associated with the smallpox inoculation to Sanda.

"So you're saying that those who get inoculated may also develop fever, and there's a possibility of it becoming severe?" Sanda frowned.

But he also knew that unless the Heavenly Deity blessed them, even a minor illness could be life-threatening.

Let alone smallpox? As long as they got inoculated and reduced the risk of contracting smallpox by ninety percent, it was already a gift from the Heavenly Deity.

"I wonder how your princes are doing now, Brother. This is the third day, isn't it?" Sanda was also very concerned. In his eyes, these princes were truly trailblazers for the children of the grasslands!

These children were undoubtedly little warriors.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yunzhou also looked at Wei Zheng, "Any news from the Qianxi No.5 Residence? What did the Imperial Physician say about their pulse this morning?"

"The princes still seem to have some energy, their pulse..." But before Wei Zheng could finish, little Xiao Chuchu, who had been brought over early in the morning, let out a chuckle in his arms.

[Of course they have energy! If it weren't for Jiu Xiao secretly using force to snatch the 'Tycoon' board game from my brothers yesterday, they would have wanted to play through the night!]

[Outrageous! My brother was so absorbed in it. Last night, for the sake of 'Tycoon', Cheng Shan, who usually has the heartiest appetite, didn't even eat two bites of his dinner and was eager to keep playing.]

Xiao Yunzhou glared at the little girl with flushed cheeks who had just woken up in Wei Zheng's arms.

What was this thing?

Tycoon? What kind of board game was that?

[Hehe, when the Imperial Physician came to check their pulses today, even the Crown Prince Cheng Quan, who had been constantly worried about dying, was drawn to the 'Tycoon' game mentioned by Cheng Shan and didn't seem so anxious anymore.]

[The Imperial Physician said that the Crown Prince's condition was better than yesterday. The princes could go outside for a short walk and some light activity today. But they refused to leave because they all wanted to play Tycoon.]

"!" Xiao Yunzhou had long known that his daughter sometimes possessed a 'celestial eye' that allowed her to observe events happening in various places.

But at this moment, hearing her vivid description, Xiao Yunzhou was seized by curiosity.

What on earth was this Tycoon board game?

Even the usually composed and mature Cheng Qian was captivated by it, and the normally serious Crown Prince Cheng Quan was enticed as well.

"The Left Censor said that the princes have basically passed the critical period safely. They can get out of bed and walk around the garden of the Qianxi No.5 Residence today."

"In two more days, they should be able to leave the Qianxi No.5 Residence, and there shouldn't be any major issues."

Wei Zheng's words indeed matched what the little princess had seen with her 'celestial eye'.

Xiao Yunzhou's heart was stirred once again by his daughter's celestial abilities.

He hurriedly suppressed the glimmer in his eyes and turned to Sanda, "Brother Sanda, would you like to join this brother of mine in visiting the princes who were inoculated?"

"We can wear protective cloaks and hats..."

Sanda was indeed tempted, "I had the same intention!"

He also wanted to see the physical condition of those who had been inoculated.

"No need for protection. I had it when I was young, so I'll just take a bath afterwards if needed!" Sanda was a straightforward man.

Xiao Yunzhou nodded readily, hugged his daughter to satisfy his affection, then looked sternly at Wei Zheng, "I'll go in. You stay outside with the little princess. Don't let her catch any illness."

Xiao Yunzhou then hooked his arm around Sanda's shoulder, and the two brothers-in-arms set off.

Along the way, Xiao Yunzhou imagined countless possibilities in his mind.

Tycoon... Could it be gambling?

It was rather inappropriate for the princes to engage in such activities.

But never mind, as long as his sons were in good health, they could indulge in playing during this special inoculation period.

After this, they would have to focus and diligently make up for the missed lessons in the study room. No more gambling!

Gambling was ultimately a bad habit.

"What kind of games do children on the grasslands usually play?" Xiao Yunzhou thought of this and looked at Sanda, "Is there anything like gambling?"

If Sanda said no, then Xiao Yunzhou would consider sending someone to the Qianxi No.5 Residence with a message, instructing his sons to put away this 'Tycoon' gambling thing!

But to his surprise, Sanda let out a hearty laugh, "We wrestle, shoot arrows, race horses, and if it rains, we sneak away and throw dice, as long as we don't get caught by our fathers and elders."

Xiao Yunzhou breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that was alright then, but he still prepared Sanda's mind, "I usually discipline my sons quite strictly. These few days of inoculation are just to let them relax a bit. They might engage in some inappropriate gambling revelries."

"Haha, what's the big deal? Who hasn't been a bit wild in their youth?" Sanda smiled understandingly.

But when they entered the isolated inoculation room in the Qianxi No.5 Residence, Xiao Yunzhou and Sanda were dumbfounded in no time.

Because the young voices coming from the room were not about the frivolous gambling they had expected, but rather—

"Fifth Brother, you've arrived in Liucheng, Jingzhou. Do you want to buy this piece of land? The price is two thousand taels."

"Hmm, I'll buy it."

"Okay, your turn, Sixth Brother."

"Oh no..." Sixth Prince Cheng Shan's exclamation soon followed, "I've reached the joint market between the Wu Yun Country and the Jing Country! I need to sell rice. Hehehe, rice is in high demand, quick, Xiao Luzi, help me trade!"

Sanda and Xiao Yunzhou at the door: "...!"

They were stunned.

What were they playing?

How could there be cities and joint markets between countries?

But before they could ponder further, the commotion inside continued.

"Oh, I've made two thousand taels, hahaha, I have money to buy land again." Sixth Prince Cheng Shan laughed happily.

"Alright, it's my turn to move now. Step aside, Sixth Brother."

"Wait, I haven't finished yet. Don't rush, Seventh Brother," Sixth Prince Cheng Shan protested clearly. "Let me think, I just made two thousand taels. I should buy horses too since winter is coming. Horses should be cheap now~"

At this point, even Xiao Luzi's voice sounded urgent, "Sixth Prince, if you do that, you won't have money to invest in land next round."Điscover n𝒆w chapt𝒆rs 𝒐n n0𝒗e(l)bi𝒏(.)com

"Umm... then let me buy horses for five hundred taels. Okay, okay, Seventh Brother, your turn."

But soon, Xiao Luzi's authoritative voice rang out again.

"Seventh Prince, you've landed on Shengzhou, which the Crown Prince just bought. You need to pay him a rent of one hundred taels."

"Ah!" The Seventh Prince let out a cry of anguish.

The Crown Prince chuckled softly, "It seems I'm the Tycoon this round. I have the most land now, and the entire southeastern region is connected under my control."

"Tsk, Big Brother, it's still early. The northern region is under the control of our Fifth Brother. Besides, you have me. Once it's my turn to go to the Bank and get the money, I'll buy more territories too!" The Seventh Prince protested.

At the entrance, Xiao Yunzhou and Sanda's eyes widened in shock.

The Princes with pockmarked faces weren't gambling with money?

Instead, they were playing a very new and progressive kind of mathematics?!

No, were they learning the art of governing the country?!

Occupying territories, collecting tolls...

Market trading, buying low and selling high...

Sanda stood in a daze for a long time before finally blurting out, "Big Brother, my way of educating children pales in comparison to yours!"

"Jing Country will never decline for a hundred years!"

Xiao Yunzhou's face flushed with excitement.

[Heh, this is the 'Grand Tycoon' version of Jing Country that Consort Min, my mother, and the palace maid Qiu Li have developed~ Hehehe.]

"!" Xiao Yunzhou was stunned.

Who says women are inferior to men!

The palace maids around Concubine Liu are so accomplished!

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