The Witch Hunter System

Chapter 749 Negotiation

Chapter 749 Negotiation

"Negotiate?" the Fifth Progenitor immediately raised an eyebrow before asking warily, "What is there to even negotiate between us, Human?"

"That's something I want to find out," Vaan coolly replied before continuing, "Perhaps we can find some common grounds to negotiate after we talk. You mentioned you have been asleep for 700,000 years. Why don't we talk about that first?"

"It has been 300 years since Pangea and Gehenna have known each other's existence. Much had been learned from each other during this period. However, only Vampire Lords like you two have remained completely unknown until now."

"Why is that so? Why did you sleep for 700,000 years? How many Vampire Lords are there?" Vaan asked.

Fortunately, the destructive power of nothingness was still vivid in the Eighth Progenitor's mind, which made it a little easier for them to talk.

"Hmph! Do you think we slept for 700,000 years because we wanted to?" the Fifth Progenitor snorted before saying, "I can see you are trying to fish some information out of us. However, it won't be that easy."

"How can we find some common grounds if you are not even willing to divulge some information? I guess I will just have to kill—"

"Wait! I'll talk!" the Eighth Progenitor suddenly exclaimed before quickly spilling, "We were put into forced sleep 700,000 years ago due to falling for the Blood Ancestor's schemes!"

"Furthermore, the Blood Ancestor had put all twelve Vampire Lords into forced sleep. The Second Progenitor has awakened us all, and he currently serves the Blood Ancestor."

"Please don't kill me!" the Eighth Progenitor pleaded while having some ideas.

Since the Fifth Progenitor didn't care about his pride and honor when it came to his life, there was no need for him to hold onto his.

Given his damaged divine soul, it was unlikely that he would be able to fix it within 500 years while serving under the Blood Ancestor's tyranny. To begin with, he had no idea how to repair it.

On the other hand, a Soul Master might know how to fix his damaged divine soul.

Furthermore, he ultimately hated the Blood Ancestor for putting him into forced sleep for 700,000 years. Thus, he was more than happy to work with humans if there was a good chance of defeating the Blood Ancestor.

That said, he did absorb some of the Blood Ancestor's divine blood. As such, he could no longer feel his hatred for the Blood Ancestor. If he were only a Royal Vampire, he wouldn't even be able to harbor thoughts of betrayal, let alone act on them.

Fortunately, he was a Vampire Lord. Thus, the Blood Ancestor's control over him was looser. At the same time, even if he didn't feel the hatred, he had not forgotten about it.

Such grievance had to be avenged once one wielded the ability.

Meanwhile, the Fifth Progenitor was not happy with the Eighth Progenitor spilling the information so easily. He wasn't completely against cooperating with the Demigod Human.

However, feeding the other party useful information would only reduce the benefits they could fight for during the negotiations.

"I see…"

Vaan had a thoughtful look after learning Great Devil Abaddon's relationship with the Vampire Lords wasn't harmonious.

"In other words, the twelve Vampire Lords hate the Blood Ancestor to the bone. It seems possible for us to join forces and defeat him together," Vaan said.

However, he immediately received the Fifth Progenitor's ridiculing laughter.

"If that were possible, we naturally wouldn't have minded joining hands with you humans to defeat him. However, that is physically impossible for us," the Fifth Progenitor coldly stated.

"We have the Blood Ancestor's divine blood in our bodies. Thus, he has some control over our wills. While it is still possible to harbor treacherous thoughts, we lack the capacity to act on them. Furthermore, if we were directly in front of the Blood Ancestor, he could even take control of our minds and manipulate our bodies as he wills it."

"We can't help you fight the Blood Ancestor, nor do we have the power to defeat him. So, how can you even speak of working together? More importantly, what benefits do we even get from working with you?"

"Besides liberation from the Blood Ancestor, we don't seem to gain any benefits from you. On the other hand, even if we have to keep serving the Blood Ancestor, we can at least feast on you humans," the Fifth Progenitor coolly said.

If it weren't for the fact that they were in a sealed space, detached from reality, the Fifth Progenitor would not have dared to speak so much nonsense with Vaan.Tôp 𝒏𝒐v𝒆l updates on n/(o)/v/𝒆lb/in(.)com

"That is under the presumption that you are alive to enjoy your blood feasts. It is quite bold of you to assume you can live until then if you stay on the Blood Ancestor's side," Vaan calmly stated.

The Fifth Progenitor's expression twisted, but he was unable to retort.

Vaan pondered for a moment before asking, "Suppose I can remove the Blood Ancestor's divine blood in your bodies. That would free you from the Blood Ancestor's control, yes?"

"Yes, but so what? You still haven't answered the important questions, Human," the Fifth Progenitor stated.

"The Blood Ancestor is a Peak Rank 6 Divine Being, someone at the tenth stage of the Divine Blood Realm. Even if we join forces, we won't be able to defeat him. So how do you plan on doing so?"

"And what benefits can we gain from working with you, hm? How is working with you better than serving the Blood Ancestor? Won't you just turn on us after we help you get rid of the Blood Ancestor?" the Fifth Progenitor mentioned with a sharp look.

Indeed, if Vaan couldn't satisfy the Vampire Lords' demands, he would not be able to gain their cooperation, even if he could liberate them from the Blood Ancestor's control.

However, letting them feast on the human world as they pleased was also not an option he could give.

He needed more information.

Vaan immediately shifted his attention to the Eighth Progenitor. This one easily spilled the most information and was easier to manipulate.

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