The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 18 - Volume 1

Volume 1 Chapter 6 part2

I had been thinking that I shouldn’t get involved with the otome game’s events.

It would have been fine for a mob to watch from a distance like a mob should. I thought that the story was unrelated to me, but things aren’t looking good now. I had a hunch that leaving things as they are would be dangerous, so I investigated some things myself.

Since Olivia’s the only girl from the advanced class that I’m closely acquainted with, I spoke to her.

In the library, I asked about Julian’s relation with Marie.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know the full details of it either. All I know is that at some point, all the girls turned cold towards Marie, but it calmed down now.”

“...Is there anything else you know? Have you made ever made contact with Marie?”

A girl has snatched away the position of the protagonist.

I had considered the possibility that this world has nothing to do with the game, and that I was just mistaken.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I haven’t spoken with her before, but...I did encounter her a couple times. I went to the school library a few days after the school entrance ceremony, and that’s when I heard a voice call out to me.”

I understood from Olivia’s behavior that she didn’t really want to talk about the matter she was discussing, since she was casting her eyes downward while seeming sorrowful.

Yet, I wanted to know. It may be intrusive on Olivia’s feelings, but I’ll have to do at least this much to get information about Marie, the ominous woman.

“I want to know no matter what.”

Olivia lifted her head.

“...Leon, do you find people like Marie attractive?”

Judging from how embarrassed she looked, it seemed that she misunderstood this as being a discussion about love.

Being in love with her? Disgusting.

Olivia was surprised when seeing me make a repulsed expression.

“Huh?! That’s not it?”

“I don’t really like her.”

“I, is that so?”

Olivia thought for a bit, and then proceeded to talk about her relation with Marie.

“When I was thinking about looking into one of the library’s rooms, Marie showed up and told me to go away because I was being a nuisance. There was also a time where I saw her in the courtyard. I was similarly treated like an nuisance, so I thought that maybe it was something I did and asked her about it. When I did that, she said that she hated women like me.” Gett your 𝒇avorite 𝒏ovels at no/v/e/lb𝒊n(.)com

Olivia made a bitter smile.

So Marie hates Olivia?

There are a lot of girls that would hate a commoner for coming to a noble’s academy, but something feels odd about the part where she said that she hated women like her.

Olivia was worried while I remained silent.

We then heard some voices when us two had ceased talking.

“We’re doing it in a place like this?”

“It’s fine. Aren’t you and I the only two people here?”

It seemed like a jovial conversation between a boy and a girl. Judging from their delighted tone of voice...are these two lovers?

Wondering just who in the world would let such an envious development unfold here, I crouched down and wanted to check the behavior of those people.

“Leon, what are you doing?!”

Olivia cautioned me with a low voice, so I answered back in a low voice as well.

“Well, I’m just curious Things like who’s getting intimate with who are important information for us. There’s also my curiosity. Now then, who is it that’s...?!”

Upon us seeing what was there, Olivia seemed like she was going to unintentionally raise a voice, so I covered her mouth.

I held my breath and paid close attention on not making a noise.

There, a boy with purple hair...Brad, had embraced a small, delicate girl with blond hair.

Come to think of it, Brad is character that’s often in the library.

Olivia was also taking a long, hard look at the situation.

Furthermore──the one that guy was kissing was Marie.

It was after school in a library room. The two were glued to each other, and they moved their arms around each other’s backs as they embraced one another. I never thought that I’d see such a strong kiss scene like this in the library room.

Us two slowly left that spot and fled from the library room.

Marie Fou Lafuan was on the way towards her dorm from the library room.

She recalled her sweet time with Brad, and traced her lips with her fingers.

“Hehe, this world really is the best. It’s splendid that there are few stupid boys like the ones in my previous world, and that this world rightly recognizes the rights of women.”

The school building was dyed orange from the evening sun.

While holding down the urge of wanting to skip and hop, she headed to the girls’ dorms.

“Julian and the others have even reprimanded the stupid boys that were bullying me and silenced them...this really is the best. Now that the bullying has stopped, my second school life will be fun~”

This world was Marie’s ideal world.

After all, she was in the position of where the protagonist should have been.

She embraced the illusion that the world revolved around her.

Just around the corner of the corridor in the academy building were the figures of Julian and Jilk. It seemed that they were looking for Marie.

“Marie, so you were here.”

The two approached her.

(These two are always together aren’t they. Could it be that they have that kind of relationship? I heard that even back then, homosexuality was a thing, so perhaps it’s that.)

While harboring cruel thoughts in her mind, she straightened herself and made a slight smile.

It was easy for Marie to act out the part of the ideal girl for these two, especially for Julian.

“You Highness, did something happen?”

Julian gave her surprising warning.

“Stop using ‘your Highness.’ Julian is fine. I was talking with Jilk about this, but do you not have an exclusive servant?”

Marie nodded.

She then made herself look slightly embarrassed in front of the two.

“R, right. Actually...since my financial situation is tough, it’s hard for me to arrange an exclusive servant.”

(My parents don’t want to waste money. If possible, I would have wanted to reincarnate into a wealthy household)

Hiding the displeasure she had about her home, Jilk proposed something to the seemingly admirable Marie.

“In that case, his Highness and and I can cover the expenses. You’ll be lonely without an exclusive servant, Marie.”

In her mind, Marie made a triumphant pose towards the proposal and voiced her appreciation.

(With this, I have a lover that I don’t need contraceptives for! There weren’t many girls who didn’t have one, so I was getting fairly concerned. All the same, this is a surprising world that lets women openly carry along lovers. Well, I’m glad about it so it doesn’t matter.)

On the inside, Marie was a little curious about the fact these two were going to give her a lover, but she went along with it while believing that this was how the world worked.

“Th, thank you. Your hi...Julian, Jilk.”

She made an embarrassed expression while saying Julian’s name, but beneath the surface, Marie was actually relieved.

Jilk guided Marie and Julian.

“Now then, shall we prepare a carriage and depart? Let’s head towards a prominent slave firm in the royal capital.”

There were rooms in the girls’ dorms that were spacious and extravagant.

They were available for girls from well-established families of an earl rank or higher. Among them, there were some special rooms arranged for those who had connections with the royal family.

The room Anjelica used was one of those.

In the room, a girl who was one of her followers arrived.

“Anjelica, we cannot allow that woman. Isn’t his Highness purchasing a sub-race slave as a gift for her? You aren’t even allowed to own one, though.”

The girl couldn’t see the face of Anjelica, who was standing near a window.

Her expression was warped with bitterness.

“...Leave it be. If you understand the meaning of having a demi-human slave, then you know what kind of relationship he has with that girl.”

“B, but.”

Anjelica, a young duke woman, could purchase several tens of demi-human slaves considering the scale of her household.

However, she couldn’t do it precisely because she’s the daughter of a duke house. Above all, she holds the position of being the fiance for the crown prince.

She’s a girl who will become the queen in the future, so her having other lovers is no laughing matter.

After the girl left the room, Anjelica took a nearby object into her hands and threw it onto the floor as hard as she could.

“Stop fooling around! You’’re getting so infatuated with an inconsequential girl! I’m──I’m doing this for your sake──just for your sake!”

It was easy to guess that Anjelica was rampaging from her outward appearance and her violent personality.

Just a while ago, the girls bullying Marie had been questioned by Julian and the others. They weren’t really told to, but they ended up spitting out Anjelica’s name.

The girls belonging to that group were not part of her followers, but had said that they were from the same group under the dicey situation they found themselves in.

It’s likely that they wanted to distract themselves from their everyday routine by bullying Marie, who had gotten carried away. Since girls are treated with importance in this society of nobles, there are many that don’t show proper self-restraint.

However, cowering in front Julian and the others when being questioned, they blurted out Anjelica’s name.

Due to that, Anjelica was blamed by Julian and the others for Marie’s bullying. She denied her involvement, but they didn’t believe her.

After that, Anjelica’s position within the school weakened.

Now, there were an increasing number of girls that were trying to earn Marie’s favor.

There was also a group of boys that were approaching Marie, perhaps noticing what was happening around them. They mainly consisted of second or third sons, people that weren’t going to be heirs, that wanted to get closer to Julian and the others.

It was particularly obvious that the girls were now harboring ill feelings towards Anjelica.

“You say I ordered them? You have no proof of it, and yet you believe the words of that woman...”

What frustrated Anjelica was that Julian only believed in Marie’s words. He used the words of the bullies as a pretext to treat her like a wrongdoer.

It was unbearably frustrating for Anjelica.

A unity was made between the bullies and a group of people who were trying to empower themselves by spreading bad rumors about Anjelica and undermine her.

That much was still okay.

Anjelica didn’t mind such small things.

However, the words Julian had said was what hurt her heart.

‘We may be engaged, but at the academy, you’re just a student. Don’t interfere.’

──That’s what he said to him.

Anjelica shed tears and sat down where she was.


“I was...for his Highness...I was raised for the sake of his Highness! Only for the sake of his Highness!”

Anjelica loved Julian.

However, Julian didn’t love her back.

He only thought of it as a political marriage.

Ever since the engagement had been decided, Anjelica had worked hard. She pushed herself for the intent of Julian, but not an ounce of her work had been appreciated.

The one Julian wanted was a woman like Marie.

“Your Highness...why did you say that to me...why!”

She covered her face with both of her hands, and Anjelica continued to cry while her tears ran down.

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