Tribulation of Myriad Races

Chapter 619: Old Friend, Test (3)

Chapter 619: Old Friend, Test (3)

"What's wrong?" Wu Lan grinned, "Xia Chan was so dumb. She thought I wanted to shake her hand. Infinite Strength Realm my ass. I was able to easily knock her out."

Su Yu was completely speechless. Xia Chan must not have expected that. After all, she was right in front of her home.

Wu Lan had actually beaten Marquis Xia's granddaughter right in front of their home. She was lucky she was a member of the Wu Family. Anyone else would have suffered after doing that.

But Su Yu had to admit that Xia Chan was indeed quite careless. She had actually allowed Wu Lan to catch her by a complete surprise.

Was Wu Lan strong? Su Yu had to admit that she wasn't completely weak. After all, she was already a peak Mental Tempering Stage student. She was also at the sixth-stage Great Strength Realm! Her combat strength was actually quite decent.

"Oh, right, Senior Sister Wu Jia wanted to come with me, but Head Manager Chen did not allow her to come." Wu Lan sighed, "Otherwise, we will have more manpower in our Breakthrough Team."

Su Yu laughed and said, "Get changed. I'll take you out for a meal. We can talk more later."


Wu Lan agreed and went upstairs.

A short while later, she came down again.

She asked, "Why are there women's clothing upstairs? Su Yu, you're a pervert! You've only been here for a few days but you've changed!"


Su Yu was innocent!

He helplessly said, "I just bought this research center. I don't even know it that well. Those clothes were left behind by the previous owner."

Hu Xiansheng sure was incredible. He was already hundreds of years old yet he was still such a player. Su Yu told himself he needed to throw away all those things later.

While walking outside, Su Yu asked, "Have you registered yourself?"


"Did you register yourself to the Single Character Faculty?"

"Nope. It's the Multiple Character Faculty." Wu Lan nonchalantly said, "During registration, they asked me which faculty I wanted to join so I told them I wanted to join your faculty. Since I'm still at the Mental Tempering Stage, transfer isn't that hard."

Fine. That wasn't that important, anyway.

"Where are you staying after this?"

"The research center, of course."


Su Yu wanted to ask her if she knew that he wanted to stay there as well. Sure, she was staying in his research center in Great Xia as well. After all, her own villa had been emptied of furniture. But the thing was, a lot of other people were staying there as well.

And Su Yu would spend most of his time in cultivation. But here, there would be only the two of them in the research center.

"It's inappropriate, right? There are only the two of us..."

"Why is your mind so dirty?" Wu Lan scolded, "How many days have you been here? Why is your mind filled with dirty thoughts? You're a researcher. Without a pure heart, how are you supposed to immerse yourself in research?"


Holy shit! Once again, he was taught a lesson by her. This Stupid Wu was getting more and more cocky!

But he said nothing. She had traveled so far for him. For that alone, he would keep his mouth shut.

On the way, they encountered a few more students. All those students looked at them curiously when they noticed Wu Lan. Instead of asking them anything, the students started whispering to each other instead. Wu Lan did not seem to mind.

She simply acted like she didn't see them. But that was how she had always been. Those she didn't want to see might as well not exist for her. Naturally, those she deemed weak would not receive even the slightest bit of her attention.

Thus, she had the ability to ignore those around her, regardless of the size of those people.

Su Yu did not mind as well. After asking for the directions toward a nearby restaurant, he started walking while asking, "Were my senior sister and martial uncle well when you left?"

"They're doing pretty well. Head Manager Chen is not a Mountainsea elder."

Wu Lan said, "The single character faction is going to suffer. Elder Sun was executed, Elder Yu and Elder Li were already dead, Elder Ma was exiled to the Allheaven Battlefield, while Elder Zhou was still in seclusion. Elder Fang was forced to return from the Allheaven Battlefield. The single character faction is in a total mess without proper leadership."

Su Yu smiled and said, "Serves them right. But isn't Elder Fang back? Why are they without a leader?"

"He was still on the way when I left. He needs time to come back, right?"

"So who's leading the single character faction now?" Visjt n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for new updates

"I don't know. Teacher Liu Hong, I guess?"

Wu Lan was completely uninterested in the affairs of the single character faction. She said, "I don't care about them. They're all scoundrels. They actually sent Mountainseas to assassinate you because they weren't your match. How shameless."

At that, she curiously asked, "Why are you so strong? You're already capable of killing Cloudbreaches!"

"Ability blood essence."

"Oh. Can you still defeat Cloudbreaches without that?"

"It will be very hard. Maybe I stand a chance against the weakest of them..."

Wu Lan asked in a dispirited manner, "Why are you growing so fast? We're both high-high students!"

She had been dreaming of giving Su Yu a beating.

Su Yu smiled and answered, "There's nothing I can do if I'm just that talented."

Since he didn't know anyone in Great Ming, Su Yu had been keeping to himself since he was here. But now, there was finally someone familiar he could talk to. Perhaps this was how everyone would feel when encountering an old friend in a foreign place.

He no longer needed to keep a mask on. Instead, he could comfortably chat with her. Thinking about it, Wu Lan was the first child of a large family he knew.

Wu Lan's feelings were not as complicated. But she had gone many days without someone to talk with so she was getting quite talkative as well. "Su Yu, when are we going to start researching the aperture fusion art? Also, what name are you giving that art? Remember you promised me to use the word Lan in the name."

"Sure." Su Yu smiled and said, "We'll start soon. Let me settle down and make all my preparations first. Of course, there is no rush since we're not even at a point where we can get started on the aperture fusion art. We need to take it slow..."


The two walked into a restaurant. The environment inside was good. They asked for a private room in the restaurant. Watching as Wu Lan wolfed down all the food in front of her, he had the urge to laugh.

"Why are you looking at me? Are you not eating?"

"I'm eating."

Su Yu started eating as well. With her mouth stuffed with food, Wu Lan said, "Su Yu, don't think that you're the best. I'm not here to bask in your limelight. I'm confident I can contribute in research as well."

"Of course. You're amazing."

"Yes, I am!" Wu Lan said in excitement, "Before leaving, my great grandma gave me a super encyclopedia. You can find any information you want there. My great grandma said that this book is the treasure of our Wu Family! It is invaluable!"

"That's amazing. Is your great grandma out of seclusion?"

"She was planning to beat Faculty Head Zhou up for you, but too bad he was still in seclusion."

"Thank her for me."

Su Yu laughed in amusement. Zhou Mingren was no pushover. It wouldn't be easy to beat him up.

Su Yu asked, "Did the Myriad Race Cult and Great Zhou do anything after my departure?"

"No. I think?" Wu Lan was uncertain. "I'm not too sure. Oh, right, Principal Wan was removed from his position. He's now an acting principal. I heard that the Knowledge Seeking Realm sent a Sunmoon over to act as the vice principal in preparation to become the next principal."


Su Yu was very surprised. Was that for real?

"I think so, but I don't know if it was just a rumor. The Nine Heavens Cultural Research Academy also got a new Sunmoon principal."

"Is the new principal from the single character faction?"

"Are you stupid? Of course! It's not like the multiple character faction has a Sunmoon."


True. Even if there was one, that person would not be able to become a principal. Su Yu was feeling doubtful. Was this Great Zhou's idea? Or was this the Knowledge Seeking Realm's idea? Did the Xia Family not protest? Or was there a secret agreement between them?

After all, a lot of single character faction members had died. The Xia Family needed to ease the tension between them. They had only killed so many people to deter them from doing anything stupid.

But after using the stick, it was time for them to use the carrot. They couldn't afford to stay in conflict with the single character faction or things could get troublesome.

By using both the stick and the carrot, they could both awe and placate their opponents. That was the best way they could pave the way for Xia Longwu's advancement. Of course, Su Yu still wasn't sure if that was really the case.

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