Villain: I Possess The Dragon Yang Dao Physique, All Saintesses Turns Into Villainesses

Chapter 26 - Beiyang Sword Guards, Killing Without Blinking, the Gentle Crown Prince

Chapter 26: Beiyang Sword Guards, Killing Without Blinking, the Gentle Crown Prince 


A single, ethereal word of command reached the ears of the sword guards.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Dozens of white-clad sword guards simultaneously drew their swords. The clanging and roaring of steel resonated through the air.

“Sword Guards, the Crown Prince has ordered, kill!”

The sword guards were exhilarated, their blood boiling. Having followed the Crown Prince on this journey, they were finally being put to use.

It had been too long since they had drawn their swords. It seemed people had started to think Beiyang was an easy target!

Beiyang Sword Guards, directly under the Sword Emperor, were elite forces with no weaklings among them.

Just these dozens of guards were enough to turn ninety percent of the holy lands in the Canglan Dao Domain upside down! As for the Southern Python Guards, they were not even considered a threat.


The white-clad sword guards flew out, each creating a trail of white light. The sharp sword energy intertwined, clashing continuously.

“Oh my… I thought the Crown Prince was overbearing, but I didn’t think he was this overbearing!”

“To kill Nanyue King’s people on their own territory, incredible!”

“The Crown Prince truly understands the ten-breath rule…”

“Don’t you get it? He never intended to let this go peacefully! He said ‘kill’ without even blinking, terrifying…”

“The Sword Emperor was also this domineering back in the day. His son is no different!”

The battle was not fierce because the forces were not evenly matched. The sword guards were heroic, slaughtering with their swords, their white robes stained with blood, not even blinking as they killed.

Some were even competing to see who could kill more!

“I killed ten, haha!”

“You’re slacking, brother. I’ve already taken down thirty.”

“These guys are nothing. I just claimed my fiftieth head.”

Don’t be fooled by their elegant white robes and long swords.

These men were trained by the Sword Emperor himself, true and thorough ruffians!

In the Sword Emperor’s words:

“If I don’t bully you, it’s your ancestors’ good fortune. Who are you to bully me?”

Nanyue, Jiuwang Mountain.

The entire mountain range was stained with the blood of the Southern Python Guards! In no time, the human wall they had formed was broken through, creating a huge gap.

General Wei Ting was hacked to pieces, dying on the spot. The remaining Southern Python Guards in other directions were so terrified they didn’t dare come to help…

But the white-clad sword guards were relentless, continuing their slaughter.

“These madmen, I didn’t even join the fight, why chase me? Damn, survival is paramount!”

The Southern Python Guards, battered and bruised, fled in disarray, no longer maintaining their defense line.

“Enough, come back. Have you become addicted to killing?” Lin Qi’an ordered.

The white-clad sword guards sheathed their swords reluctantly, returning with a sense of unfulfillment.

【Ding! Host kills without blinking, extremely domineering! Villain points +10000】 

‘I’m truly a thorough villain… Even my subordinates look like villains!’

The battle ended, but the hearts of countless sects and holy lands were still in turmoil.

“Both being a prince force but the Southern Python Guards and Beiyang Sword Guards have such a disparity in strength!”

“Terrifying… Any of these sword guards could easily be an elder in a sect!”

“You don’t understand. Can Nanyue compare to Beiyang? Beiyang truly subdued the entire Dao Domain, while Nanyue is just elevated by connections!”

“Hahaha, that was satisfying to watch. They dared to act tyrannically, and now they’ve hit a wall!”

Cultivators cheered, some even shouting Lin Qi’an’s name, becoming die-hard fans. The Ziyou Holy Land, having suffered earlier, felt the most relieved.

“The Crown Prince is mighty, Beiyang is mighty!”

They wanted to raise their hands and feet in celebration, having vented their previous frustration.

Zi Lianyou was filled with mixed emotions, grateful yet envious of her Sister Xuení. With such a strong backer and being close to the Yang Dragon Dao Physique, becoming the greatest goddess of the Canglan Dao Domain seemed possible!Gêtt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/velbin(.)com

As she was lost in thought, the white-clad figure descended towards her.

“Greetings, Crown Prince…” Zi Lianyou hurriedly wiped away her tears and bowed.

“No need for such formality.” Lin Qi’an comforted her, “Though I avenged you, the dead cannot be revived. My condolences.”

“Mm… thank you for your concern, Crown Prince.” Zi Lianyou was taken aback. The Crown Prince had come specifically to comfort her…

“Does the Saintess have a connection with the Crown Prince?!”

Behind her, the elders and disciples of Ziyou Holy Land were overjoyed.

This was a great boon! Unexpectedly, they had truly climbed the social ladder thanks to sisterly affection!

Indeed, while their Saintess might be slightly inferior to the Tianchi Saintess, she was still a goddess admired by many, pure-hearted and endearing.

If the Crown Prince took both sisters under his wing, it would be a beautiful story!

“Zi Lianyou… could you try? Maybe you could become the Crown Prince’s maid.”

“Stop, don’t talk nonsense!” Zi Lianyou bit her tender red lips and turned her head away. Her heart, however, was burning with excitement.

‘The Crown Prince is so gentle and considerate? Not only did he avenge the Ziyou Holy Land, but he also came to comfort me, and I hadn’t even done anything for him…’

‘Perhaps Brother Ling really has a prejudice against the Crown Prince. Next time I see him, I’ll persuade him to stop targeting the Crown Prince!’

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