Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 600 Wang Jian Destroys Enemy Factions

Chapter 600 Wang Jian Destroys Enemy Factions

Months melted into each other, a tapestry woven with the threads of peace and burgeoning anticipation. Guan Yin, once a stoic warrior, now carried herself with a regal grace, her aura radiating serenity yet laced with a hidden power. Her days were filled with the duties of a leader, fostering cooperation and diplomacy among the human kingdoms.

However, beneath the surface, a different story unfolded. Every night, within the secluded confines of their shared chamber, Guan Yin surrendered to Wang Jian's desires. Their encounters, fueled by a potent mix of power and forbidden passion, were both exhilarating and unsettling.

While Guan Yin's focus narrowed to the well-being of her people and the impending birth of her child,

Wang Jian's mind stretched far beyond the boundaries of the Sky Martial Continent. Through his hive mind, a vast network of consciousness, he monitored the movements of various sects and cultivation families in the Eastern Cosmos.

A satisfied smirk played on his lips. His strategy, a meticulously crafted web of deceit and manipulation, was yielding its first fruits.

Spies embedded within his Astral Jade City had subtly weakened the defenses of the Astral Jade City's eastern borders.

Boundary field formations, once impenetrable, now shimmered with a faint vulnerability.

Moreover, his prized possession, the Heavenly Jade Pavilion, played a crucial role. Through Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan, his loyal slave, beautiful elders and graceful disciples had been strategically positioned throughout the eastern borders. These women, far from mere ornaments, were skilled cultivators with a mission.

Under his orders, they had meticulously set up a series of intricate traps, dormant until needed. Furthermore, they had established a powerful, dormant boundary field that could be activated at will, a final line of defense against any unforeseen breach.

One crisp morning, four days after a tense diplomatic summit amongst the human kingdoms, the Sky Martial Continent erupted in chaos. A colossal force, a conglomeration of rival sects and ancient families, converged upon the Astral Jade City.

Leading the charge was the Star Cloud Sect, their arrogance a stark reminder of past transgressions. Alongside them were the Azure Gale Sect, the Spirit Beast Companion Sect, a veritable who's who of the Eastern Cosmos' powerhouses.

Ancient families, harboring long-held grudges, also joined the fray. The Nangong Ancient Family, led by the formidable Matriarch Nangong Ying, unleashed their devastating martial arts.

The Ming Family, their faces grim, brought their own brand of destructive techniques to bear.

Settlement leaders, enticed by the promise of plunder and glory, bolstered the invading force. The Crimson Star Settlement, known for their ruthless tactics, sent their elite warriors. The list went on, a tide of ambition and greed threatening to engulf the Astral Jade City.

But as the first wave of attackers slammed against the weakened boundary fields, their triumphant roars were cut short. With a series of blinding flashes and deafening booms, the painstakingly laid traps detonated.

Beams of pure energy erupted, searing the flesh of unsuspecting cultivators. Vicious formations, sprung to life by the beautiful disciples of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion, ensnared the unwary. Screams of agony and confusion erupted as the invaders were met with this unexpected onslaught.

Only the most talented and resourceful cultivators, those blessed with exceptional fate like Chu Yang and Lin Fei, managed to escape the initial onslaught. Shock and disbelief etched their faces. They had anticipated a brutal battle, a siege that would test their might. But this… this calculated decimation was beyond anything they had envisioned.

Panic began to grip the invaders. The spies within the Astral Jade City, tasked with weakening the defenses, gaped in horror. They had been unaware of these traps, their loyalty to their masters turning to ash in their mouths.

Wang Jian, watching the unfolding scene from the heart of the city, allowed himself a cruel smile. The first act of his grand play had begun, and the unsuspecting audience was left reeling in the aftermath.

A cold, calculating glint flickered in Wang Jian's eyes as he surveyed the carnage. The initial wave of traps had wreaked havoc, leaving the invading force reeling in disarray. Now, it was time to tighten the noose.

With a swift mental command, he sent a message through the intricate network of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion. "Activate all remaining traps," he instructed, his voice devoid of emotion. "And eliminate the traitors within the city walls."

The beauties, their loyalty unwavering, responded with swift obedience. With a synchronized movement, they unleashed the full fury of the dormant traps.

The first layer of traps, meticulously crafted and strategically placed, had already inflicted significant damage. Now, the second wave unleashed its deadly payload.

Blades materialized from thin air, slicing through flesh and bone with ruthless precision. Poisonous mists engulfed unsuspecting cultivators, their screams echoing through the battlefield. Explosions erupted, shattering formations and sending shockwaves through the ranks of the invaders.

Twelve distinct types of traps, each designed for maximum lethality, unleashed their gruesome symphony of destruction. The battlefield transformed into a nightmarish hellscape, the cries of the dying mingling with the roar of the traps.

Amidst the carnage, a few individuals managed to escape. Chu Yang, his lightning attribute pushed to its limits, propelled him away like a bolt of silver. Lin Fei, with a flick of his wrist, summoned powerful phoenixes that carried him to safety. Chen Feng, ever the strategist, activated a pre-established teleportation formation, vanishing in a flash of light.

The remaining attackers, caught in the relentless onslaught, were either ruthlessly slaughtered or captured. Among the captured were prominent figures like Nangong Ying, the young and beautiful Matriarch of the Nangong Family. Bound by the powerful elders of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion, she was brought before Wang Jian. Her eyes, once filled with pride and ambition, now held a flicker of terror.

Not far from her stood the sexy Matriarch of the Ming Family, her usually composed demeanor shattered by the turn of events. Other captured beauties, their faces pale and trembling, awaited their fate.

Wang Jian, his gaze cold and calculating, surveyed the group. A depraved grin spread across his face. "So," he drawled, his voice laced with amusement, "you all wanted to conquer my city, did you? And now, you find yourselves at my mercy."

Nangong Ying, her voice barely a whisper, pleaded for her life. "Please, Your Majesty," she stammered, "we… we were misled. We can offer you anything, anything you desire!"

Wang Jian chuckled, a cruel sound devoid of warmth. "Anything, you say?" He leaned closer, his eyes glinting with a predatory gleam. "Indeed, there is something you can offer."VịSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)c𝒐m for new 𝒏ov𝒆l𝒔

He gestured towards the group of beauties, his gaze lingering on each of them. "Strip yourselves bare," he commanded, his voice low and husky. "And if you wish to live, you will… entertain me."

The women, their faces flushing with shame and fear, exchanged horrified glances. But faced with the stark reality of their situation, they knew they had no choice. One by one, they succumbed to his demands, removing their clothes and submitting to his desires.

Wang Jian, fueled by a twisted sense of power and pleasure, reveled in their compliance. He moved from one woman to the next, indulging in a depraved display of dominance. He took no pleasure in their individual beauty, but rather in the act of subjugating them, of turning their fear and desperation into his own twisted form of gratification.

As the night wore on, the air in the chamber grew thick with the stench of sweat and desperation. The women, their bodies violated and their spirits broken, were left with nothing but the bitter taste of humiliation.

Wang Jian, however, remained unfazed. He had achieved his objective, not through brute force, but through cunning manipulation and the exploitation of human weakness. The attack, meant to be his downfall, had become a twisted victory, further solidifying his control and fueling his insatiable hunger for power.

The aftermath of the attack on the Astral Jade City sent shockwaves through the Eastern Cosmos. The meticulously laid traps, orchestrated by Wang Jian and executed by the beauties of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion, had decimated the invading forces. The survivors, scattered and demoralized, retreated to lick their wounds, their dreams of conquering the city shattered.

Wang Jian, however, had not only repelled the attack but also turned it to his advantage. The factions led by beautiful women, like the Nangong Family and the Ming Family, had been conquered. Their leaders, stripped of their power and pride, were now his prisoners.

Nangong Ying, once a fierce and ambitious matriarch, now found herself a captive in the Astral Jade City. Her spirit, once unyielding, was now broken. She had witnessed the ruthless efficiency of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion and the cold, calculating nature of Wang Jian.

The other captured beauties, their faces etched with shame and fear, were forced to submit to his will. Wang Jian, fueled by a twisted sense of power and dominance, reveled in their subjugation. He saw them not as individuals, but as trophies, symbols of his victory.

Meanwhile, Chu Yang, Chen Feng, and Lin Fei had returned to the Star Cloud Sect, the weight of their defeat heavy on their shoulders. The sect, fortunately, had not participated in the attack, spared the wrath of Wang Jian's retaliation.

However, the attack had served as a stark wake-up call. They realized the true power of the Astral Jade City and the cunning of its enigmatic ruler. The sect leader and the grand elder, relieved that they had avoided direct confrontation, convened an emergency meeting.

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